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    Ascension is Physical

    By Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich

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    The earth is surrounded by a body of magnetic energy called the magnetosphere. This energy field can be imagined as a movable ball in which the earth is held. The chief purposes of the magnetosphere is to protect the earth from high energy particles from the sun (as well as any other particles coming in from the multiverse). It is part of the electro-magnetic field of earth as well as us.

    It appears from scientific research that the magnet field around the earth is weakening. This is not a negative occurrence. According to the NY Times, science believes this occurs every so many thousand years, although, there is not a lot of written record in history because of many libraries being burned throughout the ages, wars on earth, and the lack of the skill of writing during more ancient times.

    When this magnetic field begins to weaken, more electromagnetic energy from the sun reaches the earth as the sun ejects what are called CME's - coronal mass ejections from within its body.

    It appears that our present "weakening" cycle began about 150 years ago. At present the field has waned about 10-15% and is accelerating. At the "zero point", the magnetic field vanishes and then reappears in opposite polarity. In other words, compass needles would then point south instead of north. This takes thousands of years in transition, so we do not need to expect that is going to happen quickly. Science has used ice core samples to determine that the earth has experienced this occurrence more than once and has been much more severe than at present. This can include global warming, not due to man, but rather a natural earth cycle.

    The sun has been observed to have about an 11 year cycle in which it ejects much of its coronal mass before quieting down. The last 11 year cycle was expected to end somewhere around July of 2003. Instead, it has increased and we are in what could be called a massive CME period, sometimes occurring more than once a week and sometimes more than one at a time.

    It can take up to 24 hours for the ejection frequencies to reach earth, dependent upon their position on the sun (toward us or away from us). If the magnetosphere was stronger, all that would happen would be the compression of the magnetosphere, much like squeezing a balloon, and then upon release, a brilliant shining Aurora Borealis, larger or smaller depending upon the intensity of the CME. If the magnetosphere is weak, the energy from the CME "leaks" through the magnetic field and affects everything on earth. Earth becomes more vulnerable to geomagnetic influence, namely solar flares, CME's, and geomagnetic plasma burst. The larger and more numerous the solar flares, the greater and more powerful the CME's.

    How does that affect us? It changes the jet stream and ocean currents, creating what some call "freak storms" - weather that is out of the norm as we know it. Just as the moon affects the ocean tides in its monthly cycle, so, too, these solar flares effect the earth - and us. Many mental health professionals will tell you that they have an increased number of patients during the full moon. The fluid around our brains and in our cells is also affected by the monthly lunar cycle.

    Our physical bodies are nearly 99% space although they appear physical. Within that space reside photons (a quantum of electromagnetic radiation). It is the physical manifestation of our "light body". As the intense activity of the sun penetrates the earth, its electromagnetic connection naturally aligns with what is like itself - photons. Often satellites, aircraft, cellular towers and the like have difficulties absorbing the energy. We are no different in our matrix construction. We also, together with the earth, absorb the flash of energy and the photons, making up our bodies attempt to shift in frequency to align with the sudden input of energy. The usual magnetic connection we have with the earth is disrupted and we feel "different".

    The earth absorbs this energy and begins to shift herself around, sometimes called a pole shift. We absorb this energy also. If we were still in the caves, we would do the same. Yet, we are not, so we continue to live our current lives attempting to ignore that our field is changing, realigning, needing time to bring itself into greater resonance with the new energy. This is a physical expression of what many spiritual minded people call "the transformation" or "the Ascension". As above, so below.

    As this time of intense frequency change is upon us, remember that we came to experience this with the earth, to assist with this transformation and to align all of our bodies with the new energy that is present here for and with us. Do all you feel will make yourself comfortable, in a state of well-being and in connection with your inner Self and Soul. We ARE the ones we have been waiting for.

    Author Toni Elizabeth Sar'h Petrinovich is a Master Teacher with a ministerial doctorate in metaphysics. She is the owner of Sacred Spaces in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. Toni is the author of 'Divining Truth, Straight Talk From Source' (the story), its sequel 'Designing Truth, The Audacity of Intention' and 'The Call - Awakening the Angelic Human'; all available on the Products page of her website Toni teaches metaphysical principles and living as the Divine I AM through her Meta yoU School of Mastery, guided meditation CDs and over 250 You Tube video presentations. Access all of her websites at

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