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    Jupiter Going Direct on June 4 2005

     By Dr. Eileen Nauman


    Jupiter has been retrograde since February 2, 2005 and will now go direct on June 4, 2005 Hooray!! Those who have any planets or Ascendant, Midheaven at 8 Libra (opposite 8 Aries) are going to hit the lottery--figuratively speaking, when it goes direct on June 4, 2005.

    Talk about loosening the purse strings. The war in Iraq is a Vietnam quagmire in the making that is continuing to suck and drain this nation dry on every level, so this Jupiter going direct is going to give us a dismal dose of reality and that's about it. People are going to hold on to their money because the world is in Chaos right now and it isn't going to end soon, especially with Uranus just having moved into Pisces, the sign of Ultimate Confusion and goes retrograde eight days later on June 12, 2005. This is what I call 'whiplash' Cosmic style.

    Those most affected by this lucky transit were born in the sign Libra between September 28 through October 2nd, with the luckiest day being September 30th! By opposite sign, Aries, those born between March 26 to March 31st, with March 28th the luckiest day, will benefit greatly as well.

    Still, Jupiter is going to help. Call it a crack of light shining through the darkness. And right now, we can use all the help we can get. Everyone is going to benefit in business from this heavenly cornucopia up in our sky. Business people will have a cautious optimism to celebrate in early June.

    In the sky right now, transiting Jupiter is going direct along with Uranus going retrograde eight days later. This is a volatile aspect, so free-spending Jupiter in a personal chart in June indicates you go on a shopping spree or "shop 'til you drop" kind of modus operandi.

    The Uranus going retrograde in confused Aries, is either going to make us knee-jerk and hold on tighter to our dwindling money or we're liable to go on a crazy shopping spree we can't afford. Or, at the very least, our emotions are going to go out of control and we are going to turn into major drama kings and queens on June 4th.

    Jupiter rules a sense of well being, of being ageless, living forever, being immortal, and people are going to want to PARTY despite the pall of war hanging over the world. But with Jupiter going direct on a New Moon at 16 Gemini, it's not going to be a quiet party.


    Every Libra in the world is going to feel the 'ejection seat release' on Jupiter turning direct on June 4th--that oughta be a party in itself. Libra and Aries, I know you have felt like the weight of the world which has been on your shoulders for months, is getting horrible to carry. Right now things are really bearing down. You're feeling the cosmic weight of Jupiter turning stationary direct. Feeling depressed? Feeling pessimistic? Blue? Hopeless? No wonder.

    Well, buck up Libra and Aries, things are going to turn from night to day for you real fast on the 4th of June! Get ready to party, to gallop free, to feel the loads dissolving from your hunched up, straining shoulders. Come out of the cellar. Walk out into the bright winter sunlight, face it and absorb the heat of the far away sun, because new hope, idealism and joy abound within you and around you.

    Those who have had any planets or Ascendant around 8 degrees (opposite Aries), you are going to be feeling the most RELIEF. You will feel like someone let you out of prison. All the blocks, the walls, the hurdles that have been thrown in front of you and stopped you from any forward motion, are now going to be removed--big time, so be ready for the gates opening with a huge WHOOSH come June 4, 2005.

    With Jupiter retrograde, money has been TIGHT to nonexistent. If you tried to find a job, you didn't. If you tried to get a loan, you couldn't. If you tried to expand your business, it failed. If you tried to do any type of expansion on any level, it did not occur. It couldn't with Jupiter retrograde.


    This doesn't happen very often, but with this New Moon, Libra's/Aries doors of opportunity are going to explode open for you--so be aware and take advantage of the opportunities coming your way.

    The moon rules our emotions. Jupiter rules exaggeration, bounty, a river running wild without any dams, banks or boundaries. The New Moon releases all the pent up emotions like a balloon fizzling out of air. This is good because this Jupiter going direct is tremendously successful for many people who have been waiting in the wings for many months--even years--and now, you get your rewards, money, fame and success.

    For some, this will be a day of huge emotional breakthroughs and deeper awareness of themselves. Some will utilize this "aha" as a positive thing and move toward health. Others will not. It is a free will choice. The stars impel. They do not compel.

    This will be a day of very, very focused, intense emotions for everyone around the world. How we handle our feelings is up to us; but it's going to be a boiler out there, folks--so deal with others carefully and try to extend understanding instead of judgment whenever possible.


    Let's look at some keywords for Jupiter so we can all understand what it means for this planet to go direct and shower us with his incredible, boundless fairy dust that is bound to catalyze us. Jupiter is:

    Generosity--to ourselves as well as others.

