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Recommended Reading

  • Psychic Prediction - The Inside Scoop From Two Professional Psychics by Scott Petullo

  • How to Spot a Fake Psychic by Cherry Sage

    Hundreds of Online Courses at Udemy

  • Psychic Reading Techniques Using Tarot Cards

  • How to Become Psychic by Activating Your 12 DNA Strands

  • How to be a Psychic

  • Your Future is in the Cards
    Become a Fortune Teller in 7 Days. Learn fortune telling with a step-by-step system by card reading training.

  • Psychic Protection and Psychic Self-Defence
    How to prevent and stop psychic attacks and how to clear and protect spaces such as your home or office.


    Lucky Horoscopes | Romantic Realms | New Age Shops


    We Recommend:

    The Psychic School

    Worldwide Psychic Learning and Consultation


  • Psychic Readings by Clairvoyant Students
    $25 for 90 minutes. Included is a complimentary MP3 recording of the session.

  • Psychic Reading by Clairvoyant Graduates
    $35 for 90 minutes.

  • Psychic Readings by Clairvoyant Teachers
    $150 for 60 minutes

  • All Readings and Healings

    15% Off Coupon: 'ASTROSTAR' for all clairvoyant readings at The Psychic School


  • Psychic Abilities Workshops
  • Body Wellness Series Workshops
  • Women's Intuition Courses
  • Downloadable Courses (MP3)
  • Clairvoyant Meditation 103 Classes (MP3)
  • Clairvoyant Healing 103 Classes (MP3)
  • Psychic Abilities Workshops (MP3)
  • Body Wellness Series Workshops (MP3)
  • Relationship Series Workshops (MP3)
  • Money Series Workshops (MP3)
  • Graduational Courses (Live)

    $50 Off Coupon: 'ASTROSTAR101' for the Clairvoyant Meditation 101 Class (Live) - Reg. $300.
    Six live two-hour phone/internet classes.

    For early registration: A Free Psychic Reading by Students ($25 value)
    And, 2 Months FREE Healing Clinic Access ($90 value)

    THE PSYCHIC SCHOOL is an educational nonprofit organization, for individuals to come together and practice using psychic tools designed to unlock and awaken natural clairvoyance.

    Clairvoyance allows you to find your own answers, solve problems, see and communicate with angels, explore past lives and Akashic Records, and read auras, chakras and the higher-self.

    We also Recommend:

    Absolutely Psychic

    As a small boutique of vetted professional and clairvoyant psychics, the team at values quality yet keeps their price competitive and lower than what most high-volume psychic networks charge for their services.

  • All psychics have been screened and tested for accuracy before they're hired.

  • You can choose a psychic reading by telephone, chat, or email.

  • Psychics provide answers about love and relationships, career, money, past lives, fate, future, and communication with deceased loved ones (mediumship).

  • As an introductory offer, new customers to Absolutely Psychic get 5 Free minutes.

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