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    Jupiter Going Retrograde - December 3, 2002

    By Eileen Nauman
    Email:, Website:

    Jupiter will go retrograde on December 3, 2002. Those who had any planets or Ascendant, Midheaven at 18 Leo (opposite 18 Aquarius), I'm sure will feel the full pressure, changes and brunt of our largest planet going "retrograde" in motion.

    Talk about the Grinch stealing this Holiday season--wow--it is going to be the sock full of coal and not the gifts children usually get or expect. Why? Because Jupiter goes retrograde right at the doorway to the holiday-spending season and people's wallets and good sense are going to close up and become Scrooges for the rest of the year. Little wonder why with a war going on in our country with a nearly invisible enemy: terrorists (home grown or foreign). No business, except those that usually do not make money during the Holiday season, are going to benefit from Jupiter, the big spender, going retrograde. Business people will not have a LOT to celebrate. The fear, the shock, the grief, the sense of helplessness will, instead, be on our minds and in our hearts, instead.

    Jupiter rules a sense of well being, of being ageless, living forever, being immortal, and people like to PARTY like they never have before if it is direct, but it won't be. Come April 3, 2003, we are going to have the wildest partying time, thanks to Jupiter churning forward at that time, and we'll go Mach 3 with our hair on fire and throttles to the fire wall--quite literally!

    Who is Most Affected By This?

    Jupiter goes retrograde at 18 Leo (opposite 18 Aquarius). Those most affected were born August 9 through the 14th (Leo folks) with those born on August 11th, receiving the directed energy of this planet. In opposite sign, Aquarius, those born February 5 through the 9th, with those born on February 7th, receiving the directed energy of this planet.

    If you have a natal Jupiter retrograde, then this is a great time for you! You are in your element and will make out quite well during this time frame, December 3, 2002 through April 3, 2003! Many opportunities and good "dharma" are coming your way, so be prepared!

    Definition of Jupiter - What Does it Rule?

    Jupiter is considered the great benefic. The guardian angel. The good guy. Fortune. Money. Deals. Largess. Fat. Obesity. Arteries. Bulimia. Benevolent. Expansive. No boundaries. No banks. Unlimited. Optimistic. Gambler. Exaggeration. Excess. Broad minded. Misjudgment. Adventuresome. Expanding (as in the waist line). Risk taker. Growth. High education. Philosophical. Metaphysics/higher mind. Overindulgent. Growing. Tumors. Pompous/arrogant. Know-it-all. Liver. Cholesterol. Plaque. Visionary. Explorer. Cosmopolitan. World-traveler. Foot-loose-and-fancy-free. Contracts. Agreements with lots of money. Enrichment of one's life. Educational curiosity. Happiness. Epidemics of any kind, whether natural or terrorist-made. It is the key trigger for a massive epidemic to begin.

    How Will it Affect Us?

    Talk about NOT spending during this Holiday season--wow--it is going to be the SMALLEST spending spree in the history of the US--remember, you heard it here, first. Why? Because Jupiter retrograde during the all-important Christmas season is going to fizzle. If retailers are looking for a killing this Holiday season, they can forget it with Jupiter going retrograde. Business people will have a LOT to bemoan come January, believe me.

    Jupiter rules a sense of well being, of being ageless, living forever, being immortal, and people are NOT going to want to PARTY like they never have before. As a matter of fact, with Jupiter going retrograde, people are going to feel very naked and vulnerable. With the 'threat' of war with Iraq and around the world, with a Jupiter going retrograde, people are not going to feel hopeful, impervious or like they can take on King Kong and win. Instead, they are going to be retreating in every way. That means psychologically, where I feel the "shock" of September 11th when the Pentagon and WTC's were attacked, is finally going to start sinking into a deeper level of the US psyche, and what it means to others around the world. There is a lot more pessimism than optimism with this planet going retrograde.

    The denial which has been caused by the shock of this catastrophic event of 9-11-2001, is finally going to start wearing off and people are going to start pulling their heads out of the sand and taking action on what to do. Mainly because the governmental agencies are starting to get up to speed on how the populace can educate themselves, action will be taken in these directions instead; protecting ourselves and no longer feeling like we'll always dodge the bullet aimed at us. No more. Jupiter retrograde gives us a huge dose of REALITY CHECK this time around, which is a good thing for everyone.

    TAKE HOPE: Leo and Aquarius !

    Every Leo in the world is going to feel the luck they've been having, turn off on Jupiter turning retrograde on December 3rd. Aquarians are not considered lucky people and with Jupiter turning retrograde, they are going to have to work twice as hard as before to earn what is rightfully theirs. The cornucopia of good luck turns off from a gusher to a dribble during that time frame (unless you have Jupiter natally retrograde in your chart; then the opposite will happen; you'll have a gusher of good luck, contracts, good news and growth!).

