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    The Alchemistry of the Divine Re-Union #3

    The WORD

    Third Quarter Moon Meditation- December 7, 2001

    from Warriors of Peace
    Channeled with JoAnne Scalise

    Dear Friends in Light-

    This is the third in the Divine ReUnion series. This month has been holding the creation aspect, and the vibrational manifesting power of Three (12-2001 can also been seen as 3-3). In this third aspect of Creation with the Divine Partner, we enter the WORD.
    Peace to you and the World. Wishing you Every Blessing of the One Heart,

    JoAnne for the Twin Ray Team with Sananda with EElijah, ArkAngel Metatron, TO-BI-US, B'ZZAAN :

    Blessings to you, showering you, Beloved of Beloveds. Your Blessings are of Light Manifest, just as you are in the Realms of Perfection. You Bless as you are Blessed. We meet now in the Sagittarius House of Spirit, the Purity and Passion of EXCELSIUS. These gateways have been opening, and much information has been shared over the past Earth Month markers of time. Ride the Truth of these Waves of Knowing, for in this way the Experience is ever deepened and revealed.

    We seek now to connect in the Power and Divinity of THE WORD. There is Creation Manifest and UnManifest in the Essence of the WORD. And while this is perceived as a passionate, forceful, active House of Spirit, we invite you now into the Center of Creative Activity and the Stillpoint of Creation. Through this EEntry we open to the Manifestation potential of Oneness. Take this Leap of Light into the Void of Iolite Stillness and Surging, as you are held in Love and Loving Remembering. Breathe in your Mastery here. See now the whisper of Light to come. Our Light.

    We connect now through this Interdimensional Doorway with our MotherFather God, with the Earth and Light Masters who have chosen this ReUnion as focus for this incarnate experience, and those of Spirit sharing Light with this Adventure. The Sacred Chalice, remaining ever active, now wells with the Sacred Fire that illuminates our Beings. A spark of this Perfected Flame now touches your throat center, and ignites the Flame of the WORD. An etheric network of cells have been drawn to this ignition point. These cells now hold this Spiritual Flame, and will continue to transmute in higher and higher manifestations as the frequencies increase. One cell returns to the pineal gland, and this gland now holds this etheric flame. Focus on the pituitary now, and the flame point contained therein--you are releasing old attachments that have served, and now may be returned to the Stillpoint of Creation as Unmanifest EEnergy. Your connection with MotherFather God is now intensified with the Flame's Light you hold. Know that you are choosing to experience Manifest Oneness within this Flame. Feel the Lightness, the Passionate EEnergy of bathing in this Flame. This Flame holds the Iolite, the Salmon, and the Black and White Rays as one. It is surrounded by the white and yellow gold Light of MotherFather God. See your EEnergy as Flame. And as two flames can be joined with no distinction of beginning and end, so we will join.

    Another etheric flaming cell joins each of your EEnergy centers, and enhances the Light found there. Those around you may comment upon your Brilliance, or the fact that you Radiate! Know that this is true--that your Illumination is now communicating throughout all of your bodies, and manifesting in your physical vehicle.

    We work now with the Communication Center, the Throat Center. You may feel a sensation of a touch at your physical throat, and then what may feel like an "unwrapping" sensation. It is actually a removal of the layers you are ready to release in order to speak your Truth, and thus the Truth of the WORD. And as you speak the WORD, know that you are calling your Oneness to you in a precious waterfall of EEnergy. You may feel a fullness now, a desire to speak, to vocalize, to bring forth that which has been hidden or unknown. Share this Sacred Sound, Beloved! Tone now with the Angelic Realms in Joy for the Gifting you are. Express yourself as Sound, as the WORD of MotherFather God.

    In the passion of this stillness, WE are created anew.

    And there is one cell that has been reserved, Beloved.
    This is the cell of Flame that you now offer as Gift.
    And I accept your Gifting, your Offering, for this is the Substance of You,
    And this IS You.
    The Spark of God returns to the Flame.
    As we join in this way, I embrace and merge with your Essence.
    Which is now, and always has been, my own.

    I ask you to gift me this cell where you will
    As we begin this Remembering of ReConnection, in the Flame of the One.

    And while the WORD is Creation, and Manifested Love and Devotion, it is absolutely All Things.
    So now, Beloved, it stands before us as the Altar of the One.
    The Flames we are and that we now share are placed upon this Altar,
    Unquenchable Light and Passion.
    And through the magical essence of the Lavender Ray we are Opened into the WORD of the Language of the Divine Light reserved for such a Divine Partner.

    Precious Creative Flame of Beauty and Loving Embrace
    We have no more beginnings and endings as you and as I
    This Flame sparks not only the Love of the One
    But the Remembering as well
    This is the Flame that quenches thirst
    That gives Life again
    And creates from its depths
    A flame may be separated in order to share Light among many
    And it returns without fear or hesitation
    To wholeness

    And so we offer each to the other
    The Flame of Love
    Of Passion
    Of Truth
    Of Absolute Knowing
    Of Creation

    Of Creation

    Of the WORD
    And in this WORD and Work of God we recognize and remember.

    What Joy in the Flame of Creation!


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