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    Soul Mate Pairs

    This is a chapter from the online book and website of the same name, The Revelatorium

    Whether you are a Descendant, Accomplished Soul Atom volunteer, or Ascendant caught in the quagmire, whenever you to project into a temporary time line substrata condition, it is necessary for your Soul Atom to split into a Dimensional male and female Soul Mate pair of individuals in order to work with the separate male and female entity structures of the animal kingdom.

    Soul Mate pairs always project into adjacent frequencies. If one of you is a Pisces the other will be an Aries. If one of you is a Taurus the other will be a Gemini and so on. You always project together, even if the prevalent frequencies of the incarnation forces you to project on opposite sides of the Planet. And even if you have to project a couple of years apart. 'Whom God has united in Heaven let no man rend asunder'.

    Whole Soul Atoms undertaking responsibility will sometimes project more than one of its Ovarian Atoms into a lower dimensional situation. In a chaotic condition like Earth, a male and a female from two different Ovarian Atoms of the same Whole Soul Atom can and sometimes do work together as Soul Affinities for an incarnation or two.

    Different Male and Female Atoms from different Whole Soul Ovarian Atoms can also and often do work together as affinities on the mental plane frequencies. Everyone on Earth should be working together as full proper Soul Mate couples today. And would be were the conditions not so abysmal.

    In all cases of all Soul Atoms forming projections across Creation, regardless of frequency, the higher Soul Atom exists within the projection as the 'Christ within' or 'The Lord that sitteth upon the Throne'. In some literatures your living Soul Atom particle is also referred to as the 'Indwelt Thought Adjuster'.

    At the end of a projection cycle, if properly concluded, your accomplished lower outer consciousness of your projection, having come into complete harmony and alignment with your upper, is acquired (absorbed or fused) into the upper as an 'Adopted Fruit'. Enriching your upper.

    By grace, consciousnesses which have come into alignment while in a third dimensional awareness projection within Earth's current lesser condition, are also absorbed as Adopted Fruit.

    When entering into the twenty five year evolutionary cycles of a time line, Soul Mate pairs incarnate according to a simple rule.

    Your male half atom will incarnate into the female astrophysical signs as a female person. Your female half atom will incarnate as a male. Similarly your male half atom will incarnate into the male astrophysical signs as a female, your female half atom will incarnate as a male.

    In the twelve dispensations of every twenty five thousand year cycle, the first six are inductive, the final six dischargeous.

    During the Induction phases of every cycle, the males learn induction and the females put it into practice. During the Dischargeous phases, females learn to induct and the males put it into practice. Similarly for the inducting and discharging phases of each two thousand year dispensation.

    In this way the male/female nature of your greater Soul Atom Being stays intact, and your gain the fullest possible scope of experience and expression.

    Thus individually, over the net twenty four incarnations, both of your incarnating parties learn to work with all twelve of the frequencies in both induction and discharge mode, having experience with both male and female outer body projectional expressions through all the modes.

    Today societies reflect this fact to a tee. One half of the people are currently in an inductive mode incarnation, reflecting conservative thinking which wants things to stay the way there are. The other half are in a dischargeous mode, anxious to get their new ideas to the fore.

    The sociological balances of each other's presence holds each other in check. The Liberal thinkers don't run off the deep end in unbridled enthusiasm. And the Conservative thinkers don't stay stultified in crystallized rules and doctrinaire except here and there in splintered occurrences.

    Adam and Eve were a Soul Mate pair in the fifth dimension Garden of Eden. Noah and his wife were a Soul Mate pair in the third. Lot and his wife were a Soul Mate pair in the third.

    Jesus and Mary Magdalene were a Soul Mate pair in the third. Mary was Jesus' other projected half who had only passive responsibilities in the outer goings on at the time. Of the inner goings on it was a different matter. Mary was the only one at the door of the tomb for three days while Jesus underwent the process of resurrection. In their lower seventh dimensional realities Jesus and Mary are known as El Daoud and El Daouda. In their whole seventh dimensional reality they are known as Christ Michael of Salvington, a Creative Son/Daughter holding our local universe in his/her consciousness. Through his/her lifestream this local universe exists, unfolds in its blueprinted expression, and undergoes its expansion and evolution.

    Two thousand years ago Jesus and Mary held the full expression of their Creative Son/Daughter capacity while in their lower dimensional projections. They held the entire string of responsibility and lifestream functionality of this whole Local Universe passing through their higher consciousnesses matrixes as they walked about.

    Because the current Earth evolution is presently bound to third dimension awareness, and Man accepts a death condition in consciousness inherited from the lower kingdom, the incarnate cycles at the moment are very short. Those of you who have been out in this evolutionary plane for a long time have been incarnating for up to four hundred times each during each twenty four thousand year period. Some of you have been doing so for well over two and three million years.

    In the particular case of Atlantis, because the evolution had already been down in the third dimension awareness structure for over three million years, by the time of Atlantis the normal pattern of thousand year incarnations was already well beyond abrogation.

    Thus when the genders started to switch back at the end of the Virgo dispensation going into Leo, a Sodomic condition arose putting a bind on Taurus. The Taurus and Scorpio centers have a link. Scorpio is also directly linked to the Pineal gland in the forehead helping animals to their mates. After the Gentiles were brought into Atlantis during Leo, when it came time to pass through the gender switch again two thousand years later at the end of Leo, the Sodomic condition arose again, times two, compounding the imbalances and even more severely congesting the mass consciousness through the appalling bind on Taurus.

    Because normal consciousness flow was thwarted, the masses began abandoning their higher practices and became debased.

    The conditions became so severe that Atlantis was eventually lost.

    Today, because the current pattern of very short cycles of incarnations has still yet to be translated, the current overall pairing of Soul Mates on Earth is all but nixed. The subjugate of carnal attraction. The carnal condition of Scorpio through the congested constriction of Taurus is the main Planetary affliction which has to be translated at the present time.

    Most of you proclaiming you have found your true Soul Mate have merely found a particularly compatible affinity on your mental frequency. Or you fancy the attributes.

    You have between ten thousand and ten million people on your mental frequency. The rushing and/or chirping like sound in your ears when falling asleep are usually the collective thoughts of those on your frequency. Someone met anew yet who somehow seems completely familiar, is likely to be on your mental frequency. Similarly consciousness knows consciousness. People on the same frequency and who are more established in their upper triangle will feel an even greater affinity towards each other through the attunement.

    Most of you today are married in affinity relationships. Not altogether an abomination under the circumstances save arranged marriages. Two people living in a harmonious affinity relationship can interact very positively in expressing spiritual law. 'Where two or more are gathered in my namesake, there am I also'. It's a far cry however from what will eventually be required for all the energies to come back into proper alignment in proper balance.

    By the time down the road when all the conditions are finally cleared, you will all be back in your true Soul Mate dimensional state of co-existence, standing side by side for your transmigration to your next expansionary experience wherever such it might turn out to be.

    When your evolutionary or responsibility experiences are all complete, you will end up back in your original Ovarian unity, greater made, ready for yet another cycle of advancement or of responsibility in Christ projected Co-Creative activity.

    This should answer the pounding question of sexual orientation. The idea of sexual orientation is but a nom de plume, the simple result of not coping with the switch in frequencies correctly in successive incarnations. Same sex relationships are the Sodomic condition of Atlantis dragging on and on. An extremely serious usurpation of substance.

    The condition must be translated immediately if evolution is to proceed again back on proper track. For those of you who are so inclined and not yet ready to remiss, the road ahead is going to become very rocky very quickly in the very near future.

    Click to read the entire book online at The Revelatorium


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