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    Flashpoint: The First Total Solar Eclipse of the New Millennium

    By Ken Kalb

    From ancient times, eclipses have been viewed as markers of powerful changes ahead. As the celestial luminaries block each other and darken the light, eclipses elicit an ominous flavor. There are commonly four eclipses every year -- two solar and two lunar — though there are exceptions. Major eclipses are demarcations between a former cycle and a dawning new one. They are flashpoints of energy escalating consciousness over an evolutionary bridge. Total eclipses are caused by planetary conjunctions, the most powerful of aspect alignments. With this Total Solar Eclipse occurring right on the First Solstice of the New Millennium, we are indeed on the cusp of a rare and significant cosmic conjunction.

    The Astronomy

    On Thursday, 2001 June 21st at 4:58 am PDT, a Total Solar Eclipse will be visible within a narrow band traversing the Southern Hemisphere beginning in the South Atlantic Ocean -- crossing Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Madagascar -- before ending at sunset in the Indian Ocean. The eclipse is caused by the astronomical alignment of the new moon coming between the Earth and Sun. A partial eclipse can be seen within a much broader path of the Moon's "penumbral shadow," which includes eastern South America and most of Africa, except the North. The duration of the eclipse is 4 minutes and 58 seconds. In the next several years, three annular eclipses of the Sun will be visible from Mexico and Central America. The next total solar eclipse occurs on Dec 4, 2002 Dec 04, visible from southern Africa and southern Australia.

    Astrological Factors

    There are several distinct astrological features of this eclipse. First, it occurs just minutes after the cardinal Solstice point — one of the 4 powerful "cardinal points" of the zodiac. For there to be a New Moon in such close synchronicity with the Solstice is a rare occurrence in itself — one which has not happened at least during this current Saros Eclipse Cycle of over 1000 years. The Solstice always signals a radical shift of our orientation where the vortice of completion and new beginning interface into a flashpoint of change. The New Moon marks the birth of a new emotional growth cycle. Located in this potent galactic portal, everything is amplified and the issues are more profound.

    Solar Eclipse/Galactic Eclipse

    There is a remarkably tight alignment of the Solstices on the same place as the center of our Milky Way Galaxy at this time. The New Moon is so closely aligned with the Sun on the Moon's Nodes that it is causing this total eclipse. A Total Solar Eclipse on the Summer Solstice is rare enough, but we also have a a "galactic eclipse" alignment. With the New Moon arriving right on the Summer Solstice -- the line up of Sun, Moon and Earth with the the angle of the Earth's ecliptical axis -- are all aligning very closely with the center of the galaxy! This may cause many to consider that their personal shift is indeed hitting the cosmic fan. This is a time of breakthrough. Consider this Solstice as an amniotic membrane through which we are being reborn to live more in tune with our personal destiny.

    With Mars(action) and Chiron(healing) conjunct in the last decanate of Sagittarius -- also near the galactic center -- opposing retrograde Mercury conjuct Jupiter in Gemini, the cauldron of change is churning with evolutionary elixir. Gurgling in the Mercurial quicksilver is information carrying the healing formula for the next cycle of your life. Listen closely and deeply within, watch all the signs and guidance around you, discern critically, then take bold action to brighten your life and your world. Spirit is empowering us to live large and make bold and wise choices as we live the last decade of this 26000- year equinoctial cycle, also known as The Great Year.

    Zodical Cancer

    Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) also marks the passage into the maternal ethers of the Cardinal Water sign Cancer.

    We feel a radical shift from head to gut as sensitivity increases and our inner life becomes immersed in a rich palette of more subtle impressions. Like the ocean currents, with their eternal Moon-born cycles of crests and troughs, we surf the emotional frequencies of our subconscious, where the constants are duality, movement, and change. We become absorbed in this vast panorama of internal emotions, spanning the expanse between our highs and lows, vitalizing both our compassion and our passion. We create ports in the storms and extend our kindness and warmth to those who need our care. Maternal instincts emerge as the care, feeding, security, nurturing, and healing of body, home, family, and environment rise as priorities. Character is building through this cycle to soon be demonstrated and celebrated. We are seeking an emotional balance beyond the grinding irritations caused by the ebbs and flows of pleasure and pain. A humble grain of sand enters an oyster and builds itself in layers formed by the irritation of its host. Though this evolutionary process often feels arduous, when complete, it eventually becomes a beautiful, precious, invaluable…..pearl.

    Have a joyous Summer, Love, Ken Kalb

    Ken Kalb is an author/publisher, healer, astrologer, spiritual scientist and inspirational speaker with over 800 published articles, 4 books, 200 media appearances, and 400 presentations. Ken has spearheaded and assisted various transformational projects and innovations -- founding natural food stores, co-ops, and recycling centers -- inventing low impact aerobics at his holistic studio Master Kinetics Fitness Academy -- coordinating New Age Expo and Earth Day -- among scores of other initiatives.

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