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    Predicting the future based on the positions of planets and signs of the Zodiac.

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    For a more extensive listing of current monthly horoscopes and older posts, see our Predictions page.

  • Lucky Horoscopes and Lucky Numbers for each sign - by Tara Pierce

  • 2017 Video Horoscopes for Each Sign approx 15 mins each)- by Barbara Goldsmith

  • Daily Personal Horoscope - by AstroTheme

  • 2016 Video Horoscopes for Each Sign (approx 15 mins each)- by Barbara Goldsmith

  • 2016 Video Astrology Forecast (approx 19 mins) - Barbara Goldsmith

  • 2016 Intuitive Impressions - by Elissa Heyman.

  • 2016 Numerology Predictions - by Lynn Buess MA, EdS

  • 2016 Astrology Highlights - by Philip Sedgwick

  • Saturn in Sagittarius Forecast/Predictions - by Barbara Goldsmith.

  • Year of the Monkey Forecast - by Nigel Kay Mckay

    Daily Horoscopes

    Free Personal Horoscope and Lucky Numbers

    Feng Shui Daily Forecast

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    Weekly Update by Eugenia Last - Read the weekly Horoscope for each Zodiac sign.

    Romantic Realms

    New Age Shops

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