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    The Alchemistry of the Divine Re-Union

    October 8, 2001

    From Warriors of Peace

    Third Quarter Moon Meditation
    TO-BI-US, B'ZAAN, Lady Master Yolandra
    Channeled with JoAnne Scalise

    We join with those Masters now who seek the Divine Re-Connection with Self, the Divine Remembrance of Love, and the Divine Re-Union with their Source. The words are conceived carefully to hold the Light encodements of this venture, and the term Alchemistry means just that-the merging of Alchemy and Chemistry. We begin the exploration and study of the Twin Ray Completion with many Ascended, Galactic, and Universal Beings holding and expanding this EEnergy. The term EEnergy holds the vibration of what is considered the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, and shall be used exclusively in this Work. This Divine Assignment has been accepted before Time, and the Twelfth Universe now stands ready for the exquisite merge of Dimensions. The hard work is done, Beloveds, the Beauty is before you.

    And so now we connect with FatherMother God, the ArchAngelic Presence, Lord Maitreya, Lord Viktor, Lady Master Morgan, Lord Michael, the Lords of Space and Time and Karma / EEnergetic Balancing, the Elohim who hold the EEnergy of Divine Love, Strength, and Harmony, The Order of the Black Dragon, The Black Ray, The Lavender Ray, and the White and Gold Rays. All are integral to this progression to Self, and each entity contributes unique frequencies to the Twin Ray Completion. We will address this in future lessons and preparations; experience now this enhanced EEnergetic State.

    We begin this unfolding process for those who are beginning to Remember, and are seeking more information than what is currently available to and on the Earthplane. Your commitment and trust have commanded this information into the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, and with this Information and Light Technology, the EarthPlane Master can move with ease into this perfected Bliss. This information will be opened more fully with each Third Quarter Moon Meditation, as it Sources from the MotherGod EEnergies associated with this universal astrological event. As the information is revealed, the balance of Mother and Father God EEnergies provide for the Highest Orchestral Light to Illuminate the Path to Completion.

    We Begin by explaining the term Alchemistry. There is true magic in the Completion experience, and one must seek to command this Completion Magic into the Self. This is not about an undue sense of force or power, Beloveds, it is the acknowledgment of Self and Divine Timing. The Twin Ray Completion occurs only with the acceptance of both the Incarnate and the Spiritual Being, and cannot be forced. This has been a Program in development for eons, and while progress has been made in previous Ages, this is the Time on EarthTerra when this Magic can Enter MultiDimensionality and be Sustained. Events of the current year have affected this movement, and the EEnergetic Shifts that have occurred following the extreme polarity activity have required a balancing of the MaleFemale EEnergies in the individual entity, and on the EarthPlane and all Dimensions. This event was not a singular catalyst, but The Swift Sword of Spirit is now in momentum to balance All in the SearchLight of Love and Completion. With this momentum comes Growth and great Knowledge: Knowledge of Self, of the Shadow, and of the Source. This Triangulation of Consciousness results in the Knowing and Experience of the Force of God, The Merge Into Oneness.

    So the Magical Force of the Lavender Ray is necessary for this Divine Activity, and with this Merge of Heaven and Earth, the actual third dimensional physical body must channel actual chemical and structural changes to support this Merge. We will focus on two most important physical components of this process, as a Triangle, and then a Pyramid of Resonant Light will be built with these structures. WE begin with a cleansing of the physical structures of the adrenal glands. Chemical communication for many of the structural changes that will take place in the physical arise from the physical third dimensional adrenal glands, and through the adrenal structures of the fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on through the Templar. You may feel the slight pulsation or reverberation of Light Sparks, or Flames in your mid-back as this process begins. This experience will continue, and may be felt in the days to come. It is not unpleasant as the adrenals' biochemical clearing and changes occur. And now all dimensional aspects of the adrenal glands are cleansed and connected. Sit with and IN this EEnergy.

