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    Awakening to Love - Feng Shui for Romance

    By Myriam Maytorena

    Tai Chi
    The Tai Chi which is at the center of Feng Shui is a symbol most of us are aware of. It is sometimes called "two fish swimming in a circle with the seed of one in the other." I often think of it as the moment of the half moon when the darkness and the light are in balance. What ever symbology comes to mind, the metaphor is for balance between the yin and the yang, the male and the female, the dark and the light. Each energy is equally valid and strong and in balance and harmony. They are invincible - - they are inseparable. The reason Tai Chi has become a metaphor for love is because it represents the joining rather than the separation. The ancient art of placement can help one to either find that person with whom one can find at-one-ment or help us to create at-one-ment with the person we are currently with.

    Harmony In Feng Shui
    One looks at a space as a matrix (called a bagua) and makes treatments to obtain harmony and order in areas that are out of balance. We seek to create the positive flow of chi. In relationships, the area of the home that designates relationships is the South West or Kun. If there is disharmony in this area of the home and/or the bedroom, the relationships will suffer. If the house for example has this part of the structure cut out of it for some reason, there will be problem with this area flowing. In the bedroom, if this area is filled with clutter, dirty clothes and junk, this area of the life will suffer.

    Feng Shui bagua

    To open up the chi in this area and to bring luck into the area of relationships, there are some simple placements and treatments that you can do. In this area you can place two beautiful living plants. If they are flowering plants, so much the better. Not three plants. Not one plant. Not ten plants. Two plants. Also a wind chime in this area will attract chi. I have a crystal hanging in this area that reflects light in from the outside. If no windows are in the area, you might consider hanging a beautiful mirror. A statue of two lovers would be a perfect treatment. Remove any sharp objects from the area because they cut chi. Also if this area has a window which is directly across from another window or a door you must hang a crystal to capture the positive chi. This would be a very positive location to put an altar to love with an incense burner using the incense of the scent of roses or lavender. The color pink will also work very well in this area.

    Many people do not understand another major aspect of Feng Shui, and that is the magic that was practiced by Chi Magicians or Feng Shui Shamans. Affirmations and chants activate chi and you can use affirmations to attract positive chi and thus love into balance in your life. One affirmation to help you manifest this reality is, "I attract and accept love in my life." Write it on a beautiful piece of paper and place it with the two plants in the area of the southwest that you have decided to activate.

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