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    The Year of the Sheep

    (The year of the sheep, goat and ram are all the same thing, various translations of the same archetype.)

    Provided by Tranquil Spaces Design Group

    On February 1st, 2003, we officially enter the Year of the Sheep!

    As the Horse canters off the celestial scene, expect that life will finally become a little more peaceful and calm. The Year of the Horse often brings a whirling tide of change in both internal and external affairs -- perhaps you found it all to be thoroughly exhilarating, or perhaps startling and upsetting. But whether you enjoyed his wild ride or not, it's probably safe to say that you're ready for it to be over now.

    As the peaceable Sheep meanders sweetly onto the celestial stage, the energetic climate shifts considerably. Adventure and change no longer seem very attractive. This most gentle and accomodating sign invites us to focus on home and family, peace, beauty and quiet spiritual pursuits.

    To live in harmony with the year of the Sheep is create a secure and stable sense of living in the material world. It is a good year for cooking at home, doing simple craft or art projects, tending your garden and nurturing your relationships with close family and friends. The Sheep encourages us to let down our guard and become more yielding and accepting as we move through life. If you've been thinking about starting a meditation practice, now it will probably feel much more natural and easy than other times. During the year of the Sheep, longstanding and bitter conflicts sometimes dissolve of their own accord.

    The shadow of the year of the Sheep is complacency. If you have a tendency toward clutter or stagnant energy in your home, you may want to do a major purge of your space before February 1st while the change-happy Horse is still around to help you out. Once the year of the Sheep is in full swing, the path of least resistance will become increasingly attractive.

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