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    Channeling Articles

    Predictions for the Gulf War - Message from Spirit

    March 24, 2003


    Saddam Hussein is alive and well and bunkered down under a hospital - one of the safest places to be during the bombing as it would not be a target of the coalition. The safest mode of transport for him is in an ambulance. The staff of the hospital are not even aware of this as the normal operation of the hospital goes ahead.

    His loyal troops wear no uniforms and will engage the coalition troops, posing as welcoming civilians and then attacking their enemies when their guard is down. The injured and killed will then be paraded as loyal civilians gunned down by coalition soldiers. Soldiers face the choice of killing apparent civilians or being killed themselves, with a final indictment by their own people at home who only see what is fed to them through news media.

    The coalition forces will not find evidence of weapons of mass destruction in any military establishment. The chemical and biological medium needed to inflict widespread harm are small and are hidden amongst similar substances, again mainly in hospital storage facilities.

    Saddam will not use these weapons directly against military troops as it will confirm the coalition force's arguments and reasons for dis-armament by force.

    Small amounts of these biological weapons have already been infiltrated to terrorist organisations and will continue to be. These will be used to attack civilians in the coalition countries and create dissent within those countries.

    Saddam will use all means to fuel the anti-war protests to cause unrest especially in coalition countries. The news media will unwittingly assist him in this process in their greed for information and to be the first with any news. Truth is less important to some, than "news".

    The war will be a slow guerrilla war with the coalition forces trying to battle an unseen enemy.

    Saddam expects to walk away from this war as he holds on to his country by hiding behind the weak and the injured, who would never be attacked deliberately by coalition forces. His aim is to set country against country and the longer the war lasts, the more his chances are of doing this. He will call on his allies for support in the political arena and will set up conflicts between previous allies, dividing a wedge between friendly nations as they bow to political pressures and public opinion.

    This war is being fought in the media. Saddam knows how to manipulate and has remained in power this long through being extremely clever and planning for all eventualities.

    The situation in Iraq has come to this point because people are prepared to turn a blind eye when it is "not in their backyard" or doesn't directly affect them or through their own self interest.

    Just as Hitler gained power and committed atrocities with the sanction of millions of people at that time, there will continue to be such events occur while people are prepared to allow it to happen.

    If the world continues in disagreement,

    if nations view political point scoring as more important than global harmony,

    if public opinion wants peace at all costs, if the most important thing to you right now is your hairdressing appointment or a beer with your mate,

    if the scenes on your TV are just another war movie,

    if you'd rather turn your back than "get involved",

    then all that has been predicted will happen.

    It is not enough to shout for your troops to come home. "Not fighting" will not necessarily bring peace. "Not fighting" signals that you accept what is done to you by others.

    The way forward is through agreement.

    Agreement that atrocities will not be tolerated, even if you have to make war to stop it.

    Agreement that world peace will cost - money, effort, possessions, freedom, moral values - those choices are up to you to decide what price peace is worth.

    If you are going to judge others for their actions, then be prepared to be judged for your own actions.

    The world will be what you choose it to be. You can choose the serenity, peace and love that was demonstrated during the passing of Diana or during the joy of union during the last Olympic Games.

    That was communion, that was agreement, that was the will of people joining together and from that came greater understanding and inner peace.

    Right now the world is separated and divided.

    Now is the time to remember that you are all one and can achieve as one.

    Pray together and you can heal together.

    Be aware, be awake, be responsible.

    Message from Spirit
    24th March 2003

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