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    Looking at the Moon

    By Felissa Rose

    The Moon takes on the coloring of the sign that it is in and planets it closely contacts in the horoscope. Governing our emotions and feelings, the Moon rules our feminine side. The Moon also describes our mothers, along with the other women in our life. When a woman is pregnant she becomes much more a lunar being as opposed to a solar one. The Sun is our center, our focus, our identity. The Moon is the Sun's reflection, how we absorb, feel secure, and how we express our sense of trust.

    Placement of the Moon in the different signs and elements of the horoscope determines how emotions are expressed along with what makes us feel secure. Because it is without it's own light, the ability to trust other people, situations, as well as ourselves, is of great importance in analyzing placement of the Moon.

      The Moon's placement in the Air signs indicates the desire to communicate and verbalize feelings to become emotionally secure.

    • Moon in Gemini likes to acquire as much information as possible about an emotional situation and spread the information and share their insights. The need for more than one opinion is important to a Gemini Moon and there is a tendency to over talk what they are feeling.
    • Moon in Libra has a great need for feedback and seeks others opinions to achieve the goal of harmonization. They can please and appease, for acceptance is very important to them, or play the devils advocate to achieve balance.
    • Moon in Aquarius needs to understand what they are feeling. They tend to think first, mull it over and then verbalize it to someone well trusted to arrive at an intellectual understanding.

      To achieve emotional security, action and movement are required when the Moon is placed in the fire signs.

    • Moon in Aries feels secure in their own actions and needs to express them immediately. It's difficult to delegate authority to others because of trusting in the competence of the way they do things.
    • Moon in Leo finds it important to dramatize situations and seek attention in emotional expression. This placement has much pride and the ability to feel and express emotion with deep passion. At times Grand Opera is descriptive of a Leo Moon.
    • Moon in Sagittarius feels secure with freedom and travel. They need to move around and explore and most importantly not to have any sense of being restricted. There is the tendency to become philosophical taking their own emotional feelings, then putting it in general terms to fit humanity at large. Frequently emotional feelings are translated into religious and philosophical endeavors.

      When the Moon is placed in the Earth Signs, grounding and stability become most essential.

    • Moon in Taurus feels comfortable with stable conditions and seeks to bring emotional situations into familiar patterns. Usually tranquil and somewhat complacent they are frequently heard saying "lets calm down" or "chill out."
    • Moon in Virgo attempts to organize and bring order to any emotional situation. They analyze what they are feeling sometime to an extreme which they have in common with Moon in Gemini. The difference is the Moon in Gemini seeks more and more information while the Virgo Moon is engaged in activities, puttering around while attempting to decipher what's going on.
    • Moon in Capricorn's pattern is to structure and control the emotions. They don't feel comfortable expressing them and are apt to keep what they are feeling inside, often negating it. Most likely this is the conditioning they had while growing up. Taught not to express their emotions, they frequently feel that their mother rejected them. The Capricorn Moon individual may have been one of many children or felt rejected by the mother's need to go to work.

      When the Moon is located in the Water signs, emotional expression often becomes paramount.

    • Moon in Cancer wants to nurture and be nurtured, taking care of others and being taken care of. Most importantly it must be allowed free expression of emotions. Taking only 29 days to complete a cycle, the Moon is the most changeable of planetary bodies. This changeability is often reflected in frequent emotional changes and a reputation for moodiness.
    • Moon in Scorpio tends to hold in and onto their feelings, mulling them over for extended periods, hopefully to confront and transform them. If this transformation doesn't occur, then the Scorpio Moon individual can hold on to festering resentments for weeks, months, years or a lifetime.
    • Moon in Pisces can absorb the energy around them becoming one with the emotion. It's important to separate themselves from the emotional environment. Like the Cancer Moon there is caring and kindness which enables them to assist others. Cancer tends to do this with those they are personally involved with. Pisces is more universal in outlook and is frequently involved with charities.

    Copyright 1997-2013 Felissa Rose
    Felissa Rose is a professional Astrologer who writes, teaches and meets with clients in New York City, California and The Berkshires. She lives in Hillsdale, New York. If you want a personal consultation with Ms. Rose, please say so in the body of your mail, and indicate that the message is Personal in the Subject field, so your e-mail doesn't get posted to the bulletin board. Felissa Rose's Website


    The Moon in Your Life Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World. - By Donna Cunningham.

    The Luminaries: The Psychology of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope Seminars in Psychological Astrology, Vol 3. By Liz Greene.

    Moon Tides, Soul Passages By Maria Kay Simms.

    Grandmother Moon Lunar Magic in Our Lives; Spells, Rituals, Goddesses, Legends, and Emotions Under the Moon. - By Zsuzsanna E. Budapest

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