    Optimistic--no matter how down you've been, no matter how dark it has been, HOPE is now back in the picture in your mental outlook. Where once there was pessimism and dark clouds, the sun's rays will poke through and you will, once again, have that immortal optimism to pump you up, support you and push you out there once again. And this time, you will be successful.

    Cosmopolitan--no one is more broadminded and lacking prejudice than a Jupiter person. They are not "little minded" like so many others. They are world travelers, world-minded, and world-connected as no other planet. This is understanding at the deepest levels about our world family connection. And those who have Jupiter at 8 Libra (opposite Aries) will "get it". Jupiter does not see skin color, religion or country of origin. To Jupiter people, we are all one. We are all related. And the only way we will survive is with this cosmopolitan attitude. With the war in Iraq, we are going to learn that suffering, death and inhumanity affects ALL of us, friend and foe alike.


    Because people are learning about the "light" and "heavy" energy of every planet and sign, Jupiter does not escape this, and neither do we. A person who is not enlightened or is here this lifetime to learn a particular lesson, June may see one of the following (or more) attributes of a Jupiter gone to the dark side:

    Exaggeration--or, outright lying. People who tell "tall tales" but don't tell you they are telling them. Stretching the truth. Building empires in the clouds with a sand base. Painting an ephemeral, optimistic picture with feet of clay. You get the picture.

    Pompous--Jupiterians who are smug, arrogant and think they are better than everyone else are really very little people with shrinking self-esteem who are truly afraid to be found out. Knowing that, we can forgive them and not buy into or connect with their belittling energy. These people like to criticize others, cut them down, bring them down a peg, or in some way, destroy them because they want to be like them. But with their lack of solid self-esteem, they never will be.

    Excessive--Yes, in just about every way, including one's waist line and girth. Obesity strikes, big time. They eat more food, more wine, more desserts, more of -- well, of everything. Jupiter out of control means excess. It can also mean over proliferation of cells and cellular multiplication out of control which spells tumors (benign as well as malignant).

    Judgmental--No one does this better than a Jupiterian person, sadly. Just because they might have power, position, money or political gain, doesn't mean they need to treat the rest of us like dirt. But they do.


    How many of you have met barriers, walls, delays, hurdles, blocks and stoppage on something you wanted to do since mid-August of this year and have been stuck in neutra going nowhere? Well, many of us. The good news is that all this stuff is going to dissolve on June 4th and the flood gates of opportunity will begin.

    With Libra at the helm, it means we are going to sign on the bottom line, form new relationships--both personal and business-wise. Teamwork is in the air. Working together for a common goal is coming together in a blinding rush of energy and intensity.

    Decisions that have long been put off, put on the back burner or delayed for whatever reason, will be MADE--NOW. It doesn't matter whether it was a court of law, a business opportunity, a new job, a move to another state or country, it will all start moving--finally, with Jupiter going direct.

    The best way I can put Jupiter retrograde is first picture a thoroughbred horse with a jockey on it, at the starting gate. With Jupiter retrograde, no one's gates fly open at the buzzer--they are all stuck at the starting gate! With Jupiter going direct, the gates not only fly open, but the thoroughbreds are off and running--hard--down that oval track. And so will you be, too.

    If you've been having a rotten year since February, 2005 and it hasn't lifted--it will soon--on June 4, 2005. Jupiter is now going to give all of us who have been staggering under a lot of loads mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually, a gift. You are going to feel better and better with each passing day after June 4th. Each morning, you'll wake up feeling a little more hope, a little more optimism until, finally...Spring has just arrived and you're going to be ready to rock n' roll with a party mode that will even surprise even the most staid person!

    Our sense of humor is going to return! Our dreams and visions will, once more, start being fulfilled like Santa filling our socks as they hang on the fireplace mantel. Everyone is going to get goodies and gifts from this Jupiter going direct. Everyone.

    Copyright 2005 Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved

    Dr. Eileen Nauman is astrologer, author, and owner of Her site is a goldmine of scholarly information, much of which is in her daily newsletter, The Athena Mailing List. Topics include Homeopathy, Natural Essences, Metaphysics - Soul Recovery & Extraction, Medical Astrology, Astrology and Homeopathic Pet Care. is well worth a visit, with a free download "POISONS THAT HEAL." This book addresses your concerns about bioterrorism and biological agent attacks, how to stay safe, and what homeopathic remedies to have on hand.

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