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    New Moon Solar Eclipse
    November 23, 2003 at 1 degree Sagittarius

    By Dr. Eileen Nauman DHM(UK)


    With permission. © Copyright 2003-2014 Eileen Nauman, All Rights Reserved.

    On November 23, 2003, we're going to have a New Moon solar eclipse. It will occur at 2:59 PM, PST at 1 degree Sagittarius 14 minutes.

    Luckily, this is a NEW moon eclipse; which takes the power out of the punch compared to a full moon eclipse, which can be a visceral gut-punch. It is certainly better than a full moon. On a new moon, the 'tides' of the blood in the body are at their lowest ebb. Without a lot of excessive water/fluids in the body to put pressure on the sensitive brain, people's emotions aren't going to be quite as trigger-happy as they could be. And since this eclipse hovers around the Thanksgiving Holiday, family matters are definitely spotlighted whether we want them to be or not.

    New Moon always signals "new" things. The eclipse is like a Cosmic light switch being thrown on in an area of our lives that needs to be seen and highlighted. Also, solar eclipses are about outer events in our external world. It could involve people around you who make you react or act. Think of this as seeds that are planted now, that will be harvested in 3, 6, 9 and 12th months from the above date. Things might now happen right away, but guaranteed you will see action on your planting November 23, 2003, February 23, 2004, May 23, 2004, August, 2004 and November 23, 2004 . This is because as the eclipse begins with a conjunction, then squares, opposes its original aspect, it triggers off energy that is can be catalyzed, and finally, a year later, conjuncts that position once more. For those who are being catalyzed by it, this is going to be an active, dynamic year of change.

    This catalyzation process is going to be very obvious; for a solar (sun) eclipse always brings outer events, such as a person, a group, or a body of individuals who make decisions and you are influenced by them. How much you're influenced depends up on how close to the eclipse you have a planet or your ascendant, Midheaven, for example.


    This time, it is Sagittarius sun sign people and the opposite sign, Gemini sun sign people. Other signs pulled into this by proxy are Taurus and Scorpio. This is because the eclipse is at 1 degree and the "orb of influence is 3 degrees, which means 29 degrees Taurus and Scorpio will also be involved. Sagittarius people born November 23 through the 27th are affected. Scorpio people born on November 22nd are also included. The most emphasis will be on November 24th for Sag people and they will feel this eclipse the most. For all these folks, it is seed planting time; new ideas, new ways of thinking, new ways of looking at life, or a problem, for example. Time for the snake to shed his/her skin and get a new look! Or a new attitude change. Or some kind of "aha" that breaks the chains of darkness with those of us who are affected.

    By opposite sign, Gemini, those whose birthday is between May 22nd through the 26th, with special emphasis on May 23rd, will feel this eclipse most intensely. Further, for any Taurus born on May 21st, they will feel it quite a bit, too. For all of them, there is going to be decisions made, because this eclipse is opposite their Sun. This is "put up or shut up" time. The rubber meets the road here, for Gemini and Taurus people. It is not time to hide, Gemini, or drag your fast moving feet. It is time to gallop toward new awareness and opportunities that are coming your way. If you do, then the same situation, person or event is going to repeat itself on the above dates, throughout 2003 and 2004; so you might as well bite the bullet and "just do it" and make a final decision and move on.


    Sagittarius people involved will find the spotlight on them and new ideas, support, paths and choices are going to open up for them, too. They will see both sides of the coin, and be aware of the other party's intentions. By knowing that, they can make decisions, which definitely are on the plate right now. Sagittarian people will find this a highly active time and they love change, so they'll gallop through this eclipse like a breeze.

    Because it is an eclipse and the Moon is involved, this gives us pause to look at ourselves in a emotional sense. Just how are we doing as a human being? Are we being too harsh with ourselves? With others? Probably the most important essence of the Moon is PROJECTIONS. Are you projecting your stuff on others unfairly? Stop and look at this, because you're probably doing it because you feel threatened or on the defense with this person, place, group or thing. When we project, this muddles the air and its not the truth--not for you, and not for the other party, either. A projection is what we, personally and subconsciously, don't want to own because it's our Shadow or "bad stuff" that we don't like (or are afraid of), within ourselves. Projection is an easy answer (it's her or his fault, not yours.....something did something to didn't have any energy or play in this scenario....kind of thinking....which is not correct.) Any time we aim a projection out at another, we are harming ourselves and them. This is not healthy.

