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    The Relationship: Soul & Manifesting

    By Susan James

    What if you are reading this, and thinking ,*I'm not really into this Soul thing*. Please know this: If you are reading this, then its too Late, your soul has sent you to this material, so you might want to Pay Attention ! (or not; your choice always !)

    As we raise our energies, our vibrations, our light, information seems to find us that expands our path, and it seems to come to us faster than ever before.

    Why? Well the Soul does not wear a watch, and the Soul has its own agenda for its own evolving, and now that it has blended somewhat with the one it originally sent here, its not going to milly mally around in the muck of it. Its time to get things done.

    Part of this relationship, is that the Soul will keep our desires and intentions in place while we drop our more dense peanut butter energy and in its stead will be the lighter marshmallow energy; as these two energies can not occupy the same space.

    We will find, some of our choices begin to leave us, but what we have are more choices, but within a more focused area. This is where our Potential as a human shows up, and where the Soul gets its evolving done, and humanity at large benefits from it all automatically.

    Our Soul Holds it together for us, and we are now beginning to trust that. Our relationships are balancing, even the one with ourselves. Our finances are stabilizing, our health issues are stabilizing. The Soul is our thread running the fabric of our life.

    Our Soul has been preparing itself for this for a long time, and now we have opened up due to the cooperation of our higher selves, for this Oneness, to take on a different flair.

    First has come peace, and now the joy.

    For those wondering the difference between the Soul and the Higher Self. No spirit ranking here, just simply higher levels of light of ourselves, which for the ease in human understanding and communication, (mine ) although they may appear as separate to the human light and love, they and we, are the ONE.

    The Soul is now speaking directly to us, our personality & ego, and asking its permission, (the ego likes that part!) to be trusting of what is happening. The Soul as Divine Will now runs our mind. The Soul is fully connected to our heart strings, and is the thread between our heart and our minds. The Soul will now use our hearts and minds for Divine Will. WE are to simply be and follow. And what happens, as we be and follow?

    Our Dreams Come True, That's What Happens ! Thank you for being here as part of mine!

    Susan James writes of *User Friendly Physics* to design our lives by; from Dreams come True to Weight Loss: Manifesting 101& Beyond Essays & Tools for Creating Newsletter.

    Manifesting 101& Beyond Essays & Tools for Creating Book.

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