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    Crystals For Sun Sign Pisces

    By Darlene Siddons

    February 19th - March 20th

    Pisces Birthstone: Amethyst

    Pisces Abundance Stone: Bloodstone

    Personality traits of a person with Pisces sun sign can be very compassionate and caring, always the first one to volunteer and to help others. You can tend to put others needs prior to your own. You tend to rarely say no to help out others, whether it be money, time or energy.

    Some astrologers believe that Pisces are part of all twelve signs of the zodiac. You are very spiritual and concerned with the universe and also always wanting to do the right thing.

    Pisces are very creative in the visual sense rather than with words and are usually rather intuitive and you can have vivid dreams. You can be very trusting and highly sensitive and as with other water signs your moods tend to fluctuate.

    Amethyst tends to balance and cleanse some of these energies out and helps eliminate stress and negative environmental energies. It should be worn all the time as boundaries for you are a challenge and this crystal helps you to keep your boundaries in place for you.

    Crystals have been associated with Astrology and sun signs for centuries. In ancient times they were used for healing and warding off dangers. Crystals were also honored for the power they held and could be used for money and/or trading of items, only the wealthy or healers usual carried multiple crystals.

    Today the use of crystals has become a little more sophisticated and you could even say scientific. Now there are detailed astrology charts and programs that work off of your exact date, exact time and exact location of your birth and with that information details of your personality, life and challenges you can face can be read for you.

    It is important to carry these crystals with you daily.

    Thought for the Day: "To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself." -Soren Kierkegaard

    My mission is to teach and encourage individuals how to find and maintain their balance in mind, body, spirit connection, which brings peace, joy and prosperity into their lives. They learn how to experience the joy of balanced living. I accomplish this thru my Wellness Coach Program which I offer to individuals and corporations.

    About the Author- Darlene Siddons has researched, practiced and implemented many spiritual and personal growth paths: Crystal Readings for Vibrant Living; Feng Shui for personal tranquility; Sacred Movements for a disciplined life; Gentle Touch Energy Healer; Whole and organic food advocate-Food as Medicine; Artist of hand woven and beaded amulet basket necklaces. She resides in California in her own personal wellness center and sanctuary. Darlene's mission is to teach and encourage individuals how to find and maintain their balance in mind, body, spirit connection, which brings peace, joy and prosperity into their lives. She accomplishes this thru her Crystal Readings for Vibrant Living and her Wellness Coach Program, which is offered to individuals and corporations.

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