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    Re-minders from Home

    Channeling from "The Group"

    From Steve Rother :

    June 16th, 2001

    On Earth we are seeing gasoline prices soar, natural gas and electricity are going through the roof as the stock market in several countries is taking a nosedive. What’s going on? The Group doesn’t get involved with the normal ups and downs of our economies, however, they say that a trend has begun and we are now experiencing the New Earth even as the economies of our world begin to shift. The first channel three years ago at the United Nations in Vienna also spoke about the economies of the world. They said that these changes are actually something that all the people of the world have in common. They said to watch as the economies of the world begin to blend together for this would be a sign that we are moving forward. They said that to a great extent this is already underway. They stated that because if this blending, if we ever tried to have a global war again that we would actually be bombing ourselves. They spoke of the Euro specifically adding that this implementation would be emulating the Universal Energy of blending and therefore supported in the long term. I find it interesting that all of the adjustments we are now seeing are taking place just prior to the Euro going into circulation on January 1st of 2002.

    This was a live channel presented at the AngelPlay Plurkshop in Attleboro, Ma. On May 20th 2001. The timeliness of this message told me that it was important to get it out as quickly as possible. Although it does talk about current events it also marks some recent shifts that will continue for some time. Especially important to note is where they talk about our new relationship to the Plant and Animal kingdoms. Very often the humans do not make changes until they are faced with a reason to do so. Here the Group is showing us that we are now being motivated to change by our own Game that we call economics:

    From the Group:

    Greetings from Home.

    Hear the sighs as we change the energy in the room. Feel the energy shifting from your third dimensional reality as we shift the energy for our time together to the vibrations of Home. You are Home and we have missed you so. And you have missed us. We are so much a part of each other. There are times when you feel the longing of Home. We were there in those moments, standing around you wrapping you in our wings, holding you when you cannot re-member who you are. Know that we are there. Yes, we are right next to you. Often you say, “ Why am I here?� or “Why am I alone?� And we tell you, you are never alone. You could not be alone if you tried, and we think it quite humorous that some of you try so very hard. (Laughter)

    Please know that we are with you and we are touching you with our wings and bringing you the vibrations of Home often. If you will just breathe and allow us in, we will be there to support you. For in those times when you cannot re-member who you are, in those times you cannot find your strength, in those times when you think you are alone, just breathe and be still. . . and we will be there. Just breathe and we will help you for we will infuse you with the strength of Home. We will re-mind you of the energy that is in this room as we speak. As you re-member your sacred words, as you take that oath, the sacred oath of I AM, we will be there supporting you and helping you to re-member who you are.

    Energy in Motion ~ Vortex of Love

    We are so very thrilled at the prospect of what is happening now for so much is in motion at one time. The entire energy of Planet Earth is swirling in a circular motion, emulating the vortexes of energy that are now popping up on the planet in so many different places. Please, we ask you to take these advances slowly, for it is so easy to get dizzy in these times. And if you find you are getting out of balance emotionally, or feeling lost, please take time to reach out your hands and touch one another. In this touching is the energy of the grounding that you need to re-member who you are. That will connect you with the vortex of love that is at the very center of the Earth. You have come with a specific purpose and that time for your purpose is now coming to Planet Earth. You thought your contracts were finished. We tell you, they are not. (Laughter) Find the laughter often for it will balance your energy. For as much as we talk about the “E� factor, we also talk about the “L� factor. For we Laugh often on this side of the veil. Humor is the one thing that passes unchecked through the veil and if we find you too serious, we will tickle your funny bone to re-mind you that it is only a Game. Play the Game. Enjoy the Game. And if your circumstances do not allow you to enjoy that which is in front of you, have the courage to choose again for that is your birthright.

