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    Channeling Articles

    Channeling of 'The Group' through Steve Rother - December 15, 2002

    The Gift: Secret of the Magi

    From Steve:

    In many parts of the world December is traditionally a month that includes the giving of gifts. I remember the excitement of opening gifts on Christmas morning as a child and the wonderful anticipation as I opened each present. I also remember the special excitement as I watched someone open a gift that I had carefully picked out for them. The giving of gifts is a long-honored tradition that goes back to the beginning of recorded history. The Celtic-Teutonic Druids used to make a gift of their holy plant mistletoe at the beginning of each year. In ancient Rome, gifts were exchanged during the New Year's celebrations. The gifts of those days were simple, as it was common to give a symbolic gift of a tree branch from a favored tree or gifts of food from your garden. Among the Romans, such gifts were called 'strenae', a word said to be derived from the goddess of luck, Strenia. The idea was to share something that you had in abundance, which was touted to bring good luck to the giver in the coming year.

    As Christianity gained popularity and began to spread, the early church leaders believed that the custom of gift giving did not fit into these teachings. In fact, they attempted to prohibit the custom, calling it “pagan.� Nonetheless, it was too far ingrained in daily life at that point and people continued in the customs of those times and people continued gift-giving behind closed doors. Later the church leaders realized that this was not going to go away and accepted the custom. Shortly thereafter, they embraced the custom of gift giving, citing the gifts of the Magi to the infant Jesus as the first "Christmas gifts." Similarly, many religions of the world have adopted the giving of gifts into their official traditions.

    While most giving was done on a voluntary basis, many leaders throughout history actually enacted laws to ensure they would have plenty of gifts to open. One year Emperor Caligula of Rome declared to all that he would be receiving presents on New Year's Day and that gifts he deemed insufficient for his stature would be publicly ridiculed. Then there was Henry III, who closed down the merchants of England one December because he was not impressed with their monetary gifts.

    Today we are more accustomed to giving gifts at Christmas or Hanukah, rather than New Year's Day. In the United States this is traceable to the German and Dutch settlers. The English and French dominated settlements continued with the tradition of New Year's Day gifting for many years. The idea of New Year's gift-giving was to greet each other and, though the exchange of gifts, to celebrate ones abundance, with the intent of extending that abundance into the New Year.

    We have all been given gifts in our lives, some of them physical gifts and some gifts of opportunity. According to the Group, gift giving is actually an emulation of the motion of the Universal Energy, which blends all things together. But what is the secret of giving and why did it catch on and stay with us so long? What did the Magi know that we do not know? And how can we use that principle as we move forward into the next stage of evolution? Last month the Group talked about the “Color Clear,� showing us ways to uncover our true base motivations in life. If we look for the Color Clear in the tradition of gift giving, we may uncover an important truth. The Group suggests that we may even uncover the secret of the Magi.

    The Group: Greetings from Home

    Dear ones, we are so very pleased to be with you at this time in your history and evolution. You are sitting at the very brink of the evolutionary edge of mankind at this very moment. Motion is just ahead. From our perspective, this is one of the most exciting events ever unfolded.

    Preparing for the Downhill Slope

    As the final work on the magnetic grids is being completed, many of you are beginning to feel the anticipation of what is ahead. Your long hike up the hill is nearing an end. You are feeling the steep slope beginning to lessen and are anticipating the journey with the wind at your back as you start down the other side. It has been a long time since you felt the wind at your back. Before you begin the increased forward movement, we offer you an opportunity to prepare yourselves to make the most out of the journey down the hill. Many have been clearing and cleaning their past to prepare for the most effective movement. You have been clearing yourselves of excess baggage that can hold you back. That is an important part of the work that you have been so effectively doing, yet there is more preparation that can be very helpful in the days ahead.

    As you have experienced in the past, rapid forward movement has the ability to jar loose even some of the wonderful attributes that you have earned. There have been times when your human experiences have been so intense that you have doubted yourselves and even your own connections to Spirit. We see the potential of such movement just ahead and wish to help you find ways to firmly cement in the wondrous gifts that you have been given thus far in your journey.

    The Universal Energy in Motion

    The Universal Energy has the motion of blending or pulling back together that which was separated to create the illusion of polarity in which to play the Grand Game. In the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth, all actions that are in accord with the Universal Energy will be supported and all actions flowing against the motion will find great resistance. The motion of the Universal Energy is the motion of blending. One manner in which this has manifest in your Game has been in the act of gift-giving. The underlying idea of gift giving is that when you share a part of yourself in any way you are actually strengthening that part by honoring the Universal Energy. In effect, you are blending your energy with theirs. This has been an honored tradition for millions of years. As one in a tribe wished to interact with another family or tribe, they would approach first with gifts, showing their intent to give of themselves and to blend energy. If the gift was accepted, the giver was no longer considered an outsider and had certain rights within that tribe. Successful world leaders have followed this tradition and continue to do so even today. As you walk into a friend’s home and see a gift that you have given them, you feel more at home yourself. Similarly, a bond of unity is formed when a gift given from the heart is received and accepted with grace. Giving gifts to a perceived enemy can shift that perception and therefore shift that reality.

