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    22 Strand DNA Activation

    By Cheryl Caccialanza

    The 22-Strand DNA activation is a tremendous gift that was unveiled two years ago to accelerate the spiritual awakening of the collective consciousness on the planet. This unique activation is associated with the ancient mystery school lineage of King Solomon. It was used to activate high priests and priestesses, oracles, and prophets as a rite of passage in the secret mystery school tradition.

    This holy and sacred process has been handed down intact, in a direct lineage, for more than 2,500 years, and is now being offered openly to bring humanity into full empowerment. DNA is an essential component of all living matter. It is very personal, for it contains the encoded information relative to both one's physical and spiritual lineage. This information determines a person's physical form, hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, emotional behavioral patterns, and spiritual gifts. DNA contains the blueprint for one's life purpose and divine potentialities.

    Until now, this stored information has been inaccessible to us except for initiates of mystery schools, spiritual masters, and holy persons dedicated to serving the Light. Our human form is composed of 12 physical strands of DNA and 12 corresponding spiritual strands, totaling 24 strands. The average person has only one strand of DNA activated, which relates to 10% brain use in humans. Herein lies the reason why people use so little of their brain capacity.

    The 22-Strand activation is the key to unlock 22 of our 24 strands of DNA. Through this modality, one will experience a higher attunement to Spirit; spiritual growth and self-transformation will be accelerated as a result.

    The powers, secrets, and mysteries of one's true inner Being will become manifest as light moves through the cells in the body, activating the 22 strands of DNA. The DNA structure is encoded karma manifested physically through the ancestral line. By receiving the 22-Strand DNA activation not only the genetic structure of the activated person will be altered, but this change will affect the individual's ancestors 3 to 5 generations in the past as well as 3 to 5 generations in the future.

    Bringing light into areas of the DNA that have never been activated alters the probability of the future and changes the past. Genetic patterning for diseases such as alcoholism, depression, nervous system disorders, cancer, etc. can potentially be cleared. In addition, it can also correct dysfunctional behavioral patterns inherent in families as well as release fears and issues, which have held people in limitation.

    Some benefits resulting from the DNA activation include: increased brain capacity and expanded awareness, cleared family and genetic karmic patterns, greater clarity, a strengthened immune system, increased cellular vibration, a greater opening for a connection to the Higher Self, increased flows of kundalini energy, and awakened talents and

    The purpose of the 22-Strand DNA activation is to empower us toward realizing our maximum potential as Divine Beings - To live in a pure state of love, peace, and joy in Oneness with All That Is.

    Cheryl Caccialanza has walked the spiritual path for over fourteen years and has devoted her life to serving God, the Hierarchy of Light, and humanity. As a second degree Ritual Master and third degree Initiate of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School, a hermetic order from the Golden Dawn, Cheryl serves as a Guide to the Universal Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.

    She carries the lineage of the ancient mystery school tradition of King Solomon. Cheryl's work includes the 22-Strand DNA activation and traditional mystery school Adept teachings and Initiations into the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. Her work as a Ritual Master entails healing modalities practiced thousands of years ago by King Solomon, along with applied Kabbalistic principles. Cheryl currently resides in San Jose, California. Information from New Frontiers of the Gold Country

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