    Economics of the New Energy

    We wish to take the time together this day to speak of your current economy and the economics of new energy for all. First let us explain to you that we do not get involved in your economies for that which is Caesar's, belongs to Caesar. This is part of the Game that you have made up and not us. This is part of the Game that you have invented to represent energy. We tell you that early on in our communications with the Keeper there came a time when he asked a question that brought much humor to this side of the veil. He asked for us to tell him what the stock market was going to do. We found that was so wonderful. In response, we explained to him that your stock market is a game that you have created inside of another game. This new game has no basis on any reality but is only perception of perception. Can you see why we found it so humorous that he would ask us where it was going?

    Your own higher selves are directing the events that have shaped your world. Economics have moved your world and allowed you to direct events as a collective much more than you know. Now you are creating rising oil prices and energy prices to motivate you to look at alternatives that are more in harmony with your surroundings. You see these events as a set backs and difficulties when in fact they are helpful nudges designed to shift the focus of your thoughts and actions.

    Money ~ A Reflection of Energy

    Let us first illustrate to you economics from our perspective. What you have called money is not energy. It is simply a reflection of energy. It is accurately reflecting your energy yet it does not act in the same fashion with the circular motion of energy as you would know it. Therefore it is possible to divert the reflection where it is not possible to divert the energy. Please do not look at yourselves in connection with your advancement as humans and measure it with your relationship with money. This is not an accurate reflection of your relationships to energy. We tell you that when you circulate energy with your own energy, the reflection will follow. And that which you allow to come to yourself will complete the energy cycle. On a personal basis, stepping into the higher vibrations of the new Planet Earth will actually bring you more of abundance if you allow yourself to experience the passion and the joy. Does that surprise you? Many of you are thinking right now, “That has not been my experience so far.� The New Energy is here, you have only to learn to reflect it to the highest and best.

    We tell you there are clearings that will take place, for your belief systems have severely limited what has reached you in the form of prosperity. In many cases it is actually the art of graceful acceptance that has not properly been aligned for you. As those who have chosen to spread Light to the planet you will need to work on that aspect. You will allow yourself to be abundant for we tell you that in the process of creating Home on your side of the veil abundance will play an important part of this. There is no greater abundance than that which is in Heaven, for when you are Home you have everything. Why not allow yourselves to have everything now. The vows of poverty are no longer valid as they no longer lead to spiritual advancement. That was old energy and was necessary to get you to this point. Please re-member that truth is an evolution and not a standard. As you reach higher vibrations you will embrace higher truths. Reach for this truth now and it will pull you into higher vibrations. It is now necessary for you to understand, in order to fulfill the creation of Heaven on Earth, you must accept your abundance.

    Personal Abundance ~ A Belief System

    We are speaking to you on a personal level for all economies in all lands start on a personal level. It is the collective consciousness of the people in an area that determines the overall economy of that area. Therefore, we ask you to first adopt an attitude of personal abundance.

    And you are leading the way vibrationaly, stepping from one vibrational level to the next. Others will look at you for examples. Yes, the difficulties may be there during these transitions and yes, as you advance you may temporarily find yourself on your own with no visible means of support. These are the times when you can really exercise your true power. It is here that you can take charge and change your reality. Set your tone by declaring your intent to focus on the passion in your life and watch the magic, for you are the masters. You have even created the Game that eludes you so. Now we tell you that it is up to you to re-create it to your own liking. Re-create the Game of economic abundance to fulfill your every need and your desires. You have run from your abundance and not accepted it as part of yourselves, therefore breaking a natural energy circle. The veil is quite thick and you cannot see your own magnificence, therefore you do not feel that you are worthy of such abundance. This is a misdirection of energy and does not serve the highest good of anyone.

    Your belief in lack has caused much of your problems in regard to abundance. You believe that there is a limited amount in the world and therefore you believe that if you have abundance someone else goes without. This is not the nature of energy and a false belief. This is where the reflection differs from the true energy. Even the economists of your world know that there is more for everyone when you all feel abundant and act accordingly. Circulating energy is the only way to create more energy. Since money is a reflection of energy it acts in a similar nature.

