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    Birthday Numerology

    Have you had your birthday yet? If not I bet you're having one this year, right? That's where birthday Numerology can throw some light on what you're all about and what work you're best suited to.

    Not just you either, with birthday numerology you can take a sneak look at everyone else you know (as long as you know their birthday!)

    Your birth date is the first number that becomes important to you and it is the first number that numerologically says something about you.

    So here goes:

    1st- Logical and Independent- best suited to working for themselves as they don't like to take orders!

    2nd- Affectionate and considerate although can be emotional and nervous. Best working as 1 of a team.

    3rd- Very friendly and expressive, good company to be around. Would function best at work by being in the public eye.

    4th- Hard working, loyal and practical. Is best suited to the business world .

    5th- Versatile with a high intelligence and very witty. Any job that involves travel and variety would suit them best.

    6th- A perfectionist who believes that love really does conquer all! These people like to serve, so areas including education, health, prison or parenthood would suit them just fine.

    7th- Studious and serious- difficult to get to know as they can't easily share their feelings. Would be best suited to a scientific career.

    8th - Unselfish but shrewd. Are normally lucky where money's concerned. Best suited to the business world.

    9th- Very intelligent and generous. Should marry early. Could apply themselves to almost any career.

    10th- Should have more than 1 thing on the go at once as prone to boredom- could easily get to the top in any job.

    11th- High ideals, high intelligence, high maintenance! Very intuitive. Would feel at home working within the metaphysical sciences.

    12th- Socialable, creative and full of imagination. Could do well in either design or Law professions.

    13th- Down to earth, self-disciplined and practical. Would make an excellent office manager.

    14th- Lucky, adventurous and creative with high standards. Would make an excellent Critic.

    15th- Original thinking, attractive and ambitious. Could do well in Local Government or some community based project.

    16th- Can be lazy! Should always follow their hunches. Shrewd. Need to work where they can always be around other people.

    17th- Conservative, set in their ways, drawn to the past. Would make good history teachers or writers.

    18th- These people are 'all things to all men', both spiritual and materialistic. Nearly always have more than 1 job as need something to fall back on!

    19th- Can recover from almost any set-back! Always out to better themselves- which they can because of their original thinking! Likely to have a job where they can do things their own way!

    20th- Moody, doesn't like to be alone, must guard against being walked over! Best working in a small company that has a 'family feel' to it.

    21st- Born lucky! A flair for the dramatic and loves the limelight! Very interesting people. Sales would be an ideal career.

    22nd- Dreamers. High nervous tension, with psychic leanings. Should do work that benefits others.

    23rd - Sensitive and understanding souls who value their freedom. Interested in chemistry and physics.

    24th - Active & often restless. Stubborn and argumentative. Just wants everyone to be happy!

    25th- Very philosophical, intuitive, have to be patient in order to gain their successes in life. Best working on their own within the metaphysical sciences.

    26th- Have an energetic approach to life. Co-operative and excellent organisers. Would work best in big business.

    27th- Natural leader, affectionate, erratic. Have a fascination with travel & transport so would do well working in this field.

    28th- Most likely of all birthdates to become a Millionaire! Strong willed & independent. Best working with a partner in whatever they choose to do.

    29th- Up one minute and down the next. Very inspired coupled with a good intellect. Would make a good clairvoyant.

    30th- Attractive and excellent mimics. Conscientious. Would make good Actors.

    31st- Self-disciplined but at the same time adaptable. Makes mental notes of who is kind to them & who isn't and then pays back accordingly! Would make good Headteachers.

    I hope you've enjoyed discovering your birthday Numerology!

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