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    CBD for Your Zodiac Sign

    By Mikkie Mills

    What does your sign say about how you enjoy CBD? Find out which type is best for your zodiac sign, whether smokable, edible or topical.


    Most born under Aries are social and playful since it's said to be the youngest sign in the zodiac. On the other hand, they may be a little too childlike for some signs. Aries can always count on a pet dog to make them feel like a kid again, so they're likely to have canine CBD oil on hand for their furry friend.


    Taureans like to invite friends and family over to share delicacies and spend quality time. Actually, they even like eating delicacies at home with or without friends and family. Gourmet CBD gummies are the perfect way for them to spoil themselves and the people they love.


    Geminis are always on the move. They love to be active. Vape cartridges with pure CBD oil are likely to be their favorite, because they can use it on the go if they need to chill out after a stressful luncheon, want to relax on the beach or need a reason to take smoke breaks at work.


    Preparing a delicious meal is something Cancers find relaxing and fulfilling. CBD honey can be used in food or beverages, so Cancers can find unique ways to use it in their cooking, especially if you're a bit too high key for their low key mood.


    Leos have to look good. They want to stay young for as long as possible, because youth and beauty are everything. CBD under eye serum can reduce skin discoloration and other signs of aging. Plus, it can be worn underneath make up since it's not oily. Now that's music to a Leo's ears.


    Virgos are hardworking, firm and logical. They spend most of their time working towards a goal, and have a lot of trouble slowing down. A topical roll-on serum they can keep in their bag or in their car speaks to their efficient nature. They can slap it on between meetings and keep going about their day.


    You're most likely to find a CBD honey stick in a Libra's purse or pocket. Why? They don't know. It looked good, so they bought it, and it's probably been there ever since. If you ask, they'll probably share it with you, and if you like it, they'll try to remember so they can buy another one before you hang out again.


    Scorpios are tactile. They love sensory stimulation and all pleasures of the flesh. A topical CBD serum would hit the right spot for a Scorpio. Check your Venus placement in your natal chart for Scorpio if you're already thinking of ways to incorporate a topical serum into your love life.


    Sagittarians love adventure of all kinds, sometimes taking risks that make other signs cringe. When it comes to nearly everything for a Sagittarius, it has to be travel size so they can hop on a plane at any time. Travel size topical CBD serum best fits the life of a globe-trotting Sagittarian.


    Capricorns are the most no-nonsense sign in the entire zodiac. This sign is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of structure, discipline and boundaries. A CBD tincture best suits a Capricorn because it's the fastest and most effective at delivering treatment.


    Aquarians are always on their own wavelength. They often are free thinkers with the most innovative ideas. They can also be extremely quirky. However, they're the most empathetic and loving of all the air signs, so if a beloved cat needs healing, they'll reach for feline CBD tincture.


    Pisces are ruled by water, so they like anything that can be put into tea, coffee or water. You'd likely see water soluble CBD tincture in a Pisces' kitchen, but you probably wouldn't notice them put a few drops in their cup.

    Mikkie is a freelance writer from Chicago. She is also a mother of two who loves sharing her ideas on positive energy, healing, and astrology. When she's not writing, she's chasing the little ones around or can be found testing out new aromatherapy techniques.

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