    Creating Home by Improving Quality of Life

    We tell you here that it is only possible to create Heaven on Earth if you improve your quality of life. Your quality of life when you are Home is the highest. Therefore, in the creation of Home on your side of the veil it will be helpful to improve your individual quality of life where you are now. Fear not to seek improvement in this area. That is your birthright and an important component of the New Energy. Improving your own quality of life even in small steps helps to create Home, for it supports you to be the fullest expression of passion that you can be. Learn the art of graceful acceptance and allow the abundance that is yours to find you effortlessly. Place yourself on a mission to do something to improve your quality of life. Allow yourself to feel the satisfaction and excitement in your creations and improvements. Your attitudes of resistance to accepting the finer things in life are in direct relation to your belief in lack. Start where you are at this moment and find a way each day to do one thing to improve your quality of life. It may be moving the furniture in your house or cleaning your car. It may be moving in to a nicer house or buying a new car. What ever your focus, if you start where you are at this moment and move forward the energy will be set in motion. Understand that it is the quality of life that represents the energy and not that which you call ‘Money’, for that is only a reflection of the energy.

    Looking Ahead ~ The Double Decker Bus

    Please re-member that we cannot tell your future for you have yet to write it. We compare what we are doing now to the double decker bus. This is your bus not ours. In reading or listening to this message you are asking us to sit on the top deck of your double decker bus. From this higher perspective we can see further down the street than you. We can tell you what lies directly ahead and share with you what we see down this street or that one. Ahh, but we cannot tell you if you are going to take a turn. You are in charge and you have the power. Our work is to empower you with out taking that power from you. You are the only one that can determine the direction of your bus and therefore your reality. Please understand that what we share with you now is a view from the top deck. This is what is directly ahead of you and what is happening here if no turns are made, for the collective double-decker bus of humanity is heading toward some major shifts and some course corrections that will be necessary for the new economies to emerge on Planet Earth. The new energy carries with it a reflection of that energy which illustrates new economies that are now beginning on Planet Earth. The air had to be let out of the bubble in order for this to take place. And that is happening on a global basis. This will continue for the next six to eight months unless a major turn is made. Some of your governments and industries will recover quickly after this reset and others will take as much as three years to fully recover. The difference is to what extent these economic entities are in alignment with the Universal Energy. The Universal Energy is about blending and those that oppose the blending of energies and promote segregation of energy, will recover at a slower pace. New world powers may begin to emerge from the changes that have just been set into motion. This is not to be feared. If your current world powers can adapt to the new energy they too will remain. If not they will fade away in economic disaster as you have seen in the recent past. Watch the economies for they are the impetus of change.

    Six to Eight Months

    The next six to eight months on Planet Earth may be difficult for some, yet we tell you, look ahead, for this is the necessary course correction that is important to your own evolution. This was the part of the energy that needed to change before the next evolutionary step could begin. It is now in motion. There are choices to be made during this period. Some of your choices will include collective choices made by what you call your leaders. Please understand that your leaders are only trusted servants and ultimately they are responsible to report to you. Please do not give your power away to them. Although they may have the power to make collective decisions for their individual governments you must know that these decisions DO NOT control your personal reality. They may have an affect on the streets that you drive on yet you are the only driver of your double decker bus. Make your voice heard to the trusted servants that work for you and then release your attachment to the outcome. Please understand that it is you that is in charge and even though they may not be acting within your complete wishes, it is important to let your wishes be known.

    Universal Energy

    There is a Universal Energy, which permeates all things. This is the energy that is seen in a vacuum in space. This is the energy that exists, even when all other energies are re-moved. This is the energy of potential. This is the energy of that which you call God. The purpose and motion of this energy is that of blending together. This blending motion is actually returning that which you have pulled apart for your illusion of polarity. This description is the simplest manner in which we can describe to you the nature of Universal Energy yet even this has been complicated so that you may understand. In the New Energy all that opposes the Universal Energy will find difficulty and all that supports it will be supported.

