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    Men in Black Interfere - August 5th, 2002

    By Bill Hamilton, Executive Director of Skywatch International, Inc.

    I don't want you all thinking I have gone over the Edge here, but I have been made aware of an incident that does not sit well with me.

    We have MIBs among us and they masquerade as humans, but be assured that there is little humanity in them.

    On August 2, 2002 my friend and liaison BJ went to have a chat with our mutual friend Dr. Dan Burisch. He is allowed certain times when he can be free to see his friends. When she approached the appointed place of meeting at a very late hour she saw that Dan was not in sight. Instead three men approached her and one said that Dan was not there and that she should not be there either. They had the classic MIB look, pale and expressionless faces dressed all in black. There was also the classic old black car. Make no mistake - these are not government agents. They are alien and they do not belong here.

    I believe they are a key part of the mystery and we must find out who they are and what they are doing here. My feeling is that we need to rid them from our planet wherever they are from.

    BJ's description of them matches my own wife's description perfectly.

    Here is BJ's description:

    "I walked a little ways in to where the xxxxxxx is that has some xxxxxx benches that Dan and I usually sit at. It felt kind of creepy so I decided not to sit down, and I turned to walk back to my car. That's when I saw them. Three guys. They came from different directions, walking slowly toward me. They were all dressed in black, wearing black hats like my Dad used to wear back in the 50's. I got scared and started moving toward my car. I was fishing around in my purse at the same time for my can of pepper spray. I heard one of them start to talk. He said, "...he's not here. And you should't be here either." Another one chimed in "time for you to go" I found the spray and jerked it up out of my bag. The one closest to me only laughed. It was a weird sound. By now, all three were closer, and I could see their faces a little more clearly. They were clean shaven, really pale, between 40 and 50, but the worst part was their faces looked blank, no expression, not even the one that laughed."

    Gray Barker once said that he did not mind discovering that we were being visited by Little Gray Men, but he did mind the fact that someone didn't want us finding out about it and he was referring to these MIBs.

    I would have loved to have been there with a television team in hiding.

    This is the time to lay down the gauntlet.

    Bill Hamilton
    Executive Director
    Skywatch International, Inc.

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