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    The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

    The Harmonic Concordance

    Channeling of 'The Group' through Steve Rother
    November 15, 2003

    This was presented as a live channel on the day of the Harmonic Concordance, November 8th, 2003. This is the beginning of a new energy connection where we can have more direct access to the new energy the Group calls the Crystal Energy which they have been taking about for the last two years. This new connection marks a new beginning of the way we use this energy. And although these new beginnings are exciting they can also be quite stressful. For some, this energy shift will be a trigger for change and for others it may be an opportunity to leave. For those dealing with this stress knows that this alignment is temporary and reaching out to those around you can make this transition much easier. Here at Lightworker we offer the Messageboards, Chat rooms and the Lightworker Family Room to help make these connections globally. We are at a grand junction in our evolution as humans. These are exciting times and we can expect many changes very rapidly for the foreseeable future. Adjusting our attitudes to accept this change can make this transition much easier. New abilities are ahead for all of us and we are at the very beginning. The whole idea is to enjoy the ride and not take life too seriously!

    Greetings from Home

    Your energy is here this day, for you have gathered to celebrate an event that is extending far beyond your understanding. You know what is happening here this day, you understand there is a magic in what you call the Harmonic Concordance. But we tell you it goes far beyond your understanding as humans, for this is a specific day that is here to work with you, to help you, to connect all the alternate realities as a single one. That is why you use the word ‘harmonic,’ for these vibrational ranges exist within the same space and time at different levels, they overlap each other at regular intervals that add to the overall strength of the harmony. For that is what harmony is. That is the reason that all of the energies are aligned this particular day: to start a series of events into motion which will create a higher reality for all of you.

    Higher Technology

    You are the masters of the Gameboard, you are the ones who have chosen to be here at exactly this time to make a difference, and here you sit. Yes, we tell you there has been much happening on your planet even recently as much of your technology has needed adjustment. It is not quite there yet, but it will be soon. Be patient, dear ones, for you are working together to use technology in new ways that you have not before. That is going to be one of the gifts of living in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth. For as the greater good is served, you will see new uses of technology. You will see the use of technology to spread light. That is the part that is only now beginning. This technology needs acclimation, for it was not originally designed to carry such energies. Yes, some of you have had challenges with your computers, telephones and other devices. Please understand that this energy is taking everything to a higher vibrational state, including your technology.

    Opening to Channel

    We have told you since the very beginning of these reminders from Home that there will come a time on this planet when more and more people will begin channeling. Ah-hah, you have noticed it, have you not? Much of what you are starting to see now is to create that opportunity within yourselves, for even as we speak many of these channels are opening. Can you imagine a time and a day where the word channeling will not be used at all? We tell you that it was not that many years ago that your own energies and your own selves made up words to describe phenomena that you had not used before. You called it ESP. We tell you now that it is so commonplace you do not even use that word anymore. For it is simple intuition, a basic human attribute that each one of you has, and you now understand it. Ah, but only a few decades ago it was very strange and very unusual and it attracted a lot of attention. It is the same with channeling at this time.

    For you are only reaching to a higher part of yourself as these energies align, especially in times like these. You will see the opportunities to reach through that harmonic alignment of energies to contact your higher self. When that happens, the magic begins. That is the beginning of walking fully in your power as creators. Many of you, even in the past few weeks, have opened to channel. Many more are coming soon. We tell you this will be a magical time, for much is opening now to allow this to happen. For as this unfolds everyone will start connecting in different ways. No, it will not be called channeling, for it will be a very normal form of communication. And much of what you call lightwork, which is something that many now call woo-woo, will no longer be woo-woo. It will be everyday language. That is where the magic begins, dear ones, for that is where the creations of your own energies take form. That is when you understand that you are the creators walking behind veils inside bubbles of biology.

