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    Saturn Meets Gemini

    By Philip Sedgwick
    'The Galactic Times' - April 3rd, 2001

    April 2nd was the strongest solar flare of this 11 year solar peak cycle occurred. This blast increases the emotional, energetic and psychic ante of virtually everything in life. As we watch the United States and China do a combination between a two step and a tango regarding the spy plane incident near China, take notes. The initial response of the US to keep ships in the area, then withdraw them offers the image of back off from first response - at least one intelligent move in a difficult scenario. For yourself, go for repose, regrouping and recollection. Personally, find your spirit's way back into your body, redefine your soul felt energy and deal with life above and beyond the level of raw emotional reactions and fear based projections. Then all goes well.

    Meanwhile, the solidity, security seeking Saturn now ranges through the last degrees of Taurus on it's way to Gemini (entering the Twins' domain again on April 20th). As Saturn conducts the last Taurean movement for over twenty-nine years, he passes by the powerful stars of the asterism, "The Pleiades," a subset star grouping of the constellation Taurus.

    The Pleiades woefully and more commonly bear the reputation as the seven weeping sisters. In other traditions, this cluster can also be seen as seven brothers. But to offset the feared emotion of grief consider (means with the stars) that in the Cheyenne tradition, to shamanize means literally, "to be in the condition of seven." This condition also denotes inhaling spirits for healing, conducting ceremonies by fires and generally using spiritual assistance to heal. Any asterism or constellation containing seven stars (such as the Little Dipper, Big Dipper and Pleiades) symbolizes this spiritual state.

    Given the less than dubious grief reputation of the seven stars, the mustering of shamanic forces to invoke a healing of completion, might be just what the doctor (the process of shamanic healing is often called "doctoring") ordered. Currently, the collective embraces, willingly or otherwise, this symbolism. It is time to let go, once and for all (as in there is no day like today), of any negative thought, memory, psychic wound, emotional trauma, regret, misgiving or whatever that does not fill your spirit with good. Sounds good. Sounds difficult.

    For some folks this is difficult. For others it is easy. Typically the Pleiadian push is for an emotional release and a powerful catharsis. Perhaps some assistance might be necessary. It is a better thing to seek out a facilitator, healer, medicine doctor to get the ball rolling. Otherwise, life circumstances and life players inadvertently help you get the healing initiated. These people push you, power trip you, guilt trip you and just plain agitate you. So do the conditions of life. It might appear that the issue involves only the present scenario. Be assured, this stimulation only activates other forces, long forgotten or unconsciously repressed. Denied factors surface yet again for undeniable attention.

    It probably feels like regrets cloud your present perceptions. The probably do. These tossed in with a good measure of any feeling of lost opportunity would be well shed. Whether the issue appears as a lack of a professional pursuit, love lost (or never pursued), ignored knowledge or shunted creativity, removing the emotional concern clears the air for the pursuits of now and the immediate future. This would all be a very good thing.

    On a simpler level, even clearing the clutter of mementos of difficult times, badges of courage for endured negativity or just plain throwing away old clothes, pictures and attachments, the cleansing proceeds. Like it or not, this is the nature of the time. And the time supports and encourages your clearing.

    Soon Saturn joins Jupiter in mentally stimulating, thought provoking Gemini. Should you be nice and clear, the new information pulling into your personal port will be welcome. Should you not be clear, the new input feels overwhelming, taxing and generally confusing. And the important idea to hold in mind is that a choice must be made. Short term release in the interest of long term relief - what a concept! Guess at this point it's up to you.

    2001-2014, Philip Sedgwick, All Rights Reserved
    Philip Sedgwick is on the faculty at the Annual NORWAC in Seattle. He is also the author of books, 'The Sun at the Center' and The Astrology of Deep Space.'

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