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    The Alchemistry of the Divine Re-Union #2

    Sacred Sexuality

    November 8, 2001

    from Warriors of Peace

    Third Quarter Moon Meditation
    Lady Master Yolandra
    Channeled with JoAnne Scalise

    Dear Friends, This month's Third Quarter Moon Meditation is a precious gifting from Sananda. There is much physical and Light Body work in the transmission. The double EE's you note throughout the channel represent the balanced EEnergies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

    Seminars are being planned for Las Vegas in February, Amsterdam in August, with others anticipated. There is much Light on this prism of Creation, and many aspects ready to be surfaced in this dimensional consciousness. A shorter class entitled "One Breath, One Heart" will encompass breathwork and the heart connection. This information will be in the longer seminars, but this will provide exercises that may be done with the Divine Partner if the other classes are not a possibility, and is to stand alone. Know that each one will be different, and the transmissions specific to those present as well as those tuned in.

    Enjoy this beautiful month of exploration!

    Wishing you Every Blessing of the One Heart,

    JoAnne for the Twin Ray Team

    We greet you now in this Scorpio House of Spirit, clothed in the White Ray of the Ascension Process. The Interdimensional Doorway is opened and you are held in a beautiful Salmon Color Ray, the Merge of the Pink and Orange Rays. This Merge is the Harmony of Unconditional Love and Creation and forms the Pure Ray of Sacred Sexuality.

    We work with you now in this Sacred House of Spirit so that you may open and allow yourself the surrender to Source that must occur for you to Ascend onto this Path of Oneness Two have chosen. This surrender is to yourself, Beloved. To That Which you already are and Desire now to Remember.

    Some of you have faint recollections, Stirring of Consciousness, that whisper in your heart and in your quiet moments. And others question, marvel and attempt to comprehend this process of Re-Connection with Source.
    And the Wonder Remains -
    And the Curiosity
    The Trepidation
    -How can this be so? And how will I know?

    And with that, Beloved, We lift you in the Arm of MotherFather God. We call upon the Power of the Black Dragon and the Sacred Ray on which it rides, and hold you steady in streams of this magnificent Power that supports you in Velvet Softness. We rise above the fog of duality and confusion. Experience this clarity of Oneness as you now approach the Altar of the One.

    We connect and call forth MotherFather God and the Love that is Word Manifest. We connect with the ArkAngelic Presence, the Elohim, Lord Viktor, ArkAngel Michael, Sanat Kumara and the Embodiment of Source Manifest as Perfected Love. This Love as Perfection is meant to be experienced by Two and is the Eternal Blessing of Spirit.

    Physical and LightBody work are combined as we prepare you as Chalices of this Divine Love. Beloved, know that you are and always have been this perfection. Now You will be conscious of this perfection. You will experience this sense of Self as the Beauty Unfolds. Creative Passion inspires Surrender.

    The Twin Ray etheric seed crystal is poised on the physical sphenoid bone of the skull structure. As such, this bone is said to be shaped liked the wings of a bat, but is actually the wings of the Elohim. At the central portion of this bone, which helps to support the brain almost directly behind the external tip of the nose is a structure called the sella turcica. The pineal gland is attached, and rests there. This precious space articulates with another bone formation, the vomer. The point at which the vomer articulates with the sphenoid holds great Twin Ray EEnergy and Fire. An interesting note, Beloved, is that this articulation is in the shape of a heart. This is an EEnergetic connection to the physical heart, which we shall explore in future Remembering.

    While this is not purely a course on human anatomy and physiology, one can realize great Truth in exploring the Spiritual components of the Physical Structural Body. One does not exist without the other. When one reaches a conscious awareness of the Twin Ray EEnergy, a vibration of this massive etheric crystal begins and is often felt within the bones of the head themselves. If you experience this, Dear One, you are asked to quiet your mind and EEmotions, and imagine opening this portal, this doorway that lies within you. This resonance sets up for additional harmonics to enjoy throughout the Completion Process. There will be additional Light and Body Work as we progress; more Knowledge and Power to bring to this Event. And so it seems as though your head is buzzing-for of course this Universe seats in balanced EEnergy movement-and thus the physical balancing experience of vibration and oscillation.

    The Chalice opened by your three Power, but often called lower, EEnergy centres, begins an ignition process as the Twin Ray etheric seed crystal pulsates with high frequency to the point of creating a vibrational flame. This unquenchable Sacred Fire is known as the Chalice of Sacred Sexuality. It is a fire that combines the passion of EarthPlane Physicality with the Sensuality of Spirit. And yes, Dear One, the Fire of Passion beings to the Spiritual Masters as well, for it is a Flame of the Divine Spark.

    The Re-Union ignites through the Sacred Fire, which burns ever brighter throughout and beyond Completion. Another magical demonstration-and we ask that you view the familiar with the eyes of wonder-is that a significant physical manifestation of these bilocated flames of the physical and ElectroMagnificent bodies is a Watering.

    The physical nose may seem to be stuffy or to drip, and the area of the body thought to be the sexual, also demonstrate congestion and a watering. You may choose to see this as a physical Spiritual Lubrication. And please note, Beloved, that the sexual body does not stop at the pubis. As your understanding and Re-Union with the Divine Partner unfolds, you will Know from your Experience, which holds the Power of One beyond that experienced in group teaching. Our exchange is the "next best thing", Beloved, in that while the teaching is for many, the transmissions of Light and Creative Passion attendant to these words are just for You. A gifting from your Beloved, and a taste of what is to come. So you see, the descriptive images of heat and steam generated by Passion that burns is no longer metaphorical for you, or the poetic imagination of the literati: It is spiritual generation of physical fact; yet another facet of our Perfected Being. Open in this Everlasting Moment t! o the Creative Spark of Sacred Sexuality.

    And now we stand in this Illumined Space
    Beloved of Heart, of Mind, of Joint Mastery
    We stand before MotherFather God
    And all Masters as One Light
    Your Beauty of Form and Substance
    Light and Passion
    Illuminate my Beingness into Pure Brilliance
    And I surrender to your Source Magic
    As you receive mine.
    We are enveloped in the Salmon Ray
    Clothed in Pink and Orange Radiance
    The Pink of Boundless Love
    And the Orange of Creative Passion
    And in this Spark we know we have come Home again.
    I call forth to the Salmon Ray
    And receive gifting of etheric pearls.
    These pearls I place in a circlet of twelve at your crown.
    Together we are irradiated by this Essence of Sacred Acknowledgment of Sexuality,
    And one large pearl is placed at your feet
    We close our eyes and merge at the heart centre
    As the pearls drop one by one into all levels of our ElectroMagnificent Bodies
    And the thirteenth at your feet
    Expands in size and luminosity
    Until we are merged within
    Our ElectroMagnificent fields are now merged at these pearls of connection and we experience the Other anew.
    Precious Gift of the One Heart
    Of the One Breath
    Your Chalice of Fire showers
    Dancing Divine Light throughout our Merge
    And we experience once again
    The Creative Force
    The Passion
    The Knowing
    I hold You now in this Sacred Bond
    We accept the gift of the Salmon Pearls of Light and accept these Interdimensional Doorways into the Experience

    We surrender through the Enveloping
    We EEmerge from the Mist
    EE-mersed in the Magic
    Of the One

    You are my EE-mersion
    My Creative Passion
    My Joy in Being
    And my never ending Completion.

    I drink in your Light
    And Bathe in your Radiance
    I AM sanctified by your Devotion.
    What Pleasure in Service of Creation

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