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    A Rare Venus Retrograde

    By Dr. Louis Turi


    From May 17th to June 29th, Venus will be in retrograde motion. Because of the earth's ecliptic, it will appear to move backwards against the direction of the Sun. This celestial phenomenon happens with all planets but with Venus every 18 months for a period of about 40 days. In mundane astrology this motion is seen as rare and will not happen every year like all other planets. This specific Venus retrograde period is exceptional, unique and powerful because the love planet will actually move across the face of the Sun as it retrogrades into a solar conjunction. When the Sun and Moon align in this manner we have a lunar or solar Eclipse. However, with Venus and the Sun the rarity and strength of this upcoming Eclipse will be simply incredible and will touch directly the house and affairs regulated by mercury and Gemini.

    The rarity of Venus moving in front of the sun can be illustrated by the fact that the last time this happened was in 1882. Because it will be in retrograde motion, the effects may be more subdued, introverted, latent, and yet extremely powerful. With the mixture of Venus the sign of peace and wealth, and the Sun the sign of Love and children, it will be a chance for mankind to experience these two beautiful energies and come to grips with some of its more negative involvements. The planet Venus will be close to the earth and at the same time in a prominent position in front of the sun. It is as if she is "naked," exposed to us, as we who are living in this era have never seen her before. Therefore combined with the Will of the Sun, she is going to expose to humanity some possibilities of grace and love that have been in the past denied. She will expose secrets of life, as the sun is the giver of life. She will expose to all, the possibilities of peace and harmony. Whether or not we take her up on this is another matter, however it will cause all humanity to reflect upon these higher energies. This transit is about the planet of love, reflecting the forces of life, exposing herself to the entire world. It is quite possible there will be some deep spiritual connections made. Nevertheless, remember, while all this is happening, she is retrograde, so those effects may not be dramatic: rather long lasting and slow to develop.


    The last time Venus was retrograde was from October 10 until November 21st in 2002. Many astrologers saw this period of major emotional readjustment in our personal lives forcing people in and out of our lives. Some others saw this celestial manifestation as a global preparation for a new step forward peace, diplomacy and more future stability for many parts of the world.

    The "Goddess of Love" Venus rules feelings, the arts, creativity, finances, the banking industry (Merrill Lynch Co) interior design, aesthetics, women in general, romance, wishes granted by friends, harmony, peace, and many other things. When Venus is retrograde, the people we have loved or hated and past affairs tend to sometimes reappear, bringing a chance to forgive those who have hurt us. In some positive karmic cases the option is given to some lucky souls to start again a long gone love story and after many tears and painful lessons, finally enjoy true love with a soul mate. Gemini also rules books, communication, languages, radio, and transportation, while Venus rules love and money. Thus great options are given to find good publishers, to learn languages, to take courses in photography or journalism, or close some good deals in the world of communications and transportation. Following the 911 terrorist attack in New York, the world was just coming to grips with the fact that the whole culture had changed. As predicted in my book, "Moon Power 2002," with the Head of the Dragon in Gemini, the entire world was forced into a full restructure of the transportation industry. We finally understood that because of 9-11, the world was forever changed. Because of the deadly religious convictions of the terrorist fanatics, the world and the Christianized US grew up to their danger, and we now have to suffer long lines at all governmental offices and airports.

    Unlike President Clinton born with a wealthy moon (US infrastructure/real estate/general security principle) in Taurus (wealth/economy), President Bush was born with a moon (security) in Libra (war/peace/contracts/legality). The world has not yet learnt rationally, the power the stars have upon our leaders and elected officials and their fate. Saddam Hussein was born with a moon (infrastructure of a country/family) in Scorpio (death/drama). To an erudite soul, the results were very predictable and came to pass as seen by the total death and rebirth of Iraq and Saddam's loss of his sons and his regime. With this Presidency we also came to terms with the fact that the economy was in real trouble and will get worse until he is removed from office and replaced (hopefully) by a President born with a very positive Moon and stars. His fate and stars will be (as with Clinton) a positive repercussion to all the US population (and young soldiers) under the commandant in Chief’s fate and stars. I wish the Germans, the Italians and the Russians had this knowledge before electing Hitler, Mussolini and many other deadly, power thirsty dictators. As often encountered with such a young world, I am so ahead of time that many young souls will not be able to penetrate the intuitional domain of my work and they will dismiss my heeds. Since the fall of 2002, the stock market is still retreating. It has been over two years now and until the war is resolved the world’s financial circumstances will not improve.

