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    Astrology and Success

    By Peter Chavell

    One way or another nearly all aspects of life find a mirror in astrology. Whether it be the good or bad, the internal or external; some combination of astrological elements can be found to represent it. In essence, astrology is a symbolic matrix of life and the world around us. For some, this defines something beautiful -- that astrology may be a bridge between ourselves and our part of the cosmos.

    We may not be able to explain why astrology works yet; but for thousands of years people have been learning how to work with it. One of the key areas of interest in the world today is success. So what does astrology say about success?

    The Success Planet

    The planet to look at as being the primary indicator of success is Jupiter. Jupiter relates to expansion, optimism, joy, freedom and goodwill; these are words we might use to define success. But, of course, Jupiter is just one element in a person's horoscope. It may exert a strong and significant role or it may be overshadowed by a stronger configuration of astrological elements.

    The Value of Successful People

    Famous and successful people provide us with a unique opportunity to assess the merits and relevance of astrology, and in particular Jupiter. In looking at the horoscopes of successful people, we would naturally expect Jupiter to be well-placed. And it is surprising just how often that is the case.

    If we look at the horoscopes of Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, and the Dalai Lama; we find that they all show the same basic relationship between Jupiter and the Sun - and it is a very positive and dominant one. When a strong connection forms between the Sun and Jupiter, it indicates that a key part of success relates directly and personally to the individual.

    The Visibility of Success

    Some people can achieve success and yet not be seen or known as being successful. Others engineer success as an activity in their lives or as a duty of achievement or as a challenge that inspires them. In such cases Jupiter often shows no strong direct connection with the Sun.

    Astute Choices

    But in whatever manner success is achieved, it is Jupiter that points out its whereabouts in the horoscope. When the horoscopes of famous people are examined, the astuteness of their choices, astrologically, often stands out. In the case of Oprah Winfrey, it is hard to imagine better choices being made for her success to materialize. In the case of Donald Trump there may be even greater opportunities for success before him.

    Fortunate Resources

    Sometimes success is thrust upon people and it is then simply a matter of how able they are to wear it. In our definition of success we included goodwill, a quality many people have found abundantly in the Dalai Lama. And it is abundantly represented in his horoscope as well - including the spiritual emphasis.

    The Dynamics of Success

    Yet, while success can be strongly indicated in a horoscope, there can be small to large complications. Success may have a limited window of opportunity, or has to be carefully balanced against other needs and demands. These dynamics, too, can be seen in the horoscopes of the rich and famous.

    What to Do

    For those of you interested in discovering the success potential of your horoscope, start with Jupiter, find its allies - those planets that support it. Learn, also, how to navigate around those forces that weaken its influence. As you do, you may be surprised to discover how well your horoscope maps out your path to success.

    The Astrology of Success: A Guide to Illuminate Your Inborn Gifts for Achieving Career Success and Life Fulfillment

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