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    Note from John:

    Lately, I've been on the receiving end of some rather harsh criticism, some of it expressed in an ugly way. Part of that criticism has to do with accepting money for doing my own particular brand of spiritual work. This sort of criticism is often leveled not only at me, but also at the many other spiritual workers who are charging money for their services. Oddly enough, the criticism often comes from people who consider themselves spiritually evolved and enlightened - who consider themselves lightworkers. However, these folks rarely allow themselves to ask for money in exchange for their services. Nor do they allow it to be okay for others to do so. Interesting, isn't it? Here's what Joseph has to say about all this.

    Why are so many lightworkers struggling financially? First of all, let's examine the question. Are lightworkers the only ones struggling financially? Are not some lightworkers actually prospering? Lack of abundance is certainly not the problem of lightworkers exclusively. Many others suffer from the same malady.

    Now let me ask another question. How does your society - at least, in your western culture - view money? Of course, money is not the only form of abundance available to you. But it is often the one form you associate most closely with the concept of abundance. Money is often viewed, is it not, as the source of all - or much - evil?

    So you've set up an interesting dilemma here for yourselves. You want to live a "good" life - yet, if you strive to acquire money, you are seeking something "evil." Do you see the contradiction?

    If you perceive yourself as good and money as evil - then, I can promise you, ne'er the twain shall meet! The Universe will see to that. You are not going to be inundated with money until you either see yourself as evil - or money as good. And your higher self, in its infinite wisdom, will patiently allow you (that is, your human ego self) to work through this process - if you are willing.

    And so the question as to why so many lightworkers are struggling financially can be answered by looking to the human self's attitude toward money - and toward rich people.

    It's ironic so many of you, in your quest for money, often view the wealthy as heartless and cruel opportunists who give nothing, but take all. It is, of course, quite the opposite. But that's another topic for another day.

    Postscript from John:

    That was the end of Joseph's piece. However, as I thought about all this, it occurred to me the closing paragraph of Joseph's last weekly message was "coincidentally" most appropriate also for the closing of this week's message. Here it is:

    My dear ones, can you simply allow all your sisters and brothers on the planet the right to choose their own paths - no matter how much you may agree or disagree with their choices? In simply and lovingly accepting the paths of all beings, you will find much peace. You're all going to the same place anyway - for all paths lead home.

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    Saturday, May 29, 1999 Chief Joseph Home, Private Sessions with Chief Joseph

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