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    The Birth Chart of Margaret Thatcher

    By Laura Andrikopoulos

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    Margaret Thatcher was born on 13th October 1925 at 9.00am in Grantham, England. Her Sun is placed in Libra, her Moon in Leo and the Ascendant in Scorpio.

    With Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra, Thatcher was a natural diplomat and politician. She knew how to keep her cool, even when violently angry. This is the energy of Libra, able to keep its head and remember the importance of interacting with others in a calm, rational manner, even when one is focused on getting one's own way.

    It is, however, the very powerful conjunction of Saturn in Scorpio to Mrs. Thatcher's Ascendant that best describes her, and which is perhaps responsible for the label 'The Iron Lady'. Any planet conjunct the Ascendant casts a huge influence over the life and character of that person, and Saturn in Scorpio is a particularly heavy influence to deal with.

    Saturn in Scorpio speaks of incredible toughness and strength, reserves of steel that will never yield, and potentially a very inflexible attitude that might at times lead to ruthless, even cruel behaviour.

    Another noteworthy aspect of Thatcher's chart is the Moon in Leo, conjunct both the Midheaven in Virgo and Neptune in Leo. This prominent and public Moon suggests a queenly figure, one capable of immense confidence and regal stature, and one that may also become a figure of glamour and mystique (the conjunction to Neptune).

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    Equally impressive is the configuration her chart ruler, Mars, finds itself in. Mars is at the apex of a T-Square with Jupiter and Pluto. With Jupiter at 14 Capricorn tightly opposing Pluto at 14 Cancer, we have a tense opposition that speaks of potential for great power and the ability to effect huge transformation. Jupiter in Capricorn might aptly symbolise her conservative beliefs while Pluto in Cancer spoke of the ability to purge and transform - for all of being a conservative, Thatcher was incredibly radical.

    With Mars at the apex, the energies of Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto combine to form a formidable force. Mars-Pluto-Jupiter speaks of an enlarged capacity to implement one's will at all costs, with extreme ruthlessness, even violence. As a cardinal T-square, this is a combination of strong inner tension, meaning Thatcher would have felt great inner drive to pursue her beliefs and make the transformations in society that she saw fit.

    As transiting Uranus approached its opposition to Mars, Margaret Thatcher made her last transition, suddenly departing this life and throwing her forceful nature back into the spotlight.

    Laura Andrikopoulos is a professional astrologer from England. She is President of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of astrology in the world.

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