    If you Leo and Aquarius folks are feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders now, and things are really bearing down right now--you're right. You're feeling the cosmic weight of Jupiter turning stationary retrograde. Two weeks before this behemoth turns, we're in the "shadow" period and often times, this period is actually more pressured and dynamic than on the day it turns retrograde or direct! Feeling depressed? Feeling pessimistic? Blue? Hopeless? No wonder. Buck up, things are going to turn from boundless good fortune to a lot less in the coming months; so tighten your money belt, your pragmatism and reality because if you do, you'll get through this period just fine, thank you very much. I f you don't, then you're going to have an awful time with bills coming due, or money flying out the door and you'll pay the piper at the other end, when it goes direct in mid-March, 2002.

    Those who have had any planets or Ascendant in 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 degrees of Leo or Aquarius are going to be feeling the most PRESSURE, especially those who have 18 degrees, which is the degree that Jupiter turns retrograde on. You will feel like someone put you into prison. Blocks, the walls, the hurdles will be thrown in front of you and stop or at least slow you down from much forward motion. So, expect 'belt tightening' on every level of your life - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

    This is a time to withdraw your energy, rest, and let what you have put forth and 'out there' work and gestate on a cosmic level, so that when Jupiter does go direct April 3, 2003, you will then receive the good news from all your hard work and gestation. With Jupiter retrograde, money will be TIGHT to nonexistent. Or you will put your money into practical things, such as antibiotics for your family, buying a homeopathic kit, putting away more canned food and dry goods such a beans and rice, instead. You become the "ant" and not the "grasshopper" during this period.

    If you try to find a job, you won't; or if you do, you won't stay there long or it will change in some respects from what you expected it to be. Jobs, in general, are going to dry up during this period so it's not a good time for anyone to jump ship and try to find another job. Stay put and haul your load for now. There will be better times in the future coming for you to leave a job if you're dissatisfied with it.

    If you tried to get a loan, you may. With the interest rates so low, it may be a good time to float a loan, try to sell a house but don't expect miracles and don't expect to make tons of money on such a transaction because you won't. If you tried to expand your business, it may fail or it won't be successful as you had hoped it would be. This is the WORST time to try and start up a business. If you tried to do any type of expansion on any level, it did not occur. It won't with Jupiter retrograde.

    The Positive Side of Jupiter

    Let's look at some keywords for Jupiter so we can all understand what it means for this planet to go retrograde. Jupiter is:

    Generosity--to ourselves as well as others. There is going to be less donations to charities this Holiday season than ever before. Everyone's pocketbook is tight. The gas prices are eating into the US economy in a big way, and the trickle down effect is that people are not going to be spending frivolously on anything, especially during the up and coming Holiday season. They are coming down, but the damage they did to us over the summer is going to have direct repercussions on the income spent during this time anyway.

    Optimistic--Hope is turned down in volume in those who are affected and no matter how down you've been, no matter how dark it has been, it can get darker. Just know that there is light at the end of the tunnel--even if you can't see it yet (you'll see it, in April, 2003). You may be more pessimistic than normal and dark clouds will hang around you like a good friend. Just realize, this is transitory and this too, will end in April, 2003.

    Cosmopolitan--no one is more broad minded and lacking prejudice than a Jupiter person. They are not "small minded" like so many others. They are world travelers, world-minded, and world-connected as no other planet. With this Holiday season coming up, it will the Leo and Aquarians who understand at the deepest levels about world and family connection. Jupiter does not see skin color, religion or country of origin. To Jupiter people, we are all one. We are all related. And the only way we will survive is with this cosmopolitan attitude. That is the positive side of Jupiter.

    During the retrograde, you may become arrogant, better-than-thou, a know-it-all, or not listen to the wise counsel of spouse, friend or business cohort (and you should, but you won't). You can become small-minded and even mean-minded toward others that you generally, in a Jupiter direct, embrace with prejudice,.so be careful in these areas and respect everyone, regardless of how you really feel inside yourself.

    This means that religious intolerance is going to rear its ugly head. Instead of trying to accept other's religions at face value and respecting it, there are going to be fringe people who want to destroy the people of that religion or belief system. This is going to be a world problem between now and next April, 2003. We must practice tolerance, not intolerance. We must not say that Islam is the terrorists, because it isn't. Keep your perspective. With Jupiter retrograde, we want to lump, which is not a good idea.

