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    Sex in the After Life

    By Sheryl Ellis, MS

    "Hermie, do you miss having sex?"

    "Who says I don't have sex?"

    "You mean you still...?"

    "Of course!"

    "With WHO? Other dead folks?"


    "Well, WHO else is there? I mean..."

    "You assume there's a difference between the dead and living. There isn't. It's just a different expression of energy, determined by free will. There are many forms of energy and all, to one degree or another, enjoy raising their vibrations... Either singularly or with others. In fact, it's a natural expression of creativity and creation, which is the very nature of our being."

    "But you don't have a body or a..."

    "Not like yours but I DO have a form, and I can change it anytime I want. AND, I can do whatever I like with it."

    "You sound like a blob of Silly Putty! Hahaha!"

    "That's basically what you are too... You just don't realize all your choices. Humans tend to have tunnel vision when it comes to their potential. It's like ordering the same thing on the menu over and over again, even though there's a smorgasbord to be had. They buy into myths about themselves. They think of themselves and their desires as BAD. They believe they're limited. They basically keep themselves locked in a cage with their hands tied behind their backs, while they squawk about how hard and unfair life is. In reality, they have the power to change ANYTHING about their lives."

    "Why would we do that to ourselves?"

    "Because you like the challenge. You enjoy upping the stakes. It's like lowering the limbo pole to the last wrung and trying to squeeze under it. You thrive on adventure and experience, so you constantly create it."

    "This stuff is deep. Kinda flies in the face of everything we think is true, eh?"

    "Just part of the game we create collectively. A mutual agreement to fool ourselves so the drama and experience will be heightened."

    "Then why do you prefer to be dead?"

    "I don't."

    "Huh? I'm not following you..."

    "Just this PART of me is dead... for this moment. Other parts of me are alive and well in different forms --some human-- in various times in history and as different expressions."

    "Now I'm TOTALLY LOST! What the heck are you talking about?"

    "I guess the best way of describing it would be to think of me -- and yourself, as well as everyone else -- as a spectrum of colors or sounds. Each is part of the whole. The range is like a palette, but it is all connected to the main THING. And once you pull back, you will see that this main thing is actually interconnected and part of another system. Your tibia is part of your skeletal system, and that system is part of your muscular system and that part is connected to your vascular system, and on and on... There is no end to YOU... You exist outside of what you think your SELF to be and beyond your current focus. In fact, you are everyTHING-- the seen AND the unseen."

    "If that's true, then you are always having sex with yourSelf, eh? Hahaha!"

    "Yes, precisely!"

    "Uh... Have you and me... you know? Have WE ever...?"

    "Of course! We all have! Directly and indirectly. We are NOT separate. The exhilaration we feel when we join with another part of ourselves is the result of an energy load. Like switching a 30 watt bulb for a 200 watt bulb."

    "Gosh, Hermie... I feel a little, you know... funny now. You and me..."

    "As often as we can. Usually while you sleep."

    "Oh great! I must be a real live wire then, eh?"

    "Oh... most definitely! You're a literal powerhouse! You LOVE it!"

    "I'm SO embarrassed... And YOU... You should be ashamed, defiling a corpse like that."

    "What do you mean? You leave your body HERE-- at least this one."

    "Are you kidding? What if someone stole it-- while I was off... gallivanting?"

    "Hahaha! You mean like a body snatcher?"

    "Yeah... Is there such a thing?"

    "Uh... No offense, Sheryl, but WHO would want to steal your body?"

    "I guess you're right... It's probably people like Brittney Spears and Leonardo DeCaprio who have reason to worry, eh?"

    "Hahaha! NO! You're so silly! You still don't understand, do you?"

    "I guess not... What's so funny?"

    "Even if there were such a thing as Body Snatchers, you could always make a new one. What purpose would it serve to steal your own body anyway?"

    "No, you don't understand... I'm saying OTHERS could steal MY body."

    "Sheryl, there is no such thing as OTHERS. Additionally, noTHING exists outside your awareness."

    "But what about when I'm sleeping? Then something could happen and I wouldn't know it."

    "Yes you would! You're actually AWAKE when you're sleeping. In fact, you're actually dead..."

    "Hermie, do you mind if we continue this conversation later? Suddenly I'm feeling very sleepy..."

    "Be my guest! Go right ahead! I'll be anxiously awaiting you, my love..."

    "Hey! Wipe that goofy grin off your face! And STOP winking! You better not lay a finger on me--you hear? Hermie? Where'd you go?"

    Sheryl Ellis, M.S. is a Crime Novelist and Criminologist.

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