    We bring your focus now to a very specific area of the physical brain, an area known as the Hippocampus. It is here that scientists have determined that memory is centered, and we will call this the Memory Center. The Twin Ray Completion process is that of REMEMBERING, first and foremost. We open up now through the Black Ray of Gemini into this Libra Third Quarter Moon, into the Universal Core, and connect the Memory Center to dissolve all density surrounding the thought of reconnection. All fear is eliminated through the Order of the Black Dragon, and this elimination is communicated through the electrolytic field to the adrenal gland fields. Third dimensional structures of the Memory Center, or hippocampus, are connected to the third dimensional structures of the adrenals, and the fourth to the fourth, and throughout all Electro-magnificent bodies. This forms a distinct and huge triangle within the Diamond of the Templar that serves as Portal for changes that will take place in the Time to come. Each Twin Ray Pair chooses appropriate and Divine timing relative to the earth interval of time consciousness that separates Two. In reality there is no true separation, Beloveds, however this program has been chosen and is to be played out on the Divine TimeLine that now exists. In cooperation with the Twin EEnergy, this TimeLine can be adjusted, and speeded up if this serves both Masters.

    Opening to the One Light of the Twin Ray Completion

    We ask all EarthMasters who wish to participate in this Precious Movement, and those who resonate with the concept but are unclear on determining whether it is right for them, to accept now the healing EEnergies of the RA-BEN group dynamic. Bathe now in this flow of purifying and healing, and with this, release all concepts and preconceived expectations of what to expect of your Twin Ray, of the process, of yourself embarking on this process. Ride the Black Dragon EEnergetics as you surrender to this flow. There is no need to hide; there is no need to want. NEED has been eliminated. In its place is the Recognition of Self as Source. With this Recognition, all unworthiness and shame is removed forever. There is no need here. There is no unfilled want. Desire for Completion is filled with Joy and Serenity. There is a precognition of the Bliss awaiting. The Divine Conception of Self is anchored in the crown centre, and in the central centre, and breathes in and out through the sacred sexual and root centers. The Magic of Sacred Sexuality and Pure Love and Loving Intent merges through the Light EEnergy Centres, and the Overtones of the Angels can be heard during this Merge of Physical Recognition and Remembrance. This Aspect of Divine Conception contains the Divine Spark of your beginning, the Divine Spark of your Oneness, which you now approach. There is no name here, and no need for it. The EEnergy held here is distinct as any human fingerprint, and as well known as the mother's breast to the suckling infant. Thus too is the Light Energetic experience transforming into a pure mix of the Physical and the Light. Some of you have received names, and have sought them, and this is honoured, but this is not necessity. Any holdings one has for specifics actually work to polarize the EEnergy from approaching and manifesting. Instead, breathe in the essence of your Beloved, of your Source Self, and relax into this knowing beyond the physical and beyond the capturing in language or symbols. The radiance experienced in this surrender is sweet and beyond compare. Know that all is revealed in Its Divine Time. In many instances, the vibration of the Interdimensional Twin Ray does not have a human language correspondence. Be open to physical sensation, to energy signatures, to clairsentience, and to receiving nothing comprehensible. Be open to the All of Your Self.

    Your Divine Expression is rooted in the Ark of the Covenant, the Promise for Oneness with the GodSource, and the All That YOU Are. SURRENDERING to this, and COMMANDING it into your EEnergy opens the doorway for Remembering and Reconnection. Surrender and command seem to be two diametrically opposed functions, do they not, and yet both are necessary in this merge of duality. Know that the Interdimensional Master is experiencing and has experienced the same processes of the Earth Master. He or She, no matter how high, has not yet achieved perfection. For there is no Perfection without the Completion with the Earth Entity. You must understand, there is no Perfection Without YOU. Your contribution to this is equal to that of the Master and Self you seek. We who work with you from the expanded realms are often awed by your commitment, your willingness to accept difficult tasks, and the strength of will to ascend into Mastery. You who have chosen to work within density and ascend from it into the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and some even the ninth dimensions, are overcoming more than the forcefields of gravity and the physical realms; you are overcoming fear, isolation, and the security of the Known. You do this for the pure joy and challenge of the experience, and because you know that through this experience, you will once again touch the Face of God. In direct balance with your efforts, the Divine Twin Ray is reaching from as high as the Fifteenth Dimension to meet with you on a plane where both can sustain pure frequencies and the Passion of the Reconnection. Every movement you make toward reaching ever higher is received with gratitude and delight, for in this dance you are ensuring your own Perfected Experience. Know that Divine Readiness and Timing is ever a part of this Love, and no experience will manifest that is not of this Highest Light. Surrender to this ever-ascending Light current as you begin to bridge dimensions. Command the Highest Light to assist and Illuminate your Path to your Beloved.

