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    Using Feng Shui to
    Select Auspicious Property

    By Lillian Too


    Lillian Too

    The Chinese believe that our lives are influenced by the quality of chi that pervades our living spaces. This in turn affects how we vibrate in consonance with the rhythms of our environment. Wind and water or the science of feng shui focuses our awareness onto the invisible energy that emanates from structures, mountains, and rivers, and the landscapes that make up the earth.

    The Chinese call this energy, chi, the dragon's cosmic breath. Understanding its intrinsic nature, we learn to differentiate between expanding chi and killing chi, between alive yang chi and stagnant dead yin chi. This life force in the environment has the power to nurture us, or to destroy us. When we succeed in blending harmoniously with the auspicious benign chi of the environment, we refine an approach to living that enhances our quality of life. This is the practice of feng shui - tapping into the good chi, the luck of the earth.

    But earth luck makes up only one third of our store of luck. There is also heaven luck and mankind luck. We have no control over our heaven luck - the situation we are born into. But we do have control over our earth luck and our mankind luck. Awareness of tien ti ren thus implies weaving a positive pattern of attitudes that engage the best of our outer and inner selves. Learning to use correct knowledge, we activate the essence of the outer chi of our physical spaces and the inner chi that resides within us. In the process, we live in harmony with our environment, thereby engaging earth luck, and we tap into our own spirituality and our own source of luck - mankind luck. When we practice feng shui within this perspective, it has great potency.


    We can use feng shui in many ways and from different perspectives. It can be used to evaluate the external environment that surround our homes and offices and it can be used to plan our interior spaces. Feng shui gives us valuable expertise that can be put to amazingly good use, knowledge that enables us to choose, design and enhance the spaces where we live and work.

    Feng shui lays down practical guidelines that enable you to select good property - property whose chi is not afflicted by hostile hills, whose luck is not blocked by harmful structures and whose yang energy is vibrant and strong. There are also feng shui formulas that enable you to custom design your luck. Depending on what sort of life aspirations you have, feng shui expertise involves fine-tuning of the chi around the home so that harmony and balance are adjusted to satisfy different aspirations of mankind.

    From a feng shui perspective we can discern many kinds of property - some possess intrinsic good fortune and benefits everyone who live within - the chi is all pervasive and abundant. Thus there are certain areas and neighborhoods that tend to have better feng shui than other neighborhoods. For instance it is obvious that the whole Bangsar/Pantai/Damansara area is blessed with loads of benevolent chi bringing success to the people who live there and the businesses that operate there. Kuala Lumpur itself enjoys good feng shui although in recent years excessive flooding has resulted from the city's fast pace of growth. But the Petronas twin towers has successfully dotted the eyes of the Malaysian green dragon, the dragon that resides in our main mountain range and which brings us enormous good fortune.

    So at the big picture level we can use the big tai chi of countries, cities and districts to investigate their overall feng shui. Some properties bring enormous wealth luck to everyone who resides within and these are usually properties that successfully tap into the use of water and water flows within the nearby environment. Water feng shui alone can fill a book - there are so many different ways to look at water and to use it to harness money luck. Suffice to say that all the big cities of the world - those that have grown and continue to grow are cities that have been built around a meandering river. New York, London, Chicago, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris - are just a few examples of clusters of wealth brought by big natural rivers.

    So waterways and bodies of water always suggest wealth and growth. This is because water produces wood which signifies growth chi.

    At the smaller tai chi level we can practice feng shui in our individual abodes. There are special formulas that reveal the secrets of the ancients. These formulas reveal how to place water at precisely the right spot, and in precisely the exact way. They spell out how water should flow, how it should enter and how it should exit from the property. Feng shui is especially useful to those who own large tracts of hilly land - such people have the capability to design homes or developments that can potentially have quite exceptional feng shui.

    Not everyone, however, is in that happy position. The majority of people today have to rely on property developers who have auspicious pieces of land to start with - land that is placed amidst the kind of meandering terrain, backed by hills and fed by waterways - where dragons love to build their lair. But even when the development has such good auspicious land still the houses that are built on such land should be oriented to make the best use of the terrain so that all the houses, or at least the majority of houses can successfully tap the dragon's cosmic chi.

    And here is where knowledge of feng shui comes in useful. When you know what to look for it is easy enough to gauge the general characteristics of any major development. And where the whole development has been laid out in a site plan you will also know what to look out for. Those purchasing apartments will also know exactly how to select both the apartment block as well as the apartment unit.

    How does one go about selecting property?

    First look at the terrain and what surrounds your property. Look at the way roads are laid out. Are any of the surrounding roads pointing directly at any part of your house? Are there many feeder roads in the development or new township the property is located in? As a general rule, it is important that there is nothing straight, nothing sharp and nothing pointed aimed at any property you are thinking of buying.

    Next look for nearby natural water features and check the orientation of different units to the water. As a general, rule water in front is always better than water behind.

    Thirdly, look at the design features of houses facades and elevations. When roof lines appear threatening try to visualize it in the house opposite yours hitting directly at you!

    Next look at the locations of the localized infrastructure. Facing a padang, a field is excellent feng shui as this makes up the bright hall benign chi can settle and gather momentum before entering your home. Facing a river that flows past the home even at some distance is excellent feng shui. when this is also investigated according to compass directions you can really investigate how good the river feature is.

    Fifthly, always check the compass directions and then work out if the orientations of any property you are contemplating on buying will be suitable for you. This requires knowledge of Eight mansions feng shui and although this is an exceptionally easy formula to use, it is nevertheless extremely potent and very powerful.

    The above are merely generalized guidelines to take note of. They are simple guidelines but if you can investigate at least these few matters you will not go far wrong. There are many things you can do to activate the feng shui luck of your home after you buy it. But before you commit to buy it really is necessary to get certain things right. Not all feng shui afflictions can be cured.

    The bad feng shui of the environment is the hardest to cure - for example if the property you are thinking of buying, or renting is right next door to a cemetery, or to a jail, or an execution ground, lingering yin energy will simply continue to send negative vibrations your way. This kind of bad feng shui is quite hard to overcome. So my advice is to get it right form the very beginning.

    As to whether it is a good idea to hire a feng shui Master this depends on several factors. Unless you are prepared to spend quite a fair sum of money this is not a good option. Let me explain, it is difficult to find an expert who really knows his art, and who is prepared to invest the time and effort in giving you really good feng shui advice unless of course you keep him on some kind of retainer for a few months. This is because no matter what you are advised to do to "fix" your feng shui there will always arise the inevitable questions. Do not forget that the feng shui man who does it for a living probably has many clients - and how much effort he can afford to give you depends on how busy he is. When rushed through any job, a feng shui consultant can and often does make mistakes.

    So it is far better for you to learn feng shui yourself. This is what I did more than twenty years ago. I learned feng shui to ensure that I would always have reasonably good feng shui. And I have never regretted doing so although it was initially an uphill battle. Once learned, however, the skill has stayed with me forever. Feng shui knowledge makes my life very pleasant indeed. It has helped me all through my corporate and business careers and I have discovered that it really is not difficult to learn all the knowledge of feng shui.

    About The Author: Lillian Too is the world's number ONE selling writer on Feng Shui. She has authored over 80 best selling books on the subject, which have been translated into 30 languages. Her books sell in the millions of copies around the world, in the process popularizing feng shui worldwide.

    Lillian Too is the founder and chairman of, a feng shui merchandising and franchise company, and the Lillian Too Certified Consultants Institute, which runs correspondence courses and certification programs in feng shui. To buy Lillian's books, please visit

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