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    Introduction to Chiron

    By Esther & Son's Astrological Services

    Chiron carries the ultimate truth to a people who must understand what they are taught in order to make any kind of use of the information. Our recent discovery of Chiron seems to me to be a messenger to promote the need to know and understand ourselves individually before we focus attention on others who we might like to blame for our pain.

    I believe Chiron is a carrier of truth, which begins in the consciousness of the individual. No teacher can teach understanding. That is located within the makeup of the student. They hear what their experience tells them the lesson means. I believe that Chiron, more than any other astrological body, is dealing with this problem. Chiron is productive of Mavericks who are considered outside the pail of society in general. They are individuals who have the courage to break new ground.

    Now that we have discovered Chiron, each of us has a portion of the job to convey our experience in the way we live, showing what Chiron says to each of us. Our society may look more and more like anarchy as we incorporate more individual thinking, breaking the bonds that have bound us in order to belong to a society which previously set rules to make things run smoothly. We are just on the edge of realizing that freedom also brings a sense of responsibility. As we insist on more and more freedom, we also open the door to the cost of being inconsiderate of others.

    We have just been through centuries of being told that if we take care of someone else they will take care of us. It isn't working. Neither will it work to ignore the comfort of other people. It has been Saturn's function to build walls around what already exists: culture, individual bodies, tribes, societies, etc. Saturn makes the boundaries. It has been the function of Uranus to challenge these boundaries, breaking them down in order to expand our consciousness. Once again, Saturn provides the structure to maintain the new boundaries we feel fit better.

    With the help of Chiron, we are beginning to understand that healthy relationships can only be created by individuals who are able to stand alone and act as a true partner. In this kind of society, it may be impossible to pass the buck of responsibility to someone else. This includes the boundaries of the society.

    Every bit of progress that has been made by society has been fostered by someone who went against what was thought to be the limits. As we begin to see that what we have relied on is not working, it breaks down the boundaries, making room for something else to move in with a better plan. I believe Chiron is this symbol for this better plan. is a Mother and Son astrological partnership offering a variety of consulting services. Together, they have more than forty years of experience in astrological research and consulting. es.

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