    Even now as many of you gather in rooms to hear the Group, the Kryon, or Archangel Michael, we tell you the real magic is actually within you. There are many who come through alternate realities to observe the masters of the Gameboard even as you sit in these rooms to hear us, they watch you with the greatest expectation. Do you understand the magic that you hold? You are the ones who have created this energy. We wish to tell you that things will now change upon your planet, for you will see things in a new light. Now as these energies move forward you will understand that there are opportunities for you to create energy for yourself. As these changes enter you will feel this energy tapping on your shoulder ever so lightly. Yes, being human we know perfectly well that you will not be able to accept it, for it will not be something you will understand in the beginning. You will see that it is not fully acceptable to you because humans do not trust themselves. It is an innate feature of your ego. It is part of what you have put there as a safeguard to ensure balance. So when this stream of consciousness begins flowing through you, the first thing you do is think that you are making it up. And we tell you, you are! Please make it up, dear ones, for that is the flow that will eventually bring Heaven to Earth. Please feel the freedom to do this, because now you are going to connect to your higher selves more than ever before.

    Stronger Connection to Spirit

    Oh yes, we know that many of you walk out into the front yard and you expect to have a sign in the sky so clear that you know God is talking to you directly. We tell you it does not happen. It always sounds like you. It always feels like you. The reality is that it is another aspect of you. Still, this time it will be stronger, for now there will be times when you will know something deep within your being. In those instances if you allow yourself to follow it through and lean into it, you will begin discovering the stronger connections to your own higher self. No, this is neither special nor unique, yet it may seem so, for only those who have dared to lean into it up to this point have been able to fully use this connection. So we tell you that not everyone on planet earth channels at this point. But it is only a matter of time and trust. That is now changing. That is what is taking place this day.

    You now have the opportunity to step completely into your own divinity. Yes, now let us go back to what you call the Harmonic Concordance, for we wish to tell you the larger perspective of this event. There came a time only a few years ago that you labeled the Harmonic Convergence. It was a very unique time in history, for you had set up the Game to be finite. You had originally set up the Game with a beginning and an end. The beginning is what you refer to as the Big Bang. It was then that ethereal beings came to earth, although they were not yet in physical form. That is the reason that much of your history predates physicality on planet earth. But you have been here for a very long time working with biology, figuring out ways to evolve it into a higher-vibrational status. And as you are moving forward, things are changing, things have started. You set the original point up to have a stop date at which point you would check your own vibrational status of the planet earth to see whether you could possibly step into holding power while in physical form.

    Ah, no one expected it. No one. Everyone who had a part of the creation of this Game said, “Oh, let us give it a try, we have got nothing to lose.” And there were many who stood by and said, “That will never work; you cannot have total free choice. Free choice will never work, for humans will not choose the higher good. They will become selfish because of their own egos.” It did not happen. Here you are after [ok?] winning the game. You are now figuring out ways to help each other. You are now trying to figure out how to become Human Angels. That, dear ones, is taking power as creators on planet earth. That is very unique and wonderful. We cannot tell you the joy on this side of the veil as you step into it. No, you do not sit back saying, “We have come this far, now let us go Home, let us relax.” Instead, you say, “Okay, we have been through this turmoil; now what can I do? How can I help? What can I do to help other people to higher vibrations?” That is the greatest winning of the game that you can ever imagine.

    The First Vibrational Measurement

    So along comes the date you originally set to check the vibration and to see whether it was possible to carry this power of creators in human form. Along came the Harmonic Convergence and even though no one expected it, no one ever thought that those of the gold ray could actually be winning the Game. It was checked and surprisingly announced throughout All That Is that the human vibrational rate had reached a level that could hold empowerment. Ah, but that was not the end of it, for now a whole series of events began to see how you would deal with your own empowerment. It was to see whether it was possible for you to take this power and responsibility and use it in your daily lives. Yes, it is one thing to read about it, it is one thing to talk about it, it is one thing to hold these higher concepts in your brain, but to actually use them is where the magic is. And that you did. You began the process. You started raising the collective vibration of humanity and the entire vibrational state of All That Is. As a result, a whole new set of events has been placed into motion. We tell you something: you did not script where you are today. There is no grand plan in place, dear ones. Yes, we can tell you the direction it is heading, for we have a very good view from this perspective. But what we cannot tell you is your own future, for you have yet to write it. And as much as you would like to think there is a divine plan and a divine collective consciousness that will lead you in that plan, it is not there. You are it.