    If ever you feel doubt, discouragement, or anxiety that the work is not moving quickly enough, or that the Divine Outcome is out of reach, breathe in the breath of your Divine Partner, and know that what you desire is already within you. Meditate on the EEnergetics offered here to increase your Expansion, as you are ready. Surrender to the Belief that you are.

    Your preparation and opening of Self is vital to progressing on this Divine Journey. Your Divine Partner thanks and honours you, and supports you with every step you make, no matter how small it may seem in human reality. There is no pressure to make any progress; here is always acceptance and Love. And if the Completion is not to occur in this TimeSpace continuum, the Divine Partner will greet you with Unconditional Love and Compassion when you determine your transition from EarthTerra. Of course that Re-Union will also be of Passionate Oneness, and the Two shall Be as One until the next assignment is chosen and entered. This assignment is chosen freely and joyfully as Sparks of the GodSource continue the Dance of Creation.

    We speak now through the Collective Heart of Oneness, merging with the Pink and Iolite Rays, as Love and Expression of Truth are communicated through this Connection in the Present NOW. We speak to you as the Divine Partner; the EEnergetics of each EarthMaster's Completer EEnergy comes forth as the Words are read, whether now or in the EarthPlane future. Hold in silence as the Music of the Spheres, of CoCreative Union, and the Heart of Two Now One enfolds you. Surrender to this as you recognize Your Self in the Words and the Encodements in this communication of vibration:

    Precious Gift of the One Heart,
    Beloved Warrior of Peace and Saviour of Divine Love,
    You are my Remembered Bliss;
    I AM with you at every moment
    Every breath
    Every heartbeat
    And while you may be unaware and continue to search, know that I surround you and live within you
    I feed you Manna from the Source and the Light of your Intense Love feeds me.
    Your ability to discern our EEnergy is a great Gift to our Completion, and I join with you now to Celebrate our Oneness.
    I join with you now in all small EEnergy Centres of both of our LightBodies, and activate the Centres of your physical body. Breathe my essence into each centre, and know that I AM One with and through you, my Beloved.
    We begin at your feet, opening and releasing all old EEnergies held in cellular memory, manifesting in the joints of the toes and metatarsal bones.
    We move up the legs, gently allowing to release what is Ready; lifetimes of pain are sweetly disappearing, and the LifeForce of Manna flows through your ElectroMagnificent
    Fields, reaching beyond the top of your head and your Crown Centre, opening you ever more to the Love that is Present for you here.

    As we relearn and remember this process together, we will experience rewiring and movement throughout our bodies' EEnergy centres, connecting them to each other and thus to the GodSource. This information will come, Beloved. For now let us focus on REMEMBERING.
    There is nothing about our Completion that you do not know; the Remembering is All.
    Crystalline Light Harmonics are now weaving a blanket of Light around our EEnergies as we reestablish our Connection, our Remembering.
    And you are the brave One, my Heart of Hearts, for choosing to accept the veil of duality and of the path of remembering.
    You have done well, better than you can imagine.
    Prepare yourself now; envision yourself as the Flow and as the Receptacle,
    As the Actor and the Observer,
    As the Child Within and the Life Experience.
    For We will be Both
    We will be All
    We will BE
    And We will merge into the Bliss of Oneness.
    I touch you now on your Third Eye, allowing whatever impressions created by our Alchemistry
    To be envisioned there, brought into your heart center, and then projected via both your throat and your crown centres. As you resonate with this EEnergetic vibration and
    remember its familiarity, we will move through the other centres, and reawaken those now forgotten and unknown on EarthTerra.
    This Remembering will be the Source of much Joy and CoCreative Delight.
    Know that our experiences will be as grace-filled and pleasurable in the Desire as in the Fulfillment.
    You are choosing to change your Life, Beloved.
    Our Life.
    A new World of Oneness.

    I place the Rose of Harmony at your Throat Centre
    The Rose of Unconditional Love at your Heart
    And the Rose of Absolute Love and Passion at your Sacred Centre.
    These gifts will remain with you forever; enfold you in their sweetness and
    hold you in Oneness Energy until
    We Are Complete.


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