    The art of giving is also a powerful expression of abundance, for it places into motion the action needed to transform intent into reality. This is a truth that you have used since your earliest days. To express your abundance to those who are important to you raises your own levels of abundance.

    Ahh. . . but what of the gift itself?

    The Two Parts of a Gift

    We tell you that there are two parts to the gifting process and both are equally important for the magic of gifting to take place. The first part of the gift is in the act of giving itself. There are many reasons for gift-giving. The way you play the Game now, many of you feel that you are expected to give gifts to certain people to celebrate specific events. The most effective gift that can be given is a gift which is given unconditionally. At first thought, this seems an easy concept, yet putting that into practice may be more difficult than you at first imagine. To give a gift unconditionally means that the gift is given with no anticipation or expectation. At this time in your human experience, all gifts are given conditionally to some degree. We ask that, instead of judging yourselves, you simply and honestly identify the Color Clear or your base motivations in the gifts that you give. It may just be that the expectation that is attached is simply the expectation that the gift is accepted and coveted. Once you are CLEAR on your expectations of the gift, then it is easier to allow the energy to flow full circle. Understanding the Color Clear in the gifting process helps you to advance toward unconditional giving.

    This brings us to the second part of a gift, which is the act of accepting the gift, or that which we have termed "the Art of Graceful Acceptance." A gift that is well received is then released to complete the full energy circle that was the highest intent of the gift when it was given. As that energy circulates, it builds and becomes more than it was even when the gift was originally given. This is easy to understand when you see that a ring on your finger has more value than the individual components because it was a gift from someone you love. We tell you that all gifts increase in value when they are accepted gracefully. Learning and practicing the Art of Graceful Acceptance will be critical to your continued movement into the higher vibrations. The act of acceptance is an acknowledgment of Unity and a statement that you honor and are a part of each other. Your evolution is bringing you closer to experiencing Unity consciousness, and therefore, the Art of Graceful Acceptance will be most helpful as you move forward.

    The Secret of the Magi

    See yourself for a moment as someone is receiving a gift that you have given. A smile comes across their face as they receive the gift. In that very moment, your heart and your entire being are elevated. If the gift is particularly useful or especially touches their heart, the elevation of your spirit as the giver is that much higher.

    Gifts are often used to even the score or pay back some great favor that was given. This actually makes the gift or deed more ingrained in their reality. Important events throughout history have been marked with gifts for that very reason. Gifts are a way to immortalize an event or a deed, and the giver actually becomes a part of the event through the gifting process. All of these are true, yet the important part to re-member is that the act of giving itself increases the value of the gifts and the vibrations of the giver. This is the secret of giving held by many wise men upon the Earth throughout history. The value of the gift given does not compare to the rise in vibration achieved by the giver. The secret of the Magi is, simply;

    The Gift belongs to the Giver.

    There were times in your past when you believed that giving gifts would bring you luck in the coming year. Here it is clearly seen that the gifting process will bring a return that will last far beyond the original gift. As in all creations, what you hold as beliefs quickly cross into reality; therefore, the process brought its desired results. Combine that with the fact that the gift itself was a physical representation of the flow of abundance and it is easy to see why this custom became so entrenched into the fabric of societies. You celebrate the day of your birth with gifts and allow those around you to express their abundance as they celebrate your spirit. Humans are so imaginative!

    The Rite of Gift

    You will soon sit atop the hill, poised in anticipation for the journey ahead. Most of you are joyfully anticipating the wind at your back once again. It has been years for some of you. As you prepare for the forward movement that is now before you, we offer you a way to add value and stability to the many gifts that have been given you throughout your life thus far. We offer you a time-honored tradition, as this is a practice used here at Home. Many of you will have faint memories of this as we speak. Here at Home, this process that you would see as a custom is simply known as "The Rite of Gift."

    In order to use the Rite of Gift you must first emulate certain attributes of Home within your reality. Therefore, for the purposes of this rite, we ask you to release the concepts of good and bad, and right and wrong. For the time it takes you to complete the Rite of Gift, we ask you to view things from a perspective of energy and know that positive energy is not good and negative energy is not bad. Know that they are only different expressions of the same energy and that one cannot exist without the other.

    We ask you to set aside time for review over a four-day period, reviewing your life thus far in the clear vision of a neutral observer. Please refrain from judging or regretting actions, and the useless human emotion of guilt must be released or it will taint both your vision and the Gift. Over a period of three days, search for every event that has shaped your life in some way and list them. Even if you only spend 15 minutes each day, by the third day your head will be filled with the events that have helped to make you who you are. Prepare a list of these events as you re-member them, placing the more important events at the top of the list. On the fourth day, review these events one by one and look for how they have helped to shape your life. As you go down the list, re-member each of the people involved as you make your final adjustments to the order of the list.