    What you do not see is your own magnificence. But we are here to work with you on that. We are the ones who have chosen the job of being the Angels of the planet of free choice, for we are the ones who have been allowed to spread our wings to reflect the magnificence of humans. It has been a great task indeed. Not easy helping you remember who you are, but we are making headway. And now we are training you to do the same thing. That is true empowerment. When you can help each other more than you can help yourself, when you can make the space for each other to become empowered around you, that is where the magic begins. You are entering the “Age of E”. It has begun.

    Because of measuring the vibrational rate at the Harmonic Convergence you have set into motion a whole new series of checkpoints. One of them begins this day. What you are calling the Harmonic Concordance is a series of alignments of vibrational status that reach throughout all the cosmos. One of the places that we tell you that you know little about is the Central Sun. And even though the Keeper has said before that it is not a physical place, we wish to correct him, for it is. It is the first physical place you experience as you come from the other side of the veil as creatures of infinite form. The first stopping place of a soul becoming finite is the Central Sun. From that point on you are spread out into rays of vibration. That is why we call you those of the golden ray. You resonate between the range of yellow-amber and gold.

    Crystal Energy from the Central Sun

    You are the most beautiful gold light, and the crystal energy coming from the sun is your origin. That is what you remind yourself of as you wear gold bands with crystals to symbolize the union of two souls. It is a reminder of where you come from. So as you emanate from the Central Sun we tell you that after that connection is made and you split out into those bands of color, you do not have the same connection with the sun after that point. You do not have connection with the Central Sun after that. Everything after that point must filter through your solar sun in order to reach you.

    You have seen what is happening with your solar sun. It is erupting. Many of your scientists are quietly wondering whether the sun is at an end. We tell you in some ways it is, although it will not end life on earth. The sun as you know it is changing and it will never be the same. It is evolving as well, for you have set into motion an evolutionary process that will now spread throughout all of the cosmos. It is magical indeed and that is what is taking place as we speak.

    The second connection point after what you call the Harmonic Convergence is happening now. The alignment of energy known as the Harmonic Concordance [?] reconnects you directly to the Central Sun. And now you will feel energy coming directly from the Central Sun. It is a different type of energy from what you have been feeling. For many of you know that you have been feeling the energy coming in from the sun; you feel these solar flares as this energy filters in magnetic form and envelops all of the earth as it alters the very structure of the tectonic plates on which you walk.

    Rampant Emotions

    Many of you have felt a disconnection and space between you that was not there previously. This separation you feel in your emotional body. It has caused quite a lot of turbulence throughout all of humanity, in many forms. It has upset many and has made many feel like they are no longer in control, which, of course, makes them act out and try to grasp control one more time. You have seen it. It will continue for a short time, for these things need to play out and they will only be heightened in the short run. Be patient, dear ones, for you are in a final clearing mode. You are in a process. Can you imagine a day when war does not exist upon your planet? We hope so, because you have stepped into that reality. You have stepped into the possibility of creating that right now.

    That has begun. No, we did not do it; you did. You are the masters of the Gameboard. You are the ones who, through your own caring, through your own tears, through your own emotional upheavals, have opened the door for this to happen. And now you take it forward from this point. The Harmonic Concordance is a checkpoint, and much like the Harmonic Convergence it will live on in your memories for a very long time. You may not know exactly what it is and you may not understand the words but you will understand that there is a change on the earth. A whole new energy will now breathe into the planet very quietly, for you have made space for this to happen and that is where the magic truly is.

    Six Checkpoints to Heaven

    Now it is your responsibility to take it from this point forward and create the opportunities. Create it through your technologies, create it through your energy, create it through your passion. Find your passion and move into it. That is when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be. As you step forward, you will create new realities throughout everything that is as you connect yourself to your origins in the Central Sun. We tell you, so many of you have been working to open up the memories of Home. We have helped you with reminders from Home occasionally to help you remember the energy that you are creating here on earth. Ah, but now something magical is happening, for it is going far beyond the original connection. We tell you that after the Harmonic Convergence there are six more checkpoints. This day is one. From this day forward there are five more checkpoints, and then what? Ah, yes, we cannot wait to ask that same question, for you have not scripted it. But we tell you that the direction you are heading is very clearly that you will step into the Angelic realm at that point. What you know of as the Angels—oh, yes, you have your images of wings and flying beings who go around loving each other all day—we tell you that image, to some degree, is true. We love the ones that you have of the dark Angels and the cherubs and how everything works together and how all the grand Angelic names end with ”el.” We think you are imaginative in the way you describe us. You will understand it completely soon, because you are becoming us. That is what is happening. And after the other five checkpoints you will know what this whole game was about. For you will be the Angels of the second planet of free choice at that time. Right now many of you are taking out pen and paper to try and write down exactly when those are. When are they going to happen? What does it look like? We will ask you the same questions. For we are not scripting this, you are.

    You are the magicians of the Gameboard, dear ones. You are the ones who are creating the energy every day of who you are. We cannot tell you how proud we are that you are doing this. Can you imagine us as proud parents looking over your shoulder, trying to help you make the highest choices and the highest steps that you can? You can only imagine the great opportunities that we see for you and the highest hopes we have that you will find yourselves making those choices. Now, can you imagine those same proud parents as they look upon their children moving past the highest point that we thought we would dare hope for? That is what is happening this day, for this is the second checkpoint. Five more remain between you and the Angelic realm, and we tell you something else. The distance of time between the Harmonic Convergence and Harmonic Concordance will not be a constant distance between the checkpoints from this point on. These events will happen more rapidly. If you stay on the path that you are on, you will set into motion a whole series of events that will start the new planet earth immediately.

    Holding Power through Mastery of Self

    Take responsibility for it, dear ones; hold that energy in your heart. Find the love, find the caring and find the passion that you came with. Dare to take responsibility for your own happiness to begin with, and pass it on. Dare to find those things that come in from high. Dare to trust your own inner guidance and speak it. Share it with others, not as the ultimate guidance from Heaven, but as offerings for empowerment for each to discern for themselves. We have said it many times and we repeat it this day: please do not listen to every word we say, for that would only serve to take your power from you.

    You are the magicians, you are the masters of the Game Board. We think that you can take this energy now completely and step forward. Your own relationship to the Central Sun is changing your relationship to what you call Heaven. You know that the relationship with your Angels has changed. You know that your relationship with your own guides has changed. You have set that into motion by raising your own vibration and we tell you now, especially in the days ahead, that you will have opportunities to open up enhanced states of creation. Be careful what you ask for. For everything you hold in your head will now become reality very quickly.

    Personal Drama

    Choose first to become masters of your own thoughts. Examine each thought from a higher perspective. Examine everything that you do. We tell you also that there is one series of events that humans repeat over and over and over again that can become very destructive at this time and that is something we will simply call personal dramas. Oh, personal dramas are quite interesting, for humans are attracted to drama. It is a way for them to recreate a scenario of their own choosing. It is part of what you call your imagination, and many times people channel through dramas. Yes, we know that the word drama has a negative connotation. We tell you, that it is not seen from our side of the veil. We think it very interesting that many times you play things out, for if you watch a television show, if you watch a movie you walk out of there many times with your own heart expanded.

    There is nothing wrong with that kind of drama. All we ask you to do at this point with your own personal dramas—that is, scripts that are playing within your field that are making you repeat things over and over and over again—all we ask is that you not judge them as good or bad, but simply pull yourself out to your higher self and take a look at the larger perspective of your own personal dramas. Choose carefully which dramas you allow to play out in your life, for now you have much more control at this than you have ever known before. And now you will see that you have opportunities to create your reality with every step that you take. You are the masters of the Gameboard. You are the ones who set this into motion yourselves. You are the ones who have created the ability to walk past the first and to actually have a second checkpoint.

    Dear ones, we are more proud of you than you could ever know. The love we have for you is not describable in terms that fit into any of your languages. The love from Home is all that we can express for you. The love and the energy of Home is all that we can give you and we wrap you in our wings regularly. We ask you to take this, amplify it and create it in your own worlds. Find ways of passing it on to others. Touch another heart. We have given the Keeper a phrase that he likes to use now. We wish to share it with you. On any day that you can touch another heart or be touched by another heart . . . “This is a good day.” Today is a good day. Claim it as your own. Dare to step into your own magnificence, into your own divinity and walk in it clearly, for now those opportunities will be supported like never before.

    You will find the opportunities to bring through your own information. The only challenge that you have run across time and time again as you bring in information in what you call channeling is that many times you wrap it up in your own personal dramas. And when you do this you judge it. You call something good; you call something bad, and you create an energy around it that does not exist. It is part of your own personal drama at that point. We ask you to simply balance the energy with your own discernment. Make space on the planet for all the channels. For each of you has a piece of the pie. Every one of you has a connection that has something of value.

    You have considered the earth to be a very dark place and that is why we call you lightworkers. A lightworker is simply a soul who has made a conscious choice to spread light on the planet earth. Now you have opportunities beyond your wildest dreams to do that, but it demands that you take responsibility for yourself and step into your own passion. Dare to trust that information coming through you. Dare to lean into it and dare to be happy. Dare to take a step out and look at your own personal dramas and evaluate those parts you wish to keep and then release those parts that you are done with. Bless them all, for they have served you well, but especially now. Now that these alignments are taking place and you have passed this second checkpoint, you have opportunities to step into higher-vibrational status immediately.

    Even that which was originally set for your year 2012 has begun this day. You are Home. Now what are you going to do? Now, where is your passion? Here you go, dear ones; the torch has been handed to you. We tell you, you have changed everything, even your own relationship with Home, even your own relationship with the Angelic realm, those Angels who used to jump into your world and help you at critical times, those Angels who used to sit on your shoulder and tell you to turn left, turn left, turn left will no longer do that. For you are reaching a stage in your own development where it can only hamper you instead of enhance you. So now it moves forward. Now you are beginning a process where you will determine your reality at every step.

    Even the last five years there have been huge changes on your planet. Many of you have noticed that the time lag has become very quick. And there used to be a time lag in your own creations that gave you a safeguard that was very healthy for you, for you were not yet masters of your thoughts. As you created a thought you had days and sometimes months that you could say, “Oh, never mind, I do not think I really want that,” and it would not happen. And now every thought you hold in your head before you reach your next step in your own pace becomes a reality.

    Emotional Re-wiring

    Choose your thoughts carefully. More importantly, choose what you hold in your heart. For that blending of the emotional energies will now become more important. That is the reason that many of you have felt this through your emotional body. These changes of the sun erupting and the Crystal Energy coming in to the earth itself have brought about a whole series of things that have created emotional disturbances for you. It is because your emotional body is being rewired. It is becoming the spirit-body. The connection between spiritual body and physical body was spanned by the emotional body. Now they are becoming one. For as you step into the next vibrational state, it is a simplistic energy that is combining to make things easier than they were. That is part of your evolutionary process. That is what is happening now.

    So you are being rewired as we speak. So what do you do about it, how do you work with it, what does that mean? Does that mean I have to be emotional for me to step into the next state? No, it does not. But many of you will be. Now what we ask you to do more than anything else is to reach out and touch another Angel. Reach out and let them know it is okay. Find ways of gathering, find ways of touching each other, find ways of sharing your own channeling and your own information with other people. Not as a divine source of everything, to listen to every word that you speak, but as a possible solution to find happiness. Take that energy, empower the others around you and you will create Home very quickly on your planet. The time is now. You will see it happening every day. Things will get easier, but not in the way you think. For you will learn to acclimate to this energy. You will learn to use this energy.

    Many of you will begin having memories of the Central Sun. That veil has been very thick for most of you. You do not see books in your marketplace about the Central Sun, but you will soon. Yes, it will be called many different things, but it is the first place of origin as you come from Home to a place of finiteness. That is what is taking place today. Your connection is being revitalized. Take it, move with it, hold the energy of Home. Hold the love that you have, for it will create anew, every day that you walk, every day that you create the energy. Dare to be happy. Dare to hold your power as creators and step to the next level.

    Creating Home

    The magic has begun. The second checkpoint is here. Five more remain. Do not wait for the next one. Know that this trigger has changed things for you. So it is not about how many years down the road or how many months or anything else; it is about how do I be happy? How do I acclimate to this new energy? How can I make the most of what I have today? That is what we charge you with this day.

    Take the ball and run with it. It is all yours. Create the highest reality that you can create. Release your attachments to the past and you will understand your own personal dramas, for you are reborn this day. Welcome Home. Dear ones, we know you have been challenged, we know you feel alone. We know the veil is thick sometimes and we wish we could just pull it aside, but that would not work. So, instead, we tap you on the shoulder. We give you hugs. We ask you to reach out and hold the energy for one another and teach each other any way you can. For human attributes will change from this day forward. You will see much of what is ahead as you create it every step of every day. It has begun and it will now go forward faster than you imagined it would.

    Dear ones, the energy of Home is all around you. Memories of the Central Sun…you will begin hearing things that you have not heard before in a very long time. Your own physical attributes will start allowing you to see things beyond the veil. Connection with your parental races will begin soon. For they have been around you for a very long time. Many of you will activate those energies in the very near future. That is part of this, your own connection to the Central Sun. For that is where it took place.

    We also tell you that as time goes forward the attributes of your own solar sun will now change. It is nothing to be afraid of. You will see it slowly over a period of time. For humans need time to acclimate to new energies and that is what you have set into motion. Be patient, reach out and hold each other’s hands, let each one know that they are here with reason. You would not be here if you did not have something important to do. Just wait for that guidance, wait for that energy on the shoulder and even if it feels like you are making it up, if you step in that direction, you will know. Dare to take those steps. Dare to move forward, for that is what will so quickly change All That Is.

    The energy of Home is behind you. You will see it now. You will feel the support as you reach out and touch each other. You are in a magical time. You are magical beings and we love you so much. Feel that love, accept it and then pass it on. For you are the magicians of the Game Board. You are changing All That Is. We tell you that your tolerance levels will now change. You will not have the opportunity to misdirect energies in the ways you have before. As you raise your vibration you will become more like the Indigo children. For you will have less patience with energy mismatches. Take your time with these changes. Allow yourselves to acclimate to this energy and allow others the opportunity to make mistakes. For you are human and those mistakes are what define you.

    The Human Angels

    Dear ones, you are the Angels of the new planet of free choice. You are Angels- in-training at this moment, but we tell you we could not have picked better candidates. Hold it proudly. Take it with you every step of the way. Walk with a spiritual confidence on earth that you are here on purpose. That is why you came. And even though you may not be able to define that exact purpose at this moment, even though you may not be able to define that exact passion, know that it is there. And when the collective vibration of humanity reaches a level that can trigger it, it will surface very quickly. You will understand. There are no beings on this earth who do not have a specific purpose to be here. You, however, have total free choice so you can choose to step into that purpose or you can choose to hide from it from yourself. We have no judgment on what you choose, for all choice is honored. But if you find yourself frustrated, if you find yourself in a situation where you are not being used, if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot think you can touch your passion, all we ask you to do is to have the courage to choose again. Pull yourself back and look at the higher perspective. Look at your personal dramas that have repeated themselves in your life and make a choice.

    It has begun. The magic is here this day. Step out into the sunlight, soak that magic in, for that is how it is coming through. You are the lightworkers on Planet Earth, but more importantly, you are the lightworkers of the cosmos. It has begun. It is with the greatest honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another, and play well together.


    the Group

    Connecting the Heart

    Spiritual Family

    By Barbara Rother

    I feel an excitement in the air. It is the anticipation that something tremendous is about to happen. The energy is exciting, yet challenging at times. Emotions run high during this month. Steve and I just returned from a magical trip to Turkey, Belgium and Holland. The trip exceeded my dreams. The hearts we touched, touched ours in return. As always after a long trip I take a day or two to slow down and take care of myself. This is my alone time that is so important for me to ground after being in such high energy. Steve, on the other hand, jumps right back into his office ready to go. I thought after a couple of slower-paced days that I was ready to move into my busy life. Yesterday surprised me. Everything I tried to do was like moving in slow motion. I finally gave in and listened to my mind and body. I built a cozy fire, propped up pillows and blankets on the couch and took care of myself. I read, watched movies and just took care of my every need. In the past I would be on the go all the time until my body would get sick to slow me down. Now I know the importance of my time for me. Funny: since I have discovered putting myself first and having my comfort time, I do not get sick. Today, I woke up with an abundance of energy, ready to take on the world. I thanked myself for having the wisdom to take time for myself. Now I have more to offer myself and all of those around me.

    November is the month in the United States in which we give thanks. Since our return home I am totally in this state of mind. As many of you know, while Steve and I were in Europe we were informed about the tragic fires in Southern California. The fires were within a mile from our home. We talked with our sons, telling them to save our cat and dog, computers and some prized personal items (mostly family picture albums). While in Belgium we faced the fact that when we returned home we might not have a house to go home to. Much to our surprise, Steve and I felt a calm sense of peace. We knew that as long as our family and pets were safe we were alright with letting go of the material things. It was a real feeling of how much I have grown since being on my spiritual path. I knew we would rebuild a new home and create new wonderful memories. Oh, I did have the thought for a moment that I created this threat to our home and the surrounding areas. I know what a powerful creator I am. Did I create this fire to take our home in San Diego so as to move to our new home that I am creating in Las Vegas? I released that guilt quickly! I know as I am creating our new home I also have given thanks for the home we have enjoyed for the past twenty-seven years. I know the fires are a clearing, but my heart goes out to those who have lost so much. I thank all of you who held peaceful thoughts and prayers for us and everyone around us.

    I do have a renewed sense of appreciation since we have returned home. Everything I reach for, I am grateful it is still here for me to use and enjoy. I love our animals to the point that they wonder why I am hugging them so much. I call our family more than I used to. I see the beauty of a sunset as I give thanks for another day. I do not see what I want to change in my reality as much as I appreciate what I have. It is like an awakening to the world around me that could have been taken away so quickly. I am living in the now time. I am totally present, taking every day for what it has to offer. Each day I appreciate and express myself through life as I move in a magnificent direction.

    My wish for everyone is to take time for your own comfort. These are emotional times we are going through. I know I am finding myself feeling the unsettled energy around me and taking it as my own. I have found myself crying and wondering what these down feelings are about. I then find myself the next day exhilarated with joy. The mood swings are somewhat disturbing. But when I center and take time to own my emotions, and distinguish them from what I am feeling from the world around me, I feel the sense of peace and balance return. Steve and the Group said that the days ahead will be intense. I feel it already.

    Acknowledge the excitement of this time we are experiencing. It will flow into the months ahead, celebrating the end of this wondrous year and creating magic for the year to come.

    With Love and Light,


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