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    Aspects in Astrology

    By Michael Russell

    Aspects are where we start to get into the more complex part of astrology. Truthfully, however, if you take the time to really study and understand aspects and apply them to other things in your life, they actually make a lot of sense, at least logically.

    We're going to cover the five major aspects and try to explain them in a way where they will make sense to you and you'll be able to interpret them correctly when doing your astrological reading.

    Aspects basically show how the various planets get along with each other, based on where they are at any one time. Most planets can form aspects to each other, except for Mercury, which is never more than 28 degrees from the sun and Venus, which is never more than 48 degrees from the sun. An aspect is the number of degrees one planet is from another. The smallest degree of difference for the major aspects is 60 degrees with one exception that will be covered.

    Conjunctions are the strongest aspects. This is where the two planets involved are in total alignment with each other, or 0 degrees apart. Planets that are in conjunction to each other can either be easy or challenging depending upon the aspects of the other planets.

    Notice we do not use the terms good or bad as an aspect is neither good nor bad. They are simply challenges in our lives. Some may be challenges that are easy to deal with and some may be very difficult to deal with. In any case, the outcome itself for any aspect can be either good or bad depending on how we deal with it.

    Sextiles are aspects where the planets are 60 degrees from each other. These aspects are considered quite favorable. Usually their signs share the same energies which compliment each other. They do require some effort on your part as they are not the easiest of aspects. Usually sextiles are development opportunities. So if you don't take the necessary action to take advantage of them, you'll usually miss out on the opportunity.

    Squares are aspects where the planets are 90 degrees from each other. These aspects are considered very challenging. The tension of these aspects can provide you dynamic action in your life. Without squares most of us would never do anything with our lives because we wouldn't be motivated by the forces which cause us to take action. Squares are probably the most important aspects for us to have meaningful and interesting lives.

    A trine is considered the most favorable aspect. This is where the planets are 120 degrees apart. The signs of a trine usually share the same element and energy. These aspects are usually well developed skills and strengths that most people don't notice because they naturally do them so well. The truth is, too many trines can make you weak and lazy because everything in your life is so easy.

    Finally, oppositions, which are planets that are 180 degrees apart, are considered challenging, especially in the areas of growth and achievement. Oppositions also show a need for balancing opposite needs and energies. Examples of this are people who have trouble balancing their career against their home life. This is not always easy to do. A person with many oppositions is usually stressed to the breaking point.

    Now that we know what aspects are and what the planets and houses are, it's time to put it all together and do a simple reading, which is coming very soon.

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