    The only good that can come out of this, potentially, is Jupiter retrograde inspires people to learn more about Islam so they can understand the people of that religion and make the effort to educate themselves; this is also a strong potential, and one that I hope we all take, instead.

    The Heavy Side of Jupiter

    Because people are learning about the "light" and "heavy" energy of every planet and sign, Jupiter does not escape this, and neither do we. A person who is not enlightened or is here this lifetime to learn a particular lesson, may have one of the following (or more) attributes of a Jupiter gone to the dark side:

    Exaggeration--or, maybe, outright lying, fraud, and selling something to scared and frightened people to make a buck, instead. People who tell "tall tales" but don't tell you they are telling them. Stretching the truth. Building empires in the clouds with a sand base. Painting an ephemeral, optimistic picture with feet of clay. You get the picture. This means that every person, when they are confronted with general statements cannot afford to believe that person or take it at face value. The MUST dig to prove, one way or another, that the statement is or is not true, instead, to protect themselves and their wallet.

    Pompous--Jupiterians who are smug, arrogant and think they are better than everyone else are really very little people with shrinking self-esteem who are truly afraid to be found out. Knowing that, we can forgive them and not buy into or connect with their belittling energy. These people like to criticize others, cut them down, bring them down a peg, or in some way, destroy them because they want to be like them, but with their lack of solid self-esteem, they never will be.

    Excessive--Yes, in just about every way, including one's waist line and girth. Obesity strikes, big time. They eat more food, more wine, more desserts, more of -- well, of everything. Jupiter out of control means excess. It can also mean over proliferation of cells and cellular multiplication out of control which spells tumors (benign as well as malignant).

    Judgmental--No one does this better than a Jupiterian person, sadly. Just because they might have power, position, money or political gain, doesn't mean they need to treat the rest of us like dirt. But they do.

    The bio terrorism card--Jupiter rules religions. We are reassessing what we know of others and their belief systems during this time. It is back to school for all of us!

    The epidemic card--Jupiter has been found to be the main trigger man for major epidemics that can sweep a country or indeed, the world at large. A nasty upper respiratory virus flu could make everyone miserable this winter.

    What Does it Mean to go "Retrograde"?

    Many of us Leo and Aquarians will meet barriers, walls, delays, hurdles, blocks and stoppage on something you wanted to do. So, if you have a project you're working on, get it out NOW or wait until after Jupiter goes direction in April, 2003. You will see most things be stuck in neutral and is going nowhere soon. Well, many of us will find ourselves in this dilemma. The good news is that all this stuff is going to dissolve in April 2003 and the flood gates of opportunity will begin once again.

    Decisions pending, will be put off, and placed on the back burner of delayed for whatever reason will occur. It doesn't matter whether it was a court of law, a business opportunity, a new job, a move to another state or country, it will all stall out. The best you can do is use this as a planning, research, educational period and not try to punch your way out of this paper bag and move on; because it will self-destruct right in front of you. Turn patient. That is the answer to all of this, and WAIT it out.

    The best way I can put Jupiter retrograde is first, picture a thoroughbred horse with a jockey on it, at the starting gate. With Jupiter retrograde, no one's gates fly open at the buzzer--they are all stuck at the starting gate! With Jupiter going direct, the gates not only fly open, but the thoroughbreds are off and running--hard--down that oval track. And so will you be, too.

    Our sense of humor is going to disappear - or a lot of it will. We won't think things are very funny or as humorous as before! Black humor that mirrors our more realistic adjustment to our present war situation, will surface instead. Our dreams and visions will, once more, be put on neutral, too. Just understand that even the Cosmos must have a 'breather' and work on what energy we've been putting out there under Jupiter direct, and now, it must have time to gestate it, and work with it, and help it come to fruition when it goes direct in April 2003. Everyone is going to get goodies and gifts from this Jupiter going direct. Everyone. So, be patient with this retrograde and know that things are in the hopper.

    How to Use a Jupiter Retrograde

    Even the strongest race horse must rest after an exhausting race. The same goes for us humankind, too. We've putting out a lot of energy all year long, and now, Jupiter is holding up the "time-out" sign and saying "rest." We have been spinning and wobbling and in chaos since September 11, 2001. If you can approach this period in this spirit, which is the most positive way to do it, then you see that you have time to finally finish off a lot of projects that have been hanging fire because you just haven't had time to finish them off (because there has been so much on your plate).

    This is a clean up, fix-up, finish-it-up time. The phones aren't going to be ringing off the hook as much. People are going to be wanting less from you. It gives us all breathing room to work on favored projects, ourselves, our children, or our business, now, as never before. Things are going to quiet a lot out in our world in some ways and that's good news; .we all get a rest and a reprieve! Whew!