    Six Vibrational Steps

    The Earth has recently moved six vibrational levels in one step. You felt it. You are feeling it now. You are assimilating it into your own biology at this moment. We tell you this is part of the process that you have asked to go forward with, and now you have set the stage into the blending of the economies as well. As you feel it as individuals, it now filters down into your institutions. You will feel it on many different levels. And yet, that six level jump, that vibrational movement that has just happened, is setting the stage for a new relationship to your own energy. Many of you are feeling lost. You do not know where to go. You are feeling super sensitive. Things are different but you do not know where you stand. We will offer you a key. Breathe. We will make it much more complicated if you like. Breathe.

    Now the energy of Home, for that is what you have stepped into. You have moved six vibrational levels closer to Home, and you are feeling out of place. Of course you are. Breathe it in. Ground it within your own biology. Get comfortable with it. Start playing with it and pushing the limits. Try something new. Dare to make mistakes. Ah ha. You did not think of that one. Dare to play. Dare to push the envelope a little bit for you will find the envelope has changed.

    In the old vibrations of Planet Earth, please note that we are talking only six months ago in your time, these actions which opposed the Universal Energy were tolerated for very long periods of time. In the higher vibrations of the new Planet Earth, the resistance is abrupt and direct. Now resistance to the Universal Energy will show re-actions very quickly. For every action there is a re-action and now you will see it six times faster. Watch for it and make your course adjustments. That is why we are telling you to please feel free to push the envelope.

    Think BIG

    The next six to eight months will be a period of acclimation. You may call it a period of recovery. Be careful of what you call it for you will very quickly create the labels you use. Watch your angle of perception for what you perceive will create. Now this also will be six times faster. Please do not forget to breathe. On many different levels you will see other things happening. Both individuals and governments that act as a global entity will find themselves being positioned for the highest outcome. Those economies that act in accord with local alliances to the Universal Energy will become the new super powers of the new planet earth economically. Those that resist the blending motion and treat themselves as segregated, will see their power wane. This will be an interesting time on Planet Earth.

    Think big, dear ones. You have drawn these funny little imaginary lines in the sand, which you call countries. It is time for those lines to begin to dissolve. It is time for you to understand you are citizens of Planet Earth. Become citizens of a global alliance of Light and the lines in the sand will diminish. Think on a basis in which all of humanity will work together, and work with the Mother. We are not asking you to sacrifice, please understand. We are asking you to improve your quality of life, not decrease it. It is possible to do that and also to live in harmony with the planet and the people. Everything that resists that harmony will start finding six times the resistance.

    Old Energy Ways

    Be patient but decisive with government leaders trying to control as was done in the old energy. Some of your leaders have attempted to apply the old energy ways of force and segregation. Please re-member what we have said of the recent increase of six fold. If you observe these actions take a stand for all of you will feel the effects of the resistance caused by only a few. Do not tolerate it. Instead we ask you to educate, for that is the way to fight against the old energy. The blending motion of the Universal Energy will bring education and communication. That is the way to understand that you are all one. Watch your technology advance and allow it to be used for the highest purpose of education and communication. The more you educate and communicate, the more you know that you are one. Even your science is now becoming aware of this.

    Adapt or Create ~ Star Wars

    Humans are such wonderful beings. You adapt so well yet you resist your own creative abilities so much. The veil is thick and it is difficult for you to see your own abilities to create. It is much easier for you to take something that has already been created and do everything that you can to adapt it to a different outcome. Use your abilities to create anew rather than trying to adapt and you will start reaching new ways of working with the energies of the world. The Mother will no longer support your use of fossil fuels in the way you have been accustomed. Yet you can see that unless you are motivated economically there will be no change. This is underway now for the collective higher selves are creating situations on Planet Earth that you see as difficulties, and we see as motivating you into new choices. Similarly, your electricity has become in short supply and expensive. This will continue for a time. There is nothing wrong with your electricity, only with the way that you have provided it. Now in place is the motivation for you to adapt to find efficient means of providing energy. Now you are re-thinking all of the technologies that have been introduced but were not economically feasible prior to these increases. Dare to find something new in this new energy for you have just jumped six vibrational levels and in that is six times the power to create. Ahh, that is the part you have not yet discovered, for you are still trying to only adapt. This is why we are encouraging you to push the envelope.

