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    The Relationship Cycle

    By Stephanie Roberts

    Excerpt from Fast Feng Shui for Singles: 108 Ways to Heal Your Home and Attract Romance

    The five phases of a romantic relationship coincide with Feng Shui's five elements. Understanding how they work can help us make smoother progress with our relationships:

    1. Centering: Metal element, inward-focused energy -- Centering is a time for rediscovering your sense of self and for creating a strong foundation.
    2. Exploring: Element of water, flowing, outward energy - You feel ready to get involved in a relationship again, start dating actively and are open to new people and experiences. You expand your social life, and feel willing to "get your feet wet."
    3. Connecting: Wood element represents new beginnings and upward growth - In this stage, your focus shifts from meeting new people to exploring possibilities with one particular individual. You do what's needed to support a budding relationship and romance.
    4. Loving: Associated with the Fire element, energizing and passionate. This is the head-over-heels, mad-about-you experience of what we call being in love. In this stage the two of you are inseparable. Communication and intimacy are of prime importance during this time.
    5. Uniting: The stable and nurturing qualities of the Earth element are present here, where you are ready to make a commitment and build a life together. Peace, love and joy are important qualities at this stage.
    When a relationship ends, we start the cycle again with an inward focus, back to centering.

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