    Whenever Venus is retrograde we have been given the opportunity to examine our present relationships. Auto analyzing all previous actions will serve to improve our present relationships, make the adjustments, and find what we really need in the composition of our personal emotional status. Those who do not fit the bill will be removed from our lives and be replaced by new partnerships that will support, promote and maintain both long lasting love and solid security. Decisions will be made objectively, rationally, where guilt and confusion will be alienated.

    The last time Venus was retrograde she was in Scorpio, the sign of life and death. Some souls used this last Venus retrograde to forge incredibly deep and make personal bonds, while others relinquished people and had to let go of long held attachments and relationships that were holding them back from positive growth. But with Venus in Gemini the intellectual and playful sign of duality, changes, information and distribution, the mood will not be so emotional or dramatic as the imposed changes take place. Yes, the economy is bad, yes, we all have serious concerns and we must pay our bills. Indeed we are all disappointed with how things are working out in our private lives and with the war in Iraq killing so many young people. The Tail of the Dragon is still in the deadly sign of Scorpio and will bring more death until December 2004.

    The Sun

    But, with Venus (love) in the solar path (light) expect our own personal lives to enjoy an easing of circumstances and an opportunity for new love, an opportunity to make more money, and most of all to gain important intellectual data. Some of us will be inspired to act on new methods we have been thinking about for a few months. Any study or effort can only improve our mental processes and will be drastically needed in the future.

    Venus will primarily affect our personal lives and as Venus rules all relationships in the sign of Gemini (communication), we can only expect opportunities to bring more balance and harmony in our lives by revising our commitments and emotional allegiances. Some lucky souls may find new taste in food, clothing, and music. Many women born with a strong Gemini in their chart will go through incredible transitions. Others will benefit from contracts and financial transactions and some people may need to invest in a new car or communication gadgets.

    The impact and your response to this Venus retrograde should be used to its maximum impact and will be useful and more powerful if you are prepared to invest in a 90 MN Full Life Reading. There are a few universal themes for all of us and this one is very important. This is a great time to re-evaluate how to approach self-improvement and your love life. We live in a world today where many people have serious problems and work hard to survive. This is due to Saturn (fears) transiting the sign of Cancer (security) until July of 2005. We all have great fear, self-doubt, and guilt, but we must fight depression and pessimism. Adding to this Venus retrograde period, Saturn (Lord of Karma) transiting Cancer (Sign of the United States) will make the situation more difficult for a while in the affairs of family, real estate and general security in our lives.

    Gemini is the sign of distribution, learning, and mental and physical adventures. Venus is the planet of love, the arts, money, and pleasure. With Venus retrograde in Gemini, now is the time to re-evaluate our methods of learning and loving without letting Saturn sap our faith.

    Bio: Like the great prophet, Nostradamus, Dr. Turi was born and raised in Provence, France. He was influenced by Nostradamus' methods of Divine Astrology and spent many years reviving the Seer's rare method. He grew up speaking the same now disappearing dialect. In 1976 he received the highest distinction Musicianship Award Cup and graduated from the Royal School of Music in London. He moved to the US in 1984 and has since established himself as a successful astrologer, author, and lecturer. In 1993 he received a metaphysical Doctorate from the Progressive Universal Life Church based in Sacramento, California.

    His notoriety skyrocketed after rekindling, practicing and teaching Nostradamus’ rare Divine Astrology method, which he calls Astropsychology. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs worldwide. Dr. Turi is known for the hundreds of accurate predictions he makes.

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