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    astrology research



    C.U.R.A. (University Centre for Astrological Research): is the chief international web site for Research in astrology in three languages.

    Review of all the texts & articles already published in French:

    ARCHIVES GAUQUELIN: Birth and Planetary Data (Series A, volumes 1-6)
    The Catalog of French astrological & astronomical texts (XVth-XVIIIth centuries) (1,44 MBs) (by J. Halbronn Ph.D.)

    A century of doctoral thesis upon astrology (by P. Guinard Ph.D.)


    • American Federation of Astrologers The AFA has more than 3,500 members from around the world. AFA sponsors scientific astrology research, offers a correspondence course, publishes astrology books, and accredits astrologers.

    • Association for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts (ARHAT) PO Box 2008, Reston, VA 21095, USA
      Translates and publishes classical and medieval astrological texts.
    • Astrology Databank Index Many different on-going research studies, including an astro-sleuthing contest.

    • C.U.R.A. The University Centre for Astrological Research has an epistemological, historical and critical approach of astrology. The site provides articles, texts, documents.

    • ISAR The International Society for Astrological Research is dedicated to encouraging the highest standards of quality in astrology. They sponsor scientific research and encourage the study of Mundane Astrology and the correlation of astrological signatures to current social, political, and economic issues.

    • Khaldea Rudhyar Archival Project Statistical Astrology and Individuality

    • Institute for Astroenergetic Studies / IAS Same-sex research, Life-Rhythm research, astrologers research project, "The World Encyclopedia of Astrologers", and more in the Taeger Archives.

    • NCGR The National Council of Geocosmic Researchis an astrological organization dedicated to education and research. Membership consists of more than 40 chapters worldwide with more than 3000 members. Local NCGR chapters host study groups, hold monthly lectures, and publish their own newsletters. NCGR sponsors a four level certification program which includes classes, and tests administered, both at the chapter level and at national conferences. Study guides are available to NCGR members.

    • Project Hindsight 532 Washington Street, Cumberland, MD21502, USA. Project Hindsight is a translation project of ancient language texts and restoration arm of Phaser Foundation. The translations will soon extend to mathematics, philosophy, chronology and science.

    • RAMS Astrological research using scientific methods.

    • Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology (RGCSA) Department of Social Work Studies, University of Southampton , Highfield, Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK.

      The RGCSA exists to promote critical research in astrology, i.e., exploring astrology in order to achieve a fuller understanding of the discipline in broad fields of interest, for example, within the social sciences and the arts. It is also intended to forge links between academics in all fields who are interested in researching astrology related to their special interest and astrologers of high standards who are specialists in identical or complementary research fields.

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