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From a Female Leo in reference to a Male Gemini
I knew this man would change my life and I didn't have a whole lot of say in the matter...or at least my ego defenses didn't. The fear we both have faced and conquered was the feeling of uniting and wanting to melt into the other, shut out the world and just "be" one. We are both very independent and strong individuals that had to learn to allow love to conquer fear. Part of our soul agreement has been to reflect to the other the best and gently coax out the shadow and allow light where the dark reigned. This sounds dramatic and it was, but we took the gift from God we have discovered in ourselves and grew from our fears. This is a journey we agreed to at another time and another place and at times it was the only thing that kept us in alignment with our soul's intent. We didn't see each other for an entire year while we worked on our issues independently but kept in communication by email. We c an both tell you we were never out of psychic communication. He refers to it as the "dark ages" :)

We learned to trust and love unconditionally and most importantly we taught each other to know who they are and to be able to communicate that with at least one other person with the kind of honesty that sets your soul free, unfettered and capable of such love and empathy.

To give you a visual to work with we think of "us" as equal in spiritual maturity and soul development or evolvement. We have an identical soul agenda and an intent to integrate the other gender energy (anima/animus). Sometimes it is me that needs a lift "up" and he reaches down and extends his energy to me. Sometimes it is him who needs the lift. Think of the spiral dance of the double helix of the DNA....we spin in our independent world doing our "stuff" and the other is always aware of the others mind, body and spirit condition. We never feel the other is far from our own soul spirit. It ALWAYS works out that the one who needs the lift is on the higher level ready to nurture, coax or sometimes badger the other into taking that step "up" rather than down. Truth? Oh my :) I'm sure you'll see my Leo Sun is well balanced by his Leo Moon. He is the only person that is not intimidated by my ego defense of "back off or I'll bite". He saw thru to my Pisces Moon and new I! was a kitten with a very big mouth and killer eyes that told the truth. My Gemini Asc. matches his Sun quite well. We cant hide or lie to the other. I know every trick he has because I have used them myself and I know the dance steps. I call him on it without judging him for using the footwork. That's my job and he does the same for me. I will also tell you that until we got a handle on who we were to one another it is a very uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability of knowing the other knows "who you are", warts and all without you ever telling them a single secret. I am a therapist and we all dread someone knowing who we really are behind our mask of the persona. Having mine ripped off by a stranger was one of the most disturbing events of my life. It is flattering and frightening at the same time. My Mars in Taurus didn't take well to anything he said or did that bristled my Lion's mane seeing thru me and my "stuff". One of our saving graces from these harsh emotional intrusions cracking our wall of false pride and fear was our (both) Venus in Cancer. We both knew instinctively from day one there was nothing he could do, or I, that would make either of us hurt the other intentionally. Nothing. We have always felt grateful for knowing that and taking the couple of years to "be" that without though.

We are sure we are now moving into our "purpose" if you will. We are feeling compelled to come out to the world and join forces and spread the word about the potential of truth and honesty in relationship....we are not sure what that word is supposed to be exactly or how that might manifest, but we feel the gentle push. We have both studied metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and religion. We met through a numerology group! We were both Numerologists.

So that is our life story :) I don't know how the planets might align to identify twins but we see it in our numerology charts. It was the thing that got my attention first. I looked at his chart and thot....oh oh an 11, I need to stay out of his psyche...ha! fat chance.

From a Female Virgo in reference to a Male Scorpio
I do not believe there are any certain qualities that 'prove' or 'disprove' whether two people are twin flames or not - I believe it comes from much deeper within and the outside shell & qualities proves very little since so many of us have lived so many different lives. These are merely the human body forms we chose this time around - I truly believe you will know and recognize each other and both will just know without question. Many times the two seperate lives have lead different lives on two separate places geographically but the incidences and occurrences in their lives have been very similar. Many same interests or deep seeded beliefs no matter how different from the 'main stream'. I am clairvoyant / clairaudio and have been somewhat in touch with my own abilities since the age of 9. I know now without a doubt that my Guides, the Team that surrounds us have an upper hand in offering the two of us two be brought back together - as they do many different people. Bott!om line is that it is up to each individual to be strong enough to choose to do whatever possible once the two mates have been found. It's not always pure Bliss and it's absolutely not alway pure peace - the chaos and roller coaster of emotions can be extreme - but on the other side of that statement is some of the most wonderfully blissful erotic euphoric states of Love that two could ever experience.

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