    Because it is the holiday season, we are going to find the most happiness by staying home, being close to family and friends and begin to value (more) the small but important things of life: those that we love and care for. We are no longer going to take things for granted ever again, and Jupiter retrograde is going to help this new reality sink into us more deeply and firmly during this period.

    Do not start up a business, buy a car, try to sell or buy a house, float a loan, buy big money items, or do anything that is related to GROWTH. It just won't grow right now! It will be stunted growth at best. So, why try it? Just wait, be patient, and when the floodgates open in April, 2003, THEN is the time to start the next horse race that you're in.

    The lights are going to dim in the Cosmos as Jupiter turns retrograde--but remember--we are not left in total darkness; just the grayness of uncertainty as the mighty template of consciousness continues to turn and change. Nothing is going to seem stable or the same ever again for us. We are in the midst of a mighty shift of consciousness that is worldwide. We can turn Jupiter retrograde to our advantage by doing more meditation, taking more inward journeys, remaining close to home, learning to love our family and friends for all the small but important things they enrich our life with, instead. Jupiter is going to slow us down, allow us to look at the essentials, not the largess of life, instead, during this Holiday season.

    It is the perfect time to remain close to home, make friends with your neighbors, have block parties, talk and share, and communicate. It is a time to build a new paradigm of working within your own community. By doing this, we stay strong and so the fabric of the globe stays that way, too. Instead of intolerance, let's learn how to practice tolerance. Go meet your Muslim friends. Many Muslim communities, now, are having "open houses" so they can meet us and we can share information. This is a wonderful idea and one that should be continued and enlarged in every community across the US. We are vastly ignorant, most of us, of Islamic culture, or this global religion and the people who practice it daily.

    We can use the high side of the Jupiter retrograde and find the "pearls in the garbage" so to speak. For every situation that seems hopeless, dig into it and find that pearl, and draw it out into the light and share it with others. People who naturally have a Jupiter retrograde in their chart are going to become our leaders, our 'flashlights' in this trying time of the next 5 1/2 months. They know how to find those pearls!

    Cross-community efforts are a dynamic and pro-active movement that can take hold during a Jupiter retrograde. We can either become very intolerant and angry of others under this transit, or we can turn it inside out and educate ourselves otherwise. As always, the choice is up to us. Many of a spiritual path have been wanting the world community to work as one. Well, Jupiter retrograde is giving us this chance.

    Why not make this Holiday season more than a Christian one? Find out what other holidays in what other religions are also being celebrated? All earth based religions celebrate, too--the Druids, and Native American's for example. Plan open houses. Go to them if they are offered. Reach out and make contact. Weave those single threads from one to the other and together we can make a fabric so strong that no one can possibly tear it asunder, no matter how hard they try.

    With Jupiter going retrograde, people's hysteria, panic and fear are going to diminish greatly, and that's a good thing. People are going to settle in for the long haul and slowly start letting go of the emotional roller coaster they've been experiencing. More practicality, wisdom, and reality will be the hallmarks come November, and this is good. The government and other national bodies are finally going to get their education, their sop's --standard operating procedures--out to the public and we will, in turn, feel like we're in more control of our lives as a result. EDUCATION (a premier concept of Jupiter) will erase the hysteria, the fear and most of the drama. We might be anxious, but that too, will begin to recede as we get the "tools" we need to navigate with in this new paradigm that is unfolding under our feet.

    With Jupiter going retrograde, we have the opportunity to find the 'pearls' right under our feet and noses, too. So, start looking down and right around you. Many of the answers you seek are as close as your neighbor, your neighborhood and community. Start making those contacts and connections. You won't be sorry, and it will dissolve the intolerant angle that Jupiter retrograde can bring.

    Above all, Jupiter retrograde gives us a time to reflect in what we really believe in and what we're practicing (or not) daily. This has to come into oneness. Those with a spiritual bent should continue their individual practice to bring light and peace to our world; every drop in the bucket, by every individual counts more than ever before.

    Dr. Eileen Nauman is astrologer, author, and owner of Her site is a goldmine of scholarly information, much of which is in her daily newsletter, The Athena Mailing List. Topics include Homeopathy, Natural Essences, Metaphysics - Soul Recovery & Extraction, Medical Astrology, Astrology and Homeopathic Pet Care. is well worth a visit, with a free download "POISONS THAT HEAL." This book addresses your concerns about bioterrorism and biological agent attacks, how to stay safe, and what homeopathic remedies to have on hand.

    Copyright Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved

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