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    The Astrology of Venus

    By Eric Hughes

    Venus, in its purest sense, symbolizes love. For this reason, it is one of the key planets in compatibility comparisons. This is because it describes how we view love, express our love, and how we desire to receive love from others.

    Venus in a woman's astrology birth chart describes how she expresses her femininity. If, for instance, a woman has this planet in Leo, she will express herself in a very dazzling "knock you off your feet" sort of way. She will make every effort to make herself gorgeous and radiant. She will express her affections dramatically and passionately.

    In contrast, a woman with this planet in Capricorn will express her femininity in a composed and down to earth manner. Unlike Venus in Leo, there will be nothing flashy about her. Instead, her approach is much more business like and serious in nature. She will dress herself in a more simple, but elegant manner. She will express her love in a more serious and cautious manner.

    Venus in a man's astrology birth chart describes his ideal vision of femininity. It describes the type of woman that he finds himself attracted to physically and mentally. In fact, most men will find that their partner has these traits of his Venus or else he would not be attracted to her.

    It describes what we value in life. It tells us how we value ourselves and how we value others. A woman who has Venus in Virgo will take great pride in her intelligence, analytical qualities, and organizational skills. Similarly, she will admire and/or be attracted to someone who has the same traits. This will be because she sees a reflection of herself mirrored back to her from her partner.

    Venus also represents the kind of things and/or activities that bring out our sense of beauty, love, and joy. A Venus in Cancer person, for example, will enjoy home and family. She will enjoy making her home cozy and comfortable. She is the classic "homebody." Her family will be a priority for her because they will give her the sense of joy and serenity that her Venus is seeking.

    One important thing to realize is that regardless of whether you are male or female, this planet represents our feminine side that we need to develop and integrate into our personality. So, in this respect, Venus in a male's chart also indicates how he views and expresses his love and sense of self-worth. If he successfully integrates this energy, he will be stronger and happier because of his understanding of this planet. Both sexes possess masculine and femininity principles (Mars and Venus respectively) that must be developed in order to assist our greatest spiritual growth.

    Eric Hughes is an Astrological Consultant who compassionately enables people to understand themselves on a deep spiritual level. He helps people to enthusiastically embrace their life with renewed passion as they learn how to consciously honor their own unique inner-flame. He is also the author of the popular TinyFeet Astrology Children's Report. Eric may be contacted at (404) 402-3179.

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