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    3 Simple Habits of Lucky People

    By Roy Primm

    Lucky breaks - is it possible to attract more than your share of them? What's the difference lucky people enjoy that most people don't? At the end of this message, these are the questions you'll have the answers to.

    But first allow me to destroy a few myths most people have about lucky people, based on our two-year research study. First they don't depend on charms, a rabbit's foot or wearing a special hat or pair of socks. However, they do have habits they consciously or subconsciously use each day to attract more chance opportunities, open doors and lucky coincidences than the average person.

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    We observed more than 12 habits lucky people displayed that put them in the mental and physical position to attract more lucky breaks. Here's 3 examples of habits we observed:

    1. They Always Expect Lucky Breaks Around The Corner

    No matter what they experience now or in the past, they always keep an attitude of expectation. We've found having this attitude allowed them to recognize opportunities faster than the average person. Research has proven most opportunities can come and go fast. In fact, many can often appear and vanish so fast most people miss them.

    Many people who label themselves unlucky, often have little or no expectation of attracting it. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy to many. We've found as you expect to attract, recognize or even create lucky breaks, you position yourself to recognize it when it comes.

    2. They Act On Potential Opportunities Faster Than Most

    During our research it surprised us how many people often recognize opportunity, but still fail to act on it. This is an obstacle in many people and another major reason they don't experience more lucky breaks. A habit of people who others call lucky, is quick action. For example, when they see a potential opportunity, lucky people often act fast and in many cases without having all the facts. We found something interesting through our research. Many times as a reflex action, people who attract luck spend a minimum of time analyzing the pros and cons of whether they should act now or later.

    On the other hand people who miss, overlook or squander potential opportunities have a tendency to over analyze. These people often suffer from what researchers call a paralysis of analysis. While most people analyze so called opportunities the door opens and closes before they have time to act.

    3. They Understand The Importance of Timing And Know How To Use It

    A popular saying goes like this, "timing is everything." This statement rings true for most people who others call lucky. They not only understand the importance of timing, they keep it at the front of there mind in everything they do. As a result of applying this simple idea they position themselves to create, receive and even attract good luck. So, while most people scratch their heads or get jealous at their good fortune, they continue to attract it. The truth is, they used the timing factor to the maximum and in the right manner. One without the other doesn't attract luck as effectively.

    Read more on this subject and how to apply it. Roy Primm's ebook is Niche Creation Secrets That Build Wealth ... 15 Ways!.

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