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    101 Things I Like About Paganism

    By Keitha (FireWind)

    101. You can make your own religion
    100. There are no inflexible rules
    99. No ultimate evil
    98. You can write your own rituals
    97. We appreciate each other
    96. Pagans know: To be alone is not always to be lonely
    95. Acceptance of the unexplained rather than fear
    94. Most of the negative things said about us aren't true
    93. Some of the negative things are
    92. Bowing to the masses gives you a heavy heart and a bad back
    91. Paganism doesn't make you feel guilty
    90. There are more Pagans in the world than you usually think
    89. There is respect for otherwise ignored groups
    88. Don't hurt anybody: do whatever you want
    87. You know another Pagan usually before anything is said
    86. No-one is better than anyone else
    85. Pagans generally debate, not fight
    84. Paganism accepts you no matter your sexual orientation
    83. Paganism accepts you no matter your race
    82. Paganism accepts you no matter what
    81. There is an understanding of the personal need for growth
    80. At last there is a warm place for all us geeks ;)
    79. Even Pagans aren't quite sure where our beliefs come from
    78. If bad things happen, it might not be soley your fault
    77. Pagans understand the importance of tolerance
    76. Pagans understand that Respect is not debasement
    75. True power comes from the love within
    74. Celebrating by candlelight invokes a mystical atmosphere
    73. Dancing to drums is instinctive
    72. Symbolism speaks to the deeper parts of ourselves
    71. I've never seen a Pagan base self-worth on a pair of jeans
    70. No fear of an invisible enemy with a satirical streak
    69. No one demands you give up your possessions
    68. Paganism lets you be yourself, no matter what
    67. Opening your eyes to a world you never realized was there
    66. Connection to a higher force without losing yourself
    65. Music speaks to the soul
    64. Pagans are responsible people
    63. We don't blame invisible entities for our problems
    62. To the best of our ability, we control our own fate
    61. Age is wisdom, not uselessness
    60. No one is judging you
    59. No one really expects you to wait until you're married
    58. A strong woman is not a Bitch, she is a Woman
    57. You don't have to believe words written 2k years ago
    ...under mysterious circumstances
    56. It's easy to believe words you wrote yourself
    55. You don't have to be beautiful to be worth something
    54. You are beautiful
    53. Pagans are generally well-read people
    52. Paganism teaches you to trust yourself
    51. The innocence of a child is valued for what it can teach us
    50. Love everyone, unless they are bent on harm
    49. The human body is beautiful; an instrument of pleasure
    48. Dance expresses the Goddess in all of us
    47. Pagans make up their own minds: no belief at par
    46. Everything in nature is the manifestation of Deity
    45. Self expression is beautiful
    44. Pagans know that anger is useful, not 'evil'
    43. I've never seen a Pagan burn a book
    42. Pagans take care of themselves
    41. Pagans take care of others
    40. No-one asks you to enslave yourself to a higher force
    39. No-one tells you what to do at all
    38. There are high expectations of Pagan behaviour
    37. Pagans aren't afraid to cross the line in personal thought
    36. Pagans understand the dangers of Church and State
    35. Herbs and natural remedies are generally preferred
    34. Admit it: it's a bit nice to know things that others don't
    33. There is no Army of 'Pagan Soldiers'
    32. Pagans have a small idea of what prejudice might be
    31. Priests and Priestesses can marry
    30. Rituals are beautiful and moving
    29. We can help our gardens grow
    28. There are powerful female role models
    27. Chanting eases the heart
    26. You don't have to 'Worship' as in debasing yourself
    25. Women's issues are treated as valid and equal
    24. You'll never see a Pagan hassling non-Pagans to join
    23. We are moved by deep emotion to care for others
    22. It takes a lot of knowledge to be Pagan
    21. The trees speak to us in the wind
    20. Magick is practical and real
    19. You can mix-and-match religions to reflect yourself
    18. You don't fall asleep during ritual
    17. You can believe in whatever deity you choose
    16. Access to the Priesthood open to all
    15. You can believe whatever you want to
    14. You don't have to 'obey your husband'
    13. You don't have to vent your steamy tales to a jealous man.
    12. Pagans are Socially conscious
    11. Celebrating outside is almost painfully beautiful
    10. No Hierarchy
    9. Pagans don't demand to be right
    8. No Prosthletizing
    7. Balance b/w Masculine and Feminine
    6. Rituals are practical and apply to real life
    5. I can feel the Goddess in everything I do
    4. Pagans love the Earth
    3. Women are Fully Equal with Men
    2. Open-mindedness

    And the #1 reason I love Paganism?...

    1. You're Allowed to Have Sex!

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