    So, this eclipse will give us all pause to look closely at ourselves. What are we putting "out there" and how is being received by others? Sometimes, we just have to stand naked and vulnerable and state our truth and know that this is enough. You don't need to defend yourself, for the truth of the situation will out. Of course, just because you speak your truth doesn't mean the other party is going to agree or buy it, so just be aware that this might not be a touchy-feely happy conclusion to whatever is going on in your life right now.

    Still, telling the truth and owning up to and identifying our projections is the BEST thing we can do in the next week leading up to this energy. This may well be a highly emotional day; much more so than usual. There may be, unfortunately, more suicides than we'd want to see. More family blowups, arguments, and dark, hidden skeletons from the family's closet coming out to haunt everyone at the dinner table. The key here is, Gemini and Sagittarius to face the music, listen and hear what people are saying--and then run it through your own screens to sift what you can that is positive and healthy first, for you....and secondly for the other party or people/thing/situation involved.

    Sag, if you are going to be with family members around this Thanksgiving holiday season; be on guard about this possibility and go into the picnic with the attitude of being gracious, forgiving, and that venting can be healing. Take the emotional high road should a family member, friend, coworker, become nasty, belligerent, angry or snotty. They are in pain. Try to rise above your own flash points and triggers, and know that they are needing help...especially your compassion, understanding and love. It will be a real test of you as a person; but knowing that the eclipse, like a light being snapped "on" in a dark room, something out of the darkness is going to raise its head and everyone is going to see it. It is HOW we deal with things at that time, that count. And forewarned is forearmed.

    HOW this eclipse affects these people is entirely dependent upon what HOUSE the eclipse falls in, what PLANET it affects either by conjunction or opposition, as well as the other ASPECTS to that planet, to either modify or intensify this eclipse.

    This requires a professional astrologer to look at your chart to tell you the possibilities. Carol B. Willis is our core faculty astrologer and can be reached at:


    If you have an Ascendant (rising sign) at 1 degree or your Midheaven (10th house cusp), then you are going to be directly affected by this eclipse. How?

    If the eclipse highlights your ascendant, expect a person or several people within your circle of friends and acquaintances, to get in touch with you. It might be by phone, email, a letter, or they may be coming to visit you. Since this is early summer and holiday season, strong family ties are highlighted. I would suggest that there is a family member who is going to take your attention in some way.

    If the eclipse is conjunct your Midheaven, then you can expect to have ideas or have contacts with people that you work with or for. It may be that you're going to a business dinner; with your boss or someone from work. Pay attention if this is so, because some very good long-term things can come out of it for you and your career.

    Remember: whatever happens this coming week (usually the 5-7 days leading up to the Eclipse are the most active and things are happening, so pay attention....) of November 23rd and be prepared for CHANGE and perhaps, a little CHAOS. Just remember, this is good in the long run, although for some of us, it might not seem to be right now as we enter the "shadow" of the pre-eclipse time.

    Bio: Eileen Nauman is Eastern Cherokee Metis, on her father's side of the family. They are members of the Wolf Clan, according to her Great-great grandmother, who was pure Eastern Cherokee, and a medicine woman.

    Eileen went into training to become a shaman when she was 9 years old by her father. Since then, she has expanded into crystal and colored stones, as the Eastern Cherokee are the original crystal keepers of the Ark of Crystals.

    Her expertise has been gained over 45 years of experience and training. Academically as a homeopath for 33 years, she is holds a Doctorate of Homeopathic Medicine from the British Institute of the United Kingdom. She has written four books on Homeopathy. In addition to this, she has written the Quartz Crystal information in: Clinician's Complete Reference to Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Donald W. Novey, MD, editor), Mosby Publishing, St. Louis, Missouri, 2000. ISBN: 0-323-00755-4. She also is a teacher at the Desert Institute of Classical Homeopathy, Phoenix, Arizona, as well as teaching around the globe on healing tools that include, medical astrology, quartz crystal healing, natural world reconnection, colored stone healing, soul recovery and extraction (shamanism), flower essences and homeopathy.

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