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    Birth Flowers and Their Significance

    By Shrey Sehgal

    As we know, gemstones corresponding to birth months are very popular and are available all around. They could make an appropriate birthday gift if only they came in affordable prices. But did we know that there is something that is similarly associated with the birth month and describes the correct traits of the person whose birthday falls in that month?

    We are talking about birth flowers. Birth flowers can make the best gift for birthdays and other occasions and surely will bring a smile to the receiver if accompanied by your personalized note.

    Each flower has a distinct meaning to it. This meaning is further enhanced when we associate it with a particular month and with the traits of the people born in that month. The beauty of the thought is that the receivers of birth flowers feel special when told what actually is symbolized by those blossoms. Hence the gift contains a very personal touch.

    Here are the months of the year with corresponding flowers and their meanings.

    Carnations: They Signify love, beauty and fascination.
    Snowdrops: Signify hope and beauty!
    Both make an ideal presentation for January birthdays.

    Violet: Symbolizes faithfulness and loyalty. Ideal for a friend!
    Primrose: Virtue and young love. Perfect for a lover!

    Daffodils and Jonquils: Represent devotion, sympathy and new beginnings. A perfect gift since Spring arrives in March.

    Daisies and Sweet-peas: Both signify innocence and youth. They also portray the departure. May be considered as a present if the receiver is moving away to another place.

    Lilly of the valley: Signifies sweetness and humility.
    Hawthorn: Represents hope and extreme happiness.

    Roses and honeysuckles: Passionate display of love. The one born in this month is a hardcore lover.

    Larkspur and Water Lilies: Convey laughter, loving bonds and purity of heart.

    Gladioli or Poppy: It suggests strength of character, generosity, integrity and imagination.

    Aster and Morning Glory: Ideal for the first month of fall, they symbolize love, elegance, daintiness and unconditional affection.

    Marigolds and Cosmos: Suggest warmth, joy, modesty and serenity.

    Chrysanthemums: They represent cheerfulness, abundance, friendship, and wealth.

    Narcissus and Poinsettia: They mean good wishes, cheer and merriment.

    All the meanings associated with birth flowers say a lot about the people born in those months. To add to the moment, you may want to write a note about the meaning of the flowers being presented and how it's similar to the person receiving it, purely as a heart-felt praise. While the blossoms will brighten the occasion, the personalized note will emanate your emotions and appreciation for your loved one.

    This article is written by Shrey Sehgal from FlowerAura. They are the Pioneers in flower delivery services in Chandigarh. Remember us if you wish to send flowers to India.

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