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    Symbolism and Colors of the Rose


    In the driest whitest stretch of pain's infinite desert, I lost my sanity and found this rose. ~ Rumi

    The rose is one of the most important symbols in the world. The red rose represents the passion and desire of love that we celebrate on Valentine's Day. The chart below shows other expressions of love symbolized by other popular rose colors.

    Red Roses - Love and Respect

    Deep Pink Roses - Gratitude, appreciation

    Light Pink Roses - Admiration, sympathy

    White Roses - Reverence, humility

    Yellow Roses - Joy, gladness

    Orange Roses - Enthusiasm, desire

    Red and Yellow Roses - blend - Gaiety, joviality

    Pale Blended Tones - Sociability, friendship

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    Rose Trivia

    • The rose is the official flower of Portland, Oregon
    • The rose is the official National Floral Emblem of the United States.
    • The rose is the state flower selected by Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota and the District of Columbia.
    • About 60% of the roses grown in the U.S. are produced in California.
    • Roses are native to the United States.
    • The month of June is National Rose Month
    • Cleopatra once received her beloved Marc Antony in a room knee-deep in rose petals.
    • Bulgaria is the primary source of rose oils in Europe.
    • The rose was sacred in ancient Greece and Rome as it represented Aphrodite (or Venus to the Romans) and represented beauty and love.
    • The white rose is linked to the Virgin Mary (the "rose without thorns") and was also a medieval symbol of virginity.
    • The red rose is symbolic of the blood of Christ and a symbol of martyrdom, charity, the passion and resurrection.
    • In Islam, the rose signifies the blood of Mohammed and his two sons.
    • White roses have an association with death but also purity and innocence.
    • The tea rose means "I'll remember always."
    • A thornless rose signifies love at first sight.
    • The rosebud symbolizes beauty, youth and a heart innocent of love.
    • A single rose in full bloom means "I love you" or "I still love you."

    Two Arabic Legends About the Colour of the Rose

    Legend 1
    Originally Roses where white. One night the Nightingale met a white Rose and fell in Love . His love was so intense that he was inspired to song (for before that, nightingales only croaked and chirped). Eventually his love was such that he pressed himself to the flower and the thorns pierced his heart and coloured the Rose forever red.

    Legend 2
    The Prophet Mohammed was away fighting in the wars when he began to long for his wife Aisha. But he was tormented by the idea that she was unfaithful. So he spoke to Gabriel who suggested that there was a simple test. When the prophet returned home he should ask Aisha to drop whatever she was carrying into the water. If she was faithful, it would stay the same colour. The prophet returned from his endeavours and Aisha rushed to great him carrying a huge bouquet of red roses. She was surprised when he commanded her to drop them in the river. But she obeyed and the roses turned yellow. Nevertheless Aisha remained his favourite wife.

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