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    The Mayan Calendar - Countdown to 2012

    By Maurice D

    December 21st marks the countdown to what ancient prophecies term "the end of time", which many interpret to mean the end of the world - or at least, the end of the world as we know it. While there is much speculation and predictions regarding the events that will actually transpire, the impending end of the Mayan Calendar is building a momentum among the masses similar to the dreaded anticipation that we witnessed as the world approached the milestone year 2000 (remember Y2K?).

    The current economic chaos and global meltdown may be precursors to the transition leading up to December 21, 2012, the day that the 5,125 year-old Mayan calendar suddenly comes to an end, resetting to But what will be the catalyst? Some believe we will experience a polar shift, as has happened on Earth before. Others predict the impact of a great meteor or asteroid, which has also catastrophically occurred before. Or could it be the result of increasing global warming, or the reduction of the earth's magnetic field (which has already begun), or the extinction of too many species, or could it be global Armageddon brought on by man's incessant greed triggering war and destruction? Whatever the cause, in the three years leading up to this imminent global end time, there must be some hope. Is it possible that ancient civilizations may have left us clues for our survival?

    The Mayan calendar is based on advanced astronomical knowledge - the ancient Mayans studied the stars and were extremely proficient mathematicians. We tend think of ancient cultures as being somewhat primitive, but modern science has yet to truly explain how the pyramids were built, how or why the Nazca lines were created, or how the ancients built great stone structures all over the world, like Stonehenge, Macchu Picchu, or the monoliths on Easter Island.

    The ancient people had knowledge and wisdom that has been lost to us today, but what if they had some form of ancient computer in which they stored their secrets for others to unlock at some time in the future? Could that time be now? And could it be possible that crystal skulls might be the computers that the ancients used as receptacles for this wisdom and knowledge? Some may scoff at this idea, but if someone thousands of years from now found a laptop computer, would he know what it is or recognize the vast amount of information that it contains, and would he know how to access that information?

    Computers are powered by quartz crystal - in fact, quartz crystals run our modern technological world: cell phones, televisions, radios, lasers, ultrasound, etc. Crystals are even the heartbeat of time itself in all quartz watches and clocks. Quartz is not only a source of power and energy, but it is also capable of storing information. A computer is powered by a tiny chip of quartz crystal that holds all of its memory - just imagine what a quartz crystal weighing 10 or 20 pounds could contain.

    Why would the ancients fashion such a computer into the form of a skull? Not because the skull represents death, but because we could recognize that the skull is the vessel that contains consciousness, wisdom, knowledge and thought. Could it be possible that the crystal skulls may contain clues that the ancients left for us to guide us through these times? If so, then it is now up to us to find a way to retrieve the data contained within them. If, indeed, we have to decipher some kind of code for humanity's survival, we have 3 years to figure it out.

    Many believe that the re-emergence of the crystal skulls is linked with the Mayan Prophecies. Websites such as explore various theories about crystal skulls. Legends regarding 13 crystal skulls are shared by indigenous cultures around the world, from the Mayans, to the Navajo, to the Tibetans. These crystal skulls are purported to assist humanity in the transitional times to come leading up to December 21, 2012. With the countdown under way, perhaps the key to our survival is to open our mind.

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