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Writers and Web Publishers

Become a member of Medium for $50 per year. Not only will your website's Google search ranking get a huge boost, you'll have access to thousands of writers, including those who might have been Censored or Banned on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Joining Medium is a proactive choice against Cancel Culture.

Psychic Access Affiliates

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Affiliate Sign Up
Affiliate Sign Up

Grow Your Tarot Business

How to Work for Yourself & Tutor Subjects you Love


Updated February 27, 2022

Affiliate Programs & Resources for Webmasters

We're using this CPC and revenue sharing program at the Free Stuff page.

ShoperHerMedia has a Coupon Generator and Coupon Widget to make it easy to set up and maintain links on your page.

Also, get a referral link to Earn 10% for 10 months on all your referrals.

Psychic Access has been around for decades. After trying many other psychic referral programs, I continue to use this one even though it's not as glitzy as many others out there. Bit it's stood the test of time, including payments on time.

The format for affiliates is a bit old school, and you have to change some links from http to https if you have a secure website, but it's worth it in customers who return to have readings.

Webmaster Plus: Post a link for other webmasters to join and you get 10% of their referrals.

A long-standing favorite for banners and text ads for Jackpot.com on the Lucky Horoscopes pages. They always pay on time and are a reliable source of revenue. Your web visitors will enjoy an easy and trustworthy source to buy lotto tickets. Multi-tier revenue for referrals. Sign Up Here.

NEW FAST-GROWING) NICHE - Medical Cannabis

Cannabis products are now the fastest growing online industry. But make sure this niche doesn't clash with your website content. It works well with our progressive site, AstroStar.com, but probably would be a negative for more conservative websites. Now is the time to get on the ground floor of this lucrative opportunity to promote medical marijuana products.

An affiliate program that pays 10% - 20% commission and pays out at $100. 30 day cookies. You'd be promoting high potency CBD products: Vape Juice, Gummies, CBD Oil, Edibles, and Pain Relief. Earn 5% on affiliate referrals.

Other Favorite Affiliate Programs

Based on payment rate, high CTR or CPM, niche marketing, web publisher protection, referral commissions, ease of use, reliability, and reputation and recommendations from other webmasters.

The following sites are NOT listed in order of preference. They are all programs that are used on AstroStar.com

In most cases, we earn referral revenue if you sign up through our links on this page.

Initially, I found the Vibes Up booth at a local Healing Faire in Sacramento and purchased a bunch of unique goodies for myself. (VibesUp received the 2008 Visionary Award.) Then, along came their online shop for affiliates AND sub affiliates, so I signed up right away. VibesUp is a perfect niche for any metaphysical or holistic health website.

Vibrational therapy products, made with crystals and essential oils, are becoming increasing popular and are doing well on metaphysical sites such as ours.

I have met Kaitlyn Keyt, the owner and creator of VibesUp.com and was impressed with her own high frequency and gentle ways. She reminds me of a female Tesla with her innovative and progressive healing products to help people, animals, plants, and even water.

I use and wear many of her healing items. As I write this, I have a big healing mat on the back of my chair working on my spinal discs.

I signed up for the VibesUp.com affiliate bandwagon as soon as it was available and have been advertising Kaitlyn's entire line of products at AstroStar.com since May 2009. They are beautiful and healing, a joy for me to promote.

BTW, Commission is credit to be used at VibesUp.com.

Wordpress Simplified for Beginners

For years, Linkshare was on my Not Recommended list, even though I used them reluctantly to advertise Hay House, Sierra Club, Gaia, Alibris, and some other favorites I couldn't part with. We've used Linkshare since 1997. Since early 2006, I realized they were doing much better on all fronts - reporting, linking accuracy, and ease of linking. Not once did I have to track down a glitch or code mistake as I had in the past. I'm grateful for their improvements.
Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program
LinkShare Referral Banner

We've used this program successfully since AstroStar first went online in 1997. Their ads have mostly been on our Romantic Realms pages which aren't as high volume as the rest of the site. But FriendFinder has paid consistently and has done well through the years. They have all those terrific niche sites like Italian, Asian, Jewish, Outpersonals, Bondage, Amigos, Adult, German, Indian, French, Big Church, etc.

My Other Favorite Webmaster Resources

Big Kudos to MailerLite.com!

MailerLite.com is what I've been waiting for! - This is my favorite company for our newsletter --- Finally!!!

It's been a long, arduous journey to find them. For those who have been getting the AstroStar newsletter these past 20 years, you know the trials we've gone through:

Yahoo Groups was fine for the first decade but often got hacked and was buggy.

Then I tried MailChimp - they're now quite pricey and notorious for blocking newsletters if you have one of their spam "keywords" in your newsletter. (You might never know why you got banned either - and they ban often without warning).

Then I tried Mail-List PHP for a few months. It's free on some server hosts but is not for the faint of heart to figure out. Oh, and it's easily hackable, which happened 3 months into using it. Neither my hosting company nor I could figure out how to get it running again. Not only is Mail List PHP NOT user friendly, it couldn't/wouldn't send the newsletter to my Gmail subscribers. Frustrations again. Back to searching for the perfect one.

Send in Blue was confusing. I couldn't figure out their import address interface for starters. So much for that one...somewhere is the perfect newsletter service for me...

And then Eureka! I found it - MailerLite, my new beloved newsletter service. The best things in life sometimes are worth waiting for! I'm so grateful and so relieved.

In a nutshell, here's what I love about MailerLite:

  • It's SO user friendly. Why couldn't the others get on board with something like this???
  • It's amazingly simple but powerful. Play around with it. You'll be hooked like I was.
  • They're adding features all the time. (They obviously care about their product and customers)
  • It's free for the first 1000 subscribers. I knew that wouldn't apply to me. I have 1900+ subscribers, but after seeing how great MailerLite is, I signed up for $84 for one year which is a super good deal (compared to the others).
  • A nice bonus for all is that if you share MailerLite with others, you and they will get a $20 credit when they sign up. If they end up upgrading as I did, you'll get a $20 credit, too. Give $20, Get $20. I'd recommend them anyway!
  • So far, I haven't found anything I don't like about them.


    Hire talented native English speaking writers to create articles for your website.

    Professional software engineer and PHP 5.3 Zend Certified -- among other talents. Mike saved the day for me when I almost uploaded a page that was easily hacked. He's a busy guy working as a Developer Relations Manager at MuleSoft, but he might be available for a consultation or speaking at a conference. His specialities are HTML, CSS, JavaScript / jQuery, and PHP.

    Email for Small Business with Constant Contact

    TinyURL.com - It's free. We use TinyURL.com to shorten those l-o-n-g affiliate links in our newsletter. If you use it, please make a donation at their website, so we can all keep using it.

    Enter a long URL to make tiny:

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