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    The Harmonic Concordance

    Invitation to a Live channel from the Group on the Day of the Harmonic Concordance - Sat. Nov. 8, 2003 - with Steve Rother.

    Dear Lightworkers,

    As many of you know the Group has been talking about the Crystal Energy since 2001. Many of our one day seminars over the last two years have shown films of this energy entering our planet through the solar flares. They show how it affects us as it was being stored in the tectonic plates of Earth. This is the energy they say was originally intended to put an end to our planet. Now that we have extended our stay we are using the Crystal Energy to build a new world. The Crystal Energy began from the central sun and was directed through our own solar sun. It began entering our atmosphere with the largest solar flare in recorded history in April of 2001 as an X20 solar flare began sending this energy to Earth. Global space agencies predicted that the solar flares would die down after a time as the Group said these would continue until 2006. Since that time large solar flares have preceded special events on our planet the most recent being a series of solar flares that preceded the recent black outs experienced throughout the world as the portals began to open.

    The last two weeks have produced tremendous activity on the sun as huge infusions of Crystal Energy enters the Earth. Although we did not generally feel this energy until it was released from the tectonic plates into our atmosphere, we are now much more sensitive to it than ever before. Those leading the way vibrationaly feel this energy as an emotional disturbance. For many this has been a very difficult time. On November 4th we experienced an X28 solar flare which now has the distinction of being the largest ever. In a time when these solar flares should be dying down they are increasing. NASA won't say it but many scientists are secretly wondering if the Sun is dying. The Group says that the Sun is doing the job we asked of it. They say that this is setting the energy for cosmic event we know as the Harmonic Concordance that will begin on November 8th.

    Join us for a live channel on Saturday November 8th at 11am US Pacific Time in the Lightworker Family Room. Use the time converter here to find your time. We believe that we have worked out the technical challenges and even have streaming audio for Mac users who can not access the room. If you have not gone into the Lightworker Family Room before or not in a long time we encourage you to go in well before hand and work out any connection settings that may be necessary. This service is provided free of charge. Technical people are standing by to help you with these adjustments in the next few days. Once you get to the Spiritual Community section please click on the icon for one of the Lightworker Family Rooms. Two rooms will be available both with the same live feed.

    This service is provided by dedicated individuals at the Spiritual Community. We support each other but it is important to know that they are not a part of the Lightworker organization. Technical help is available through the web site. Donations are also accepted there for those who wish to support their work. You may wish to make note that now you can sign up for Gold accounts for a minimal monthly fee and be able to create your own rooms. This is particularly useful for healers who can use these rooms to provide private or public online healing sessions with clients all over the globe. To upgrade to Gold please go to the Online Spiritual Community web site. Choose "Join" from the menu on the left.... read through the Agreement and choose "Agree". Then under "organizations" select Lightworker and choose the GOLD ball to the right. This will take you directly to our Gold Account sign up form.

    This is the monthly Beacons of Light for November and will be translated and sent on the 15th of the month. Here the Group will address the cosmic event known as the Harmonic Concordance. In the mean time please hold each others hands and give lots of Group Hugs. ESPAVO, Steve Rother

    Lightworker is a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading Light through empowerment. (858) 748 5837

    Copyright 2003. Steve Rother. This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at Publications are encouraged to reprint articles; permission is not needed, but we appreciate being notified at Further information from the Group may be found at or through Lightworker at (858) 748-5837. Thanks for helping to spread the Light!

    If this information resonates with you and you would like to read more from Steve, Barbara & the Group, you can do so at the web site address: Follow the links to the Beacons of Light..

    Re-member book cover
    Re-member : a Handbook for Human Evolution

    by Steve Rother

    From the Inside Flap
    Every now and then a reviewer reads a book and wishes that the entire book could appear in the review. Re-member by Steve Rother is one such book. It is a collection of annotated channelings that the author conducted over the last few five years. Each of the channelings has a specific message provided by the Group, nine spiritual entities with whom Steve communicates, consisting of a few pages in length including an introduction and conclusion from Steve himself. Subjects chosen by the group range from the reasons for our human adventure on this planet to communicating with one's higher self to sex to manifesting what we desire to diet to taking "26 seconds to change your life" to the experience of passing to the other side of the veil to understanding circular time to manifesting what we desire to parenting to explaining how humanity avoided Armageddon. It is a veritable compendium of what is available in our New Age, the Second Wave of Empowerment. Throughout the book, the wisdom, humor, and profound love of the Group and the author are evident on every page. It is a joy to read just as it is.

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