    We tell you there is technology that is ready to harness the energy of the cosmos and deliver it to you very inexpensively. The first steps are difficult, as they require you to create rather than adapt. It was therefore necessary for you to motivate yourselves to move forward in the manner that is now taking place. Some of this technology has been a direct result of your constant search for your toys of war. There is a recent interest in this technology again for good reason. We tell you that this technology will never work the way it is planned as a shield protecting against all attack. Yet this technology, once developed, can be used for effective energy transmission. These are the situations that you are now being motivated to discover.

    Animals and Plants ~ Establishing a New Relationship

    You have also wondered what was happening with the animals, and the mysterious diseases that have swept over much of your planet. We wish to speak of that now. As the economies of your world change, it is also appropriate that some of the animals and even some of the plants re-evaluate their own higher contracts in relationship to humanity.

    The animals of Planet Earth are re-evaluating some of their roles with you. Some willingly giving themselves as part of the food chain and they are very proud to do so. As higher vibrational humans, it is appropriate that human you honor these animals for their roles and that has been lost. This is underway now as the animals themselves opened the door to creating a different relationship. We tell you this scare that has been going on will soon go away. But there will be other opportunities to evaluate your thinking. We are not telling you that eating animal flesh is wrong. We are not telling you that driving your cars with fossil fuels is wrong. All we are telling you is, watch for the opportunity to change. Watch what is happening in your own field and dare to create something new for yourselves.

    Watch the magic. Try the creation hand. Dare to set your intent to create something new. Watch it happen, first on an individual basis, then on a global basis, for it is happening as we speak these words. The economies of the world are squeezing together. There is much that is shifting, and there will be collective super powers that seem to emerge in the new economies.

    Now there are many of you that wish that money would just simply go away and we would work from heart energy alone. We love how you humans make up your games. You are so imaginative. Yes, you will have economies in the higher vibrations of the new Planet Earth. Yes, you will have businesses. Yes, you will have organizations. You have made them, and now we challenge you to re-make them from the heart. Make them from the heart for that is where the true energy is and even your corporations are beginning to understand this higher truth. Even some of your highest vibrational businesses are starting to understand the natural flow of energy. Why? Because by following the energy, it will show up in the bottom line of the business for that bottom line is actually a reflection of that same energy.

    Become one of these people and take it into your own workplace. “Ahh, but what am I? I am just a secretary. I do not have any say over corporate policy in my large corporation.� Ahh, yes you do. More than you know. Set the energy in your own space with the people that you come in contact with. Start it first in your own home and watch the miracles happen. You do not need to be the CEO of a company to change its direction. You have only to step into your own truth for there are many alternate realities that now become one as they start to merge together. All we ask you to do is to change your thinking. Open your own abilities of acceptance and open your own heart, and you will shift the paradigms very quickly. Re-member that you are the Masters of the Gameboard. You can make a difference.

    Take Charge of your Reality

    There is much happening in your future. Do not fear the changes that are happening for your perceptions of these realities will very quickly determine their outcome. You often ask: “Why does it need to be so hard? What is going on? What is spirit trying to tell us?� We ask you to consider: What are you trying to tell yourselves? Listen carefully. Do not fear the change. Embrace it. Look at it and say, “Oh, the Game is changing. How can I be a part of this? Where is my opportunity to create? How can I shift my reality?� You will then change it in the blink of an eye.

