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CBD OIL FOR People and Pets

Produced in the USA
Only the Purest Premium Grade Cannabis for Pets' Pain.
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  • Free Personal Horoscope and Lucky Numbers

  • Finding Your Soul Number

  • Your Life Path Number

  • Lucky Days Software
    Based on your day and time of birth. Finds your best and worst days. Astrology knowledge not needed. Highly recommend!

  • VibesUp
    Vibrational Products for Healing.


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    Angel Therapy with Doreen Virtue.


    Adorable Rats
    Rats make wonderful pets. Rat info, resources, rescues, rat humor, books, gifts, and more.

    Animal Concerns
    The Animal Concerns Community is a project of the EnviroLink Network, a non-profit organization which has been providing access to thousands of online environmental and animal rights/welfare resources since 1991.

    Basically Bats
    A website devoted to bat rehabilitation, research, education and conservation. - Kitty Condos, Large Cat Condos
    Shop at for fun cat condos, kitty condos and cat tree condos for cats and kittens.


    Auric Blends - purveyors of Incense & Perfume oils
    Incense, perfume oils, nag champa, candles and more!

    Awakening Spirit, Inc.
    The finest in personal care and aromatherapy products. High quality essential oils for you. Send your tired body on an exotic vacation, your stressed mind to Nirvana and let your awakened spirit soar with our custom blended all natural personal care products. Refresh and relax, or stimulate and invigorate. It's your choice with Awakening Spirit's full line of therapeutic and essential oils.

    Mother Earth Oils and Herbs
    Aromatherapy, herbal remedies, essential oil products, candles, body and bath products, fragrance oils, bath salts.


    Rossetti Designs
    Original Art Cards, Blank Journals, Postcards: Printed on recycled paper from handmade designs by Miga Rossetti - astrological, equinox, solstice, spring, summer, fall, winter.

    Eloryia RA
    Herein lies the creations of Eloryia RA, an inspirational visionary painter with a mystical mind and magical talent. Original Watercolors, Prints and Greeting Cards of Angels, Fairies,Goddesses.

    The Sedona Arts Center
    The Sedona Arts Center's mission is to provide diverse art experiences for individuals and the community through classes, exhibitions, special events and community outreach programs.

    Serpent Mandalas
    Lindy Longhurst's Astrology mandala art prints - available for each sign of the zodiac - unique, colourful, vibrant and very detailed! Personalised Mandalas also available.

    Hinky Import
    Tibetan Singing Bowl Jewelry Store
    Offers Tibetan jewelry, singing bowls, Thangkas, Buddha statues, and Tibetan ritual items.

    Raw Art by Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore is a Self Taught Artist who has no formal training or education in art. His Original, Expressive work has been referred to as Outsider Art, Art Brut, Raw Art and Visionary Art.


    Greenpeace International
    Greenpeace is the world's most effective environmental activist group dedicated to the issues of climate change, saving our ancient forests, stopping pollution, ending the nuclear threat, abolishing nuclear weapons, stopping genetic engineering, saving our oceans, and advocating sustainable trade.

    Computer Recycling Specialists
    TBS Industries is a full service computer recycling company that works with businesses and residential communities to safely and properly recycle old computers, CRT monitors and electronic equipment so that hazardous materials and pollutants stay out of the environment.

    Rainforest Action Network
    Bold, non-violent defenders of the rainforest.


    Mandarin Duck Feng Shui
    Dedicated to Feng Shui mandarin ducks and how they can solve love and relationship troubles. Includes basic Feng Shui tips.

    Qi etude - Feng Shui
    Audits, Seminars, Information. Houses & Apartments and Business Locations. Maximize the potentials of your living space, FSRC member + Chinese Astrology, Free 4 Pillars.

    Feng Shui Consultations London, East Anglia, Essex UK
    Harmonious Space provides Feng Shui consultations throughout South-East England. These include the detection and treatment of Geopathic Stress, and EMF assessment.

    Jami Lin's Feng Shui Interior Design Secrets Revealed
    Feng Shui Interior Design: Master's Secrets Revealed to Deepen Love, Increase Wealth, Improve Health, and Raise your Spirit with Tips for the Home, Office & Garden.

    Art of Placement
    Feng Shui Resource - Information, Tips, Advice, Consultations, Products and more


    Alternative Healthzine
    Articles about naturopathy, herbs, diet and keeping yourself feeling GREAT! Free articles from our ezine - Colon & Liver Cleansing, Menopause. Always pleased to give free advice about health issues.

    Angular Cheilitis Help
    Learn how to diagnose, treat, and cure Angular Cheilitis.

    Astropsychology, Spiritual Growth and more
    Personal growth with the Game of Transformation and astro-psychology (Huber method), holistic and vibrational healing with natural remedies and spiritual teachings of OM Aivanhov, P. Deunov, E. Cayce and Hildegard von Bingen

    A spiritual system of healing based on the integration of shamanism, astrology and the western and mediterranean mystery traditions. Articles and info on workshop by author and shamanic facilitator Franco Santoro.

    Counseling Courses and Meditation at Starbridge Centre
    Starbridge offers a range of courses in Counseling, Transpersonal Counseling, Working with Dreams as well as experiential self improvement courses and traditional counseling and telephone counseling services.

    Crystal Cure
    Crystal healing, offering high quality crystals, gemstones, animal totems and symbols.

    Energy Healing | Reconnective Healing
    Crystal Gail practices a number of energy healing modalities.

    Mountain Valley Center
    Mountain Valley Center's Resources for Well Being include Feng Shui Supplies-crystals, candles, fountains; Sound Healing Tools-singing bowls, tuning forks, drums; Aromatherapy-incense & balms; Free Article Library, Certified Continuing Education, Polarity Therapy, a Public Labyrinth Park, and more!

    My Life Coach
    Get the career counseling you deserve. We specialize in helping others find their dream job through personality assesments.

    Reiki With Trust LLC - Distance Energy Healing
    Access the trusted and powerful energy of Reiki from the comfort of your home. Reiki energy can be directed to help special events, test anxiety, stress, depression, health issues and so much more.


    Astral Traveler
    Awareness - Spiritual Consciousness for this level and beyond.

    The Leaky Couldron Studio>
    An online metaphysical shop where magick happens every day. We have a large inventory of wiccan, pagan, and new age items. Visit today to see our selection!

    New age and health products including flower essences, crystals, tachyons, mystical and angel gifts, yoga supplies, jewellery, new age music and health books. High quality at reasonable prices.

    Pelham Grayson-Wholesale Gemstones, Crystals & Minerals
    Wholesaler, importer, and manufacturer of quality rocks, crystals, minerals fossils, gifts, souvenirs, carvings, beads, and New Age - Metaphysical products for resale or for personal use.

    Salt Lamps - Himalayan Salt lamps provides a wide variety of Rock Salt Lamps, and other natural and organic related supplies we also pledge a portion of our proceeds to charity.

    Wejee's Metaphysical Superstore
    Accurate and articulate free tarot, i-ching, numerology, rune readings magick and more.

    Zarifa's Touch of Egypt
    Shop Zarifa's secure online store for unique hand-chosen belly dancing accessories, egyptian decor, healing candles, etc. - Wiccan Jewelry, Metaphysical Gift Shop, Wicca Store
    The products in the Wicca Store include include cauldrons, candles, new age, spells, pagan amulets, celtic jewelry.


    Irish Tin Whistles and Irish Flutes
    Quality Irish Tin Whistles, Irish Flutes, Penny Whistles and Bodhrans.

    LazyCats Records ~ New Age Music and Self Healing CD's
    New Age, Native American and Guided Meditation CD's for your listening enjoyment and deep relaxation. Spoken word visualization CD's for the body, mind & Spirit.

    Shirley Cason - New Age Keyboardist
    Shirley Cason - New Age Keyboardist, arranges piano with sweet orchestral and synthesized sounds to create soothing cinematic new age music. Free audio at site.


    Nancy Matz
    Nancy is a Psychic/Medium Spiritual Reader and Life Coach. She is also a metaphysical teacher, lecturer, author (2 books), entertainer and counselor. Telephone or in-person sessions are offered.

    Psychic Medium Vicki Monroe
    Vicki Monroe is a psychic medium, psychic criminal cold case investigator, psychic investigator and spirit messenger. She has also been the host of multiple radio shows and featured on television specials on The Discovery and History Channels.

    Rose Ledbetter - Psychic and Master Healer
    Clairvoyant, psychic, and healer. Advisor to Hollywood celebrities and clients worldwide.

    Chicago Psychic Reader
    Psychic readings by a professional psychic & tarot card reader. Tells you the future and what to except, reunites love ones.

    Authentic Psychic Reading by Cherry Sage
    Get Real Psychic Answers by established clairvoyant psychic Cherry Sage, offers quality, authenticity, accuracy and honesty. Read 100's of testimonials to her extraordinary accuracy and honesty.

    Certain Sight
    Gifted Psychics and Tarot readers. Psychic readings, by phone, email or SMS. 24 hrs worldwide.

    Holistic, Psychic, and Clairvoyant Services [Payson Arizona]
    Spirituality Beyond's Dyanne Yellowlight is an Internationally Certified Clairvoyant, an Ordained Holistic Minister, and Life Coaching Specialist. Let her unlock your future in love, finance, and life.


    Michael Teachings
    The official directory for all web-sites related to the Michael Teachings, including a growing archive of articles and channeling.

    The Gnostic Society
    For spiritual and wisdom seekers. Lecture series and events by writer and teacher, Bishop Stephan Hoeller. Based in Los Angeles, California.

    A spiritual system of healing based on the integration of shamanism, astrology and the western and mediterranean mystery traditions. Articles and info on workshop by author and shamanic facilitator Franco Santoro.

    Spiritual New Age Author Roy E. Klienwachter
    Author of "Your Life was Never Meant to be a Struggle" - a powerful book written on Spiritual Enlightenment.

    Wisdom Path - Journey Into Your Awakening
    Judi Thomases is a psychic astrologer, tarot reader and channeler of powerful messages from The Brotherhood of Light Workers. Offering healing consultations that delve deeply into the soul's agenda, clarifying choices.

    Meaning of Dreams
    Dream interpretation with research into the psychology of dreams through analysis of dreams and our spirituality, plus daily horoscopes and dating.

    Tantra At Tahoe
    FREE "Sacred Sexual Secrets" newsletter for sexual pleasure.

    Walk in Peace
    Award-winning book, "Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting" uses native spirituality to show parents how to raise children to develop their natural strengths.


    A Comprehensive Guide of Tarot Card Meanings

    Tarot Decks
    Esoteric artists offering self-published tarot decks and chakra cards. Their most popular deck is the Illuminated Tarot.

    Clairvoyant Tarot Readings By Jules
    Jules is a gifted clairvoyant with over twenty years experience. She is particularly adept at predicting timeframes. This site offers Tarot readings and interesting Tarot card information.

    New Age Spiritual Gifts and Tarot
    Beautiful Tarot software for professionals that lets you print full-color reports for value added readings; also has great learning tools for novices (no more searching through books for meanings!). They also offer angels and other spiritual gifts.

    Realms of the Arcane
    Readings of the Oracle, one of the most enriching readings. It provides specific advice on each subject: love, health, work, trips, business, relationships, money, ....

    Drawstring Bag Shop
    A wide selection of fabric gift bags for all your packaging and storage needs. Specialty bags for tarot cards, swords, incense, and more. Custom sizes and wholesale available.


    Home Repair DIY Tips and Reviews

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    Sacred Symbol Jewelry

    Soul Mates & Twin Souls Books