    Once the list is complete, review each event, reliving each and every one. As you do this review, search for gifts that you have received within each of these events. If there are no immediately discernible gifts, then go on to the next, returning to it later. Search fearlessly for the gifts that have come into your life in many forms, and imagine how your life would have been different had you not received those gifts when you did. As you relive these events, identify the people, groups or organizations that were the givers of these gifts and form a new list of those names. Now we ask you to reduce this list to twelve people, groups or organizations that have enriched your life.

    Each week for the next twelve weeks, take a name from the list and give them "the Gift". Find a way to touch them in some way and thank them for the role they have played in the shaping of your life. Through this gift you are engraining the original gift into your own cellular memories. If you feel it appropriate, you can tell them how their gift was received by you and the ultimate effect it had on your life. If you can, contact them personally, write them a letter or send a physical gift. Explain how much their gift to you meant and why. Please understand that many will not even be aware that they have given gifts. Tell them how they have made a difference in your life and the gifts that you received as a result. If you feel the gift may not be well received or accepted, then send them an anonymous gift. If the person, group or organization is no longer in physical form, then give the gift to the closest person, group or organization to them in their honor. Gift from the heart as an expression of your own abundance and the gifts that they originally gave you will gain even more value as it integrates fully into your soul.

    Do this for twelve consecutive weeks or as long or short as you wish to make your final list. Acknowledging these people and their gifts to you enables you to move forward and use their gifts to the highest potential. Understand that when you make any movement within the Universal Energy, a vacuum is created that will be filled. When you acknowledge and fully accept the gifts they have given, you return the gift to the giver. This action in itself will create a new vacuum which will return to you amplified. This return may take many forms but return it will, for that is a simple Law of the Universal Energy. As these gifts begin returning to you, please accept them with grace and the true honoring of the Unity within all.

    Using "the Gift" in this fashion will allow you to utilize to the fullest extent the wondrous gifts that have already been given to you. This action will allow you to master the attributes you have gained from each event that has shaped your life thus far. The shift from Human to Human Angel is a large step. Stabilizing the gifts you have already been given with the Rite of the Gift will set the stage for the next step forward.

    What we have just described to you is the Rite of Gift applied to those who have given to you in the past. Soon, with your new attributes, you will see applications to use this rite to set the energy for those who will gift you in the future. This was the true secret of the gifts of the Magi.

    The Michael Crystal

    Within the Rite of the Gift, you will once again see the uses for the Michael Crystal, so we wish to re-mind you of it. The Michael Crystal, by definition, is always received as a gift, although it can be given to oneself. The mark of the Michael Crystal is that it is always given to one who has made a contribution to your life in some way. The intent of the crystal is to share your gratitude through sharing your vibrations held within the crystal itself. It is an excellent tradition and a way to gift from the heart.

    Here is how it works: First find the crystal to give. It may be natural crystal, a gemstone, diamond, manmade crystal, or any form of crystal. Then, infuse your energy into the crystal by placing it in liquid crystal (water) overnight, along with a Michael Crystal that has been given to you. This action will charge the new crystals with your intent and the energy of the family of Michael. If you have not yet been given a Michael Crystal, charge the gift crystals with a crystal that has great personal meaning to you. Then, gift each crystal to a person who has made a difference in your life as a Human Angel. Explain to them that the gift is theirs without condition. In the event that they choose to activate the crystal, it can be done by placing it in water overnight with two other crystals that will be passed on in a similar manner to Human Angels who have made a difference in their lives.

    We give you the following words to include with your gift as you so choose:

    You have just been given a Michael Crystal. Upon receiving a Michael Crystal, please accept it with the highest grace and love, for that returns the gift to the giver and completes the cycle of energy of this gift. This crystal is yours to keep, and even if the physical crystal is lost, it will remain with you on a soul level forever, for it was given on a soul level. It carries the blended energy of you, the giver, and the entire Family of Michael. It will be a constant reminder that you are a part of an important family. Receiving a Michael Crystal means that you are being acknowledged as a Human Angel, within the family of Archangel Michael, who has made a positive contribution in the lives of those around you. Please accept it with the honor in which it was given. Once accepted, this crystal will bring beauty, passion and joy into your life. If you wish to activate this crystal to its fullest potential, find two or more crystals to gift to two or more people who have made a difference as Human Angels in your life. Place them overnight in water with the crystal you have just been given, charging them with your intent and the Michael energy. Then gift these crystals to the Human Angels who have touched your life, along with this message.

    It is with honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another with wondrous gifts, and play well together.

    the Group, from the very Heart of the Family of Michael

    This is the second time the Group has talked about the Michael Crystal, the first in December of 1999 in the channel "The Family of Michael."

    Barbara and I have been given many gifts that have made a difference in our lives during our work with this wonderful family. We are honored to be with you all at this special time in our history. We are even more honored to be sharing this space with all of you.

    Big Hugs and gentle nudges,

    Steve Rother

    About this Issue:
    Copyright 2002-2014. Steve Rother. This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at Further information from the Group may be found at: or through Lightworker at (858) 748 5837. Thanks for helping to spread the Light!

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