    You work well with this energy, dear ones. Please understand that the money that you so love, the Game that you have so devised with so many complications, is of your own divine creation. If you are not happy with your reality, dare to create again. Dare to feel the energy. Dare to love yourselves. Dare to allow yourselves to improve your quality of life.

    You are six times the angels that you were only a few months ago. How does it feel, angels? Spread your wings. Dare to create and pass it on to others and please do not forget to breathe.

    You are creating Home on Earth and we are so very proud of you for the work that you do is not just about Earth. You are changing ‘All That Is’. You do not have words in your vocabulary to explain this concept of ‘All That Is’. Let us just tell you that we love you so. We love you for your courage to be on the New Planet Earth, having your wings hidden from you. Not being able to re-member your own heritage has to be most difficult. We see that you make up all these wonderful stories to make sense of it. The one we like most is that of Heaven and Hell. You are so imaginative! It is the most beautiful thing for in your world you have a part of Heaven that even we do not have. That is the joy. And as you look outside and you see the beautiful green of the Mother, as breathe in the air that is all around you, understand that that is your creation. That is a part of Heaven that does not even exist where we live.

    You are blessed. You are the chosen ones. You are the magic ones who are there to create Home even better than what we had before. Now do you understand the magic that you hold? Now do you understand the choices that you have in front of you? Now do you understand our honor and our love for you? We are with you always. You are a part of us always. We thank you for taking your power. Use it well, dear ones, and do not fear it. Release the fear of making mistakes for you are in the act of creation. Release the fear of creation in your own energy and re-member forget to breathe.

    We are in awe of you, and we sit at your feet. We love you for we are in awe of who you are and what you have done. You feel like you are lost but you are making a difference. Know that we are with you every step of the way. It is our honor to be in the presence of the chosen ones. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together ...the Group

    The Beacons of Light Meditation

    Take a moment and breathe. Feel the energy of the cosmos entering into your being with every pulse of your heart. We are about to take a journey into the depths of a new reality. This is a time and space that is unlike anything you have yet experienced. Take a deep breath and as you release this breath feel yourself drift into a comfortable space.

    You are drifting through time and space. With every breath you become aware that you are jumping between realities. Open your minds eye now to see a blur of motion directly in front of you. The motion begins to slow and your vision starts to clear. You can now see that the blur that was in front of you was actually hallways that are passing in front of you. Slow the flow and watch as these hallways pass before you. Slow them even more and become aware that you can now see down each of the hallways as they pass. As you are looking into each of the hallways see that there is activity and beings in each one. As you slow the flow even more you become aware that you can actually step into any hallway that you choose. Now you only have to decide which hallway you will step into first. Excitement is building as you begin to see the faces of the other beings in these hallways.

    In a moment we will ask you to step into a hallway of your choosing. Allow yourself to be a part of the Game that is underway in any reality hallway. You may find yourself in an alternate reality of your own where you made different choices, or you may find that you have stepped into a place where you meet beings of a totally different nature. Either way you are about to be a player in a new Game. Please know that your step is only a temporary shift and you will return safe and sound to your own hallway and your own reality after this adventure. For the next few minutes we will ask you to step into another dimension. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the Game.

    As the hallways of dimensional realities slow, you make a choice and step firmly into the hallway.

    (Allow your self to drift and experience for at least 5 minutes if in a meditation group or longer in you desire.)

    Saying goodbye to the Game you have just experienced, you now begin to return to the hallway where you began this journey. As you part company, know that this experience has changed you. In a similar way, your presence has altered their reality.

    Returning to consciousness now open your eyes and see things a little differently.

    And so it is.

    Copyright Steve Rother. This information may be freely disseminated in whole or in part provided that there is no charge for the information and provided that this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material please clearly state that this is an edited version and refer the reader to the full original version at or through Lightworker at (858) 748 5837. Thanks for helping to spread this Light.

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