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    The Five Metals Kabbalah Ring

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    Website: Ka-Gold Jewelry

    This unique ring is made according to instructions from the holy book "Sefer Refuah ve Hayim" (The Health and Life Book) - only once a month while Jupiter obscures the Moon - during 5 hours only (1 AM to 6 AM).

    "The wearer of this ring will have miraculous success wherever he or she may go" - Sefer Refuah ve Hayim (The Health and Life Book).

    The combination of the five metals and the manufacturing process gives the wearer of this original ring - positive energy, prosperity, success, helps healing, good luck, saves from evil eye and all devil.

    The design of the five metals ring (5 metals ring) is based on an ancient kabalistic formula for protection and success found in the Sefer Refuah ve Hayim (The Health and Life Book). The ring is made only once a month (or twice depends on the month) when Jupiter obscures the Moon for 5 hours only (1 - 6 am).

    According to the ancient kabalistic text, the secret of the five metals ring success is that at the specific time of the creation of the ring with these five metals, Jupiter's influence is summoned forth. Jupiter is the star of development and expansion, and success is at it's strongest at the specific time of the ring's creation.

    The layer on the top of the five metals ring is pure gold. Below it there is a layer of lead and tin, and the last layer is copper, while the ring itself is made out of silver.

    The ring itself cannot be made out of gold (14K Gold is mixed with other metals making it more than a 5 metal ring).

    The ring is engraved in Hebrew. On one side S-A-L for abundance and on the other side A-L-D for protection. Two letter combinations, taken from the 72 names of god.


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    The 5 Metals
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