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    Channeling Articles

    Channelings and Messages

    By Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn

    What is My Purpose?

    Greetings Everyone!

    Are you feeling as if you have been catapulted into the unknown? As if things are moving faster than you can comprehend? At the same time as if there is something about to happen that is bigger than you? The answers are Yes! Yes! Yes!

    As we crossed through the solstice in December, and move further and further into the Light, we are experiencing broad manifestations of events that we have envisioned over the past year or so. These manifestations are coming fast and furious into our realities to a point where it is hard to keep up! Things are opening up big time.

    At the same time many are still experiencing a sense of blockages, as if the proverbial carrot is right in front of you, just out of reach. Take that leap. Grab the brass ring. See past those obstacles and know that all of the answers that you need are right there with you!!!

    I am seeing throughout the dimensions, a huge gathering of beings of all types, as if they are watchful and filled with expectation of what is taking place in our realm at this time. It is amazing how many are present at any given time. As we have chosen to be in this place and this time for the changes that are occurring, so are countless others of higher vibration coming to hold our energy and assist us in our transformation as our own vibrations are on the rise with rocket speed.

    There is much potential for serious change in our world at this time. As the polarizations become heightened, we begin to see chaos, fear, untruth, drama, confusion and even manipulation. Stay in your own Truth, your own integrity. Remember, what we believe becomes reality. I choose to believe that the reality that is coming to us is one of a graduation of sorts. As our consciousness shifts, our vibrations raise, we are tilting the balance toward that which we know to be True. Let us work together toward the Truth that we are ONE in each other and all things.

    I am still sending the Transmissions out from both lists and apologize if you are getting multiple copies. I hope to have this resolved shortly. Thank you to all of you who have pointed this out! I would rather duplicate many than leave a few out all together!

    As always, your overwhelming response and requests are at once humbling and amazing to me. I have had so many requests for back issues of the Transmissions, that I decided to make the entire last year available to you! I am in the process of putting all of the 2002 Transmissions on CD in order by date and plan to have these available to you I hope by next week.

    One of the questions that the Masters and I are asked most often is "what is my purpose here?" or "What is my purpose in Life?". The Masters response to this is always the same. In each moment that you exist, you are fulfilling you part as an integral part of all that is. Each time you interact with another ir in a situation, you are exchanging energies to the point that neither you or that other person is ever the same again. It is not always that you know how you have touched another, or how, in that moment of exchange, you have changed their life. Your purpose is not a singular high event, but every moment of your being-ness. In your travels, remember this. All of the energy that you expend or receive in any given moment affects not only you but all other things. What difference do you choose to make in the Universe today?

    Be in joy, remember to laugh. Life is not as serious as it seems. Be in peace.



    Online Channeling - January 10, 2003

    Anshallah, antua ansitu ashi Greetings from the splendor of that which is light.

    It is that we are most grateful to once again be of assistance to you. It is that each time we and you are present as One, that which is the Light which you and we are becomes greater in volume in all worlds. As within your consciousness you remember that which is, you become greater than your imaginings can say to you. And the difference you make in all ways on all planes is perfection in every moment.

    It is that we have much to speak of with you. It is that we must remind you that to move forward with your progress from within, you must remain aware of whether you are acting upon ideas of your emotionally driven minds, or if you are truly acting from within your heart of hearts.

    It is easy to become of ideas, believing them to be Truth. It is to learn that discernment of self. To be Truthful with yourself as to your motivations, your intent, your own source of action.

    We tell you this. If you are acting from a pure standpoint of the heart, with unfaltering beliefs, more can be accomplished by fewer people by virtue of the purity of their intent. As more are gathered in and of the Light, that power is magnified exponentially.

    In such a way, less is accomplished by large groups of people who mean well but do not truly believe in that which they are doing. All of those doubts, all of the fears that accompany that which is sent into the Universal process, travel outward into the Universal process as mixed signals toward manifestation. When the same information is sent out from the heart, with a purity of intent, it manifests much more quickly and untainted.

    While it is so that the numbers increase the power, the magnification of that which is light, it is also that it is more important what is contained within these numbers. What are the motivating factors? What are the Truths contained within? To say then, that you have huge numbers who are participating in your quest for consciousness, for peace is only partly true.

    There are many who have stood up to be counted, only to go about business as usual after being counted in such a way that the participation stopped there. It is so that in that moment of becoming one of the numbers, certain energies were expended toward the intended outcome, but at the same time, these energies are not fueled by the passion of that pure intent of the heart, rather as a good idea of the moment. A good deed done.

    In such a way we say to you that it is not a matter of participating in an idea or action, but rather being that same idea or action in each and every moment that you exist. To experience Love, you must be love. To have peace, you must be that peace. Do you see? Dear Ones in all of your world there are so many distractions that curb your attention and change your focus from one moment to the next that often you miss the point of what you are experiencing. Find the priorities. Find what is truly important within the chaos. Become present in the moment.

    It is that we also bring to you at this time and integration of the etheric energies that you are experiencing. Those energies which have been causing a perception of imbalance within you. It is that we are creating an interpretation, so to speak, of that which is necessary for your essences, your energetic fields to translate The incoming messages as well as to incorporate the higher vibrations into your very being-ness.

    It is necessary to assist you as the density to your world had become great, and the energies have not been flowing as freely as possible for quick assimilation and integration.

    The energies that are coming to you, have been coming to you are those of the beginning as well as communications of others who came before you. Those beings left an energetic signature within your world that would be activated upon certain environmental conditions including not only the physical world in which you love, but the energetic, electro-magnetic world which is infinitely present.

    It is that within the communications that have awakened within your world, are vast imprints of knowledge, of experience far beyond that which you as humans have experienced to date. These are the experiences of those who achieved Mastery long before the cosmic events that became the world as you know it now. They speak to you of the language of Light. This language being the true teacher of the Ancient and Holy ways.

    These lessons coming in books of knowledge, displayed as symbols, yet containing a fullness of knowingness within each. These lessons are communicated as living light. Living symbols which by the virtue of their very presence instill the one who experiences with complete comprehension of data from the living books. These having been present in and of the Beginning as what is became what is.

    When a being attains a state of Grace, that being may access the holy teachings of the One. These teachings become engraved in the essence of that being for all eternity hence that being achieving a Mastery which is indescribable in words. This state of Grace is not a moment of Bliss, rather a state of Being-ness which remains with that being to be transmitted to all others within the journey of that being.

    And so Dear Ones, we wish for you discernment and Grace that you may recognize what is contained in each of your moments, taking it into yourself for the benefit of yourselves and the One. All being the same.There is nothing more perfect than this except to return to that which is light as we must in this moment.


    (c) Spirit Light Resources, Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn. This information is intended for the highest and best good of all beings, and may be freely shared for personal use if maintained intact. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author. To receive further transmissions, please add yourself to this e-mail list by contacting the author online at Please place the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

    Reverend Dr. Meg Blackburn is an internationally recognized Master Healer, Channeler, speaker, writer, and graphic artist. Her Channelings are distributed to subscribers globally. She is an Ordained Minister in both Spiritual Science and Metaphysics. Her Doctoral Degree is in Metaphysics. Meg is a medical intuitive and a certified practitioner of Spiritual Mind Healing. She is the developer of Seventh Sense Attunement and Movement to Spirit.

    Having always been intuitive, Meg's gifts came to her naturally in a progression of what she calls "cosmic two by fours". After she began to Channel Meg began exploring higher consciousness alone on a mountain in North Carolina. As she began to access higher and higher consciousness, Meg also began to see and understand the dynamics of energy. She combined the aspects of higher consciousness, energy, movement and music which later developed into her popular workshop "Movement to Spirit".

    This combination created a perfect energetic situation for inter-dimensional access which Meg calls "Seventh Sense Attunement"... Beyond the sixth sense and into holographic reality. During this learning process, the Masters began to appear holographically, instructing Meg in the art of inter-dimensionality, healing, and, as she later understood, in Universal Consciousness. Tapping into the Universal Mind became second nature for Meg as she explored the inter-dimensional realms. She began to pull in information on virtually any subject that came up. She began to understand the sciences such as physics, astrophysics, quantum physics, biochemistry and many other subjects. She learned to be able to tap into the Universal processes for virtually ant type of information.

    Meg learned to multi-facet her consciousness so that she could learn many things at once, all in different dimensions and with different Masters. She became practiced at being both the participant and the observer, remaining aware of all of her aspects simultaneously. The Masters began to "step in" and show Meg how the energies worked and how to apply them within the Universal construct to affect change in all ways by using herself as a pure Channel. She now uses these techniques in all aspects of her life and work.

    Meg credits her experience to "paying attention, having absolutely no expectations, a huge amount of passion to learn, and most of all to a deep sense of humility. Once you realize the bigger picture, you understand that you are a part of all things, all things being you and there is no turning back." She believes that everyone has the same capabilities for this experience, once they begin to understand how to use the tools, and Meg is happy to teach them!

    Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn is available by appointment for Healing sessions, both in person and long distance, readings both personal and Edgar Cayce style physical readings. She is also available to teach seminars, lectures and workshops.

    Meg is currently traveling around the United States and may be available for appearance in your area. She is available internationally as well. Her schedule is available on her web site.

    Meg may be reached via e-mail on her website at or by mail at:

    Rev. Dr. Meg Blackburn
    P.O. Box 331
    Richland, WA 99352

    ~for when the pure of heart meets with the pureness of being in all its innocence is born an existence of harmony with all things ~

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