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    A Valentine Message for Your Children

    By Mimi Doe

    Family Love - Valentine's Day and Beyond!

    1. Make a list of all the things you love about your child. Type it on decorated paper, roll it up and tie it with festive ribbons. Place it on his breakfast plate to find first thing Valentine's morning.

    2. Come up with a secret way to show love to someone you know doesn't receive much. How about heart shaped muffins in a pretty basket left on an elderly neighbor's doorstep?

    3. Ask your kids what's beautiful to them then include more of it in your lives.

    4. Have a family Valentine's Dinner -- lots of red, candles, lacy doilies, little white lights wrapped around the room, and heart felt conversation.

    5. Don't forget to care for your own well being -- more sleep, healthy foods, time alone, laughing with friends. It's easier to be loving parents when we love ourselves.

    6. Remember to treat your child with love and respect. Never do something to her that you wouldn't like done to you.

    7. Come up with a secret sign that means "I love you." It comes in handy at the bus stop or in a crowded room.

    8. In addition to the expected chocolates, give the gift of time to your child. A heart shape note could list ideas such as: *a hike together, *breakfast on Saturday morning - you choose where, *your favorite book -- read by me.

    9. Take a close look at your daily activities. Could you focus more on caring for each other than caring for things?

    10. Remind your kids that real love doesn't expect a pay back.

    Ladies Home Journal called Mimi "a parenting guru" in their July, 1998 issue! Her book 10 Principles of Spiritual Parenting can be ordered through Amazon.

    To contact Mimi for workshop availability or an interview: * 978-369-7479

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