Paul Wade's Astrology Course Part 4 - Transits in Action!

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    Transits in Action! - Part 4

    This is the final installment in our short regular series of features from the keyboard of British astrologer Paul Wade. Over the past few months these have helped guide you from an interest in astrology with the desire to learn, through to effective forecasting and prediction in four easy stages!

    Having previously outlined the factors which must be considered in any transit interpretation, Paul will demonstrate how to synthesise our finished analysis...

    Today we'll be considering how our prior study of transit interpretation is best applied in practice. Ongoing planetary transits are usually illustrated in the form of a bi-wheel. Place the birth chart of the subject in the centre and the transiting planets for the date in which you're interested around the outside. Follow the example below.

    This bi-wheel shows the ongoing planetary transits for Miss C at a particularly important juncture in her life. The transits shown are for 17th. May 2000 and are set for 17:00 GMT, or 6:00 pm (BST) local time. You can of course set your own transits for any time which you wish. The data here simply carries a particular resonance in terms of ongoing events for Miss C, so it is suggested that you apply similar criteria to your own investigations.

    A word about technicalities before we proceed! Should you be using a computer to calculate your transits, you will of course need to enter your current location for the necessary calculations to take place. However, location is not important where the interpretation of your transits is concerned. The transiting planets will actually be in the same zodiacal positions for the same moment of time all over the world, providing that the necessary time zone adjustments have been made.


    This transit chart shows the transiting planets relative to Miss C's birthchart at a particularly important juncture in her life. For some time Miss C has been going through some fundamental changes, symbolised by the extended passage of transiting Pluto through her natal First House.

    Her whole way of dealing with the world has been transformed and regenerated since Pluto first conjoined her natal Ascendant at the end of 1987, especially so since beginning it's long journey through her First House in 1991.

    This has lead to some intense and deep-seated questioning of her entire being and of all her interactions with the outside world. Such changes do not come easily and have included several hugely challenging experiences ~ such as protracted and debilitating health difficulties and the break up of a long term relationship.

    It's important to note that these are not the only ways in which First House transits can alter our interchange with the external environment, but they do provide an excellent example of how such transmutations may occur. As Pluto is now in the latter stages of this particular transit, Miss C is a radically different person from the one she was when it's influence began.

    Her thought processes have attained a more philosophical and compassionate perspective as a result of her experiences, illustrated by the transit of Neptune though her natal Third House. Her interest in spiritual matters has increased substantially, as has her sense of idealism. Whilst Neptune's nebulous nature ensures that she does not yet have a clear idea of precisely what her new outlook will entail, her current life can be described as an ongoing learning experience. This will ultimately assume a more crystalline form once this planet eventually completes it's transit of the house concerned.

    As Uranus has recently moved into Miss C's natal Fourth House, some big changes are clearly afoot on the home and family front! This chart in fact shows the date on which Miss C finally made the move from her metropolitan bachelor existence in the city of London to start living in the depths of the countryside with her new boyfriend. This was not a step to be taken lightly and shows a radical shift in the foundations of her life. However, the Uranian influence would lead us to believe that her new environment will be characterised by increased freedom of self-expression.

    The transits of Jupiter and Saturn into her natal Seventh House indicate both the expansion, broadened horizons and increased commitment which Miss C's relationship is now entailing. They also show a very fortuitous time to focus on such concerns. This picture is emphasised by the Sun and inner planets too, all congregating in a short term focus around the appropriate relationship orientated area of her chart.

    Finally, since 1997/8 Miss C has been working very hard on building up her own business whilst Saturn has transited her Sixth House of work and service. Her heavy workload has been emphasised by transiting Jupiter over the past year or so. The hours have been arduous and the rewards not really commensurate with the effort required. However, Miss C's persistent and determined efforts are now starting to bear fruit as firstly transiting Saturn and soon afterwards transiting Jupiter move into the top hemisphere of her chart.

    Transiting Saturn in particularly is far happier in the public arena. The groundwork which Miss C has so carefully put in will now start to pay dividends ~ slowly at first, but increasingly as Saturn gradually approaches the uppermost sectors of her birthchart. The movement of Chiron into her natal Second House from the end of 2000 and of Jupiter to her Eighth House from mid-2001 would also appear to bode rather well for such matters.

    Overall then a major decision, but obviously a very good one in terms of ongoing planetary phenomena!


    The foregoing interpretation focuses almost exclusively on the movements of the five main transiting planets, their house positions in terms of the birth chart and any conjunctions formed to the birth chart's angles.

    Naturally, the depth and detail of such interpretations can be extended by considering the effects of aspects from the transiting planets to other natal features. Some, such as those from the outer planets to their own positions at birth often mark significant junctures in the life of the individual. But this is perhaps a topic for another day!

    For now, by following the instructions we've discussed over the duration of this course and armed with the appropriate equipment which we've outlined, you should be well on the way to assessing such matters for yourself.
    This knowledge can assist you greatly as you traverse life's pathway. Enjoy!

    Paul Wade is a professional astrologer and lecturer based in the rural South East of England. From here he runs a busy astrological consultancy, as well as speaking widely and writing for several printed and online publications. Paul also offers accredited astrological study within the educational mainstream and has lectured at Goldsmiths' College of the University of London since 1992. His website at is well worth a visit, with free forecasts, free astrological screensavers, fun astrology games and full information concerning Paul and his various activities!

    (c) Paul Wade

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