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    Imagination Is the Key

    By Evanne Jordan

    What is Psychic Energy? Is it a special power awarded to a select few? Is it hocus-pocus or a scam to fool people into spending money on foolish dreams? I believe that psychic power is available to anyone who wishes to work on his or her own intuitive powers. I further believe that children are naturally psychic because much of their daily life is self-created by their own imagination and that this imagination is the key to all psychic intuition. Have you ever known a child that had an imaginary friend? Have you ever watched a child create an entire scenario, complete with heroes, heroines, drama and climactic events just by playing with his or her toys? Children are not afraid to tap into their imagination to explain the things they see around them or to color their everyday world.

    It is this "third eye" - the eye of imagination - that is the key to psychic intuition for anyone who wishes to open that door for themselves. If you wish to explore your own intuitive powers, you must first understand that one's imagination is more than just that which creates our dreams and fuels our creative efforts.

    When I first began to channel, I learned that, as in all new ventures, the first step is to simply take that first step! Through my work with Sanaya Roman, the author of "Learning to Channel", I let my imagination take me to my guide. After a series of preparatory meditations and focusing exercises, I simply closed my eyes and asked for my guide's name. Behind my closed eyes, I let my imaginative energy flow, unobstructed by fear, skepticism, or judgment. And in a matter of minutes, I saw an image of my guide. As I have always been a romantic at heart, I first saw a knight on a white horse who swept me off my feet and put me gently into the saddle! Soon the image changed, and I saw "Ish" as a seven-sided crystal-like figure. He seemed to be inviting me to a new world which looked like a small planet in the sky. The next vision was of myself, being surrounded and welcomed by seven guides. I realized later that Ish was all of those guides in one combined image.

    Did I believe that I could channel at that point? If I had any doubts, they were quickly erased because we were then instructed to give readings to the other students in the class.

    We had just met that morning and none of us knew any background information about anyone else in the class. Yet in a matter of moments, we were all giving each other remarkably accurate readings in response to each other's questions. After 23 years of psychic work and countless readings, I think of that experience as a defining moment of my life.

    I understand completely if you are feeling skeptical about my experience and my psychic intuition. Indeed, it sounds partly like a fairy tale, or a dream... or something from my imagination. And that, my dear friends and readers, is my point. Tap into your imagination, work with your own inner eye, and you might just be surprised by the insight that you glean from the intuitive power within you!

    Evanne Jordan works with her spirit guide "Ish" to help people through her channeled psychic readings privately, at fairs, radio